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PMG 2 Chapter 173: Who’s Stronger Than Whom?

PMG 2 Chapter 173: Who’s Stronger Than Whom?

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   “I don’t mind going to the Savage Mountain. I also want to learn more about that sect but I don’t think going there with the champion is the right thing to do,” Lin Feng said indifferently, shaking his head.

Everybody looked at Lin Feng, including the town’s great leader, puzzled now. The latter was even angry. He couldn’t go to the Savage Mountain because Lin Feng would go instead of him, and now Lin Feng continued questioning everything he said or decided.

“What do you suggest then, Brother Lin Feng?” the town’s great leader smiled instead. Everybody thought he now looked magnanimous, but Lin Feng knew he was furious. He simply didn’t dare take reckless actions.

“The champion is a disciple of the Savage Mountain. Having him go there comes down to wasting a spot. The second one, Ling Tian should come,” said Lin Feng.

When Ling Tian heard Lin Feng, he was delighted and instantly stood up. It would be such an honor to go to the Savage Mountain. They had great resources. A dream had come true.

The Sword Sect’s leader was moved by these words. He made a decision: after Ling Tian’s return from the Savage Mountain, he would make him become the new leader of the Sword Sect. Of course, someone wouldn’t be happy about that, namely Ling Tian’s female junior fellow disciple. Lin Feng had seen her at the inn, but she couldn’t do much against him. She had made fun of Lin Feng, but he had ignored her.

Even the leaders of the different factions couldn’t compete with Lin Feng, so she felt inferior. However, she was furious that her fellow disciple was going to the Savage Mountain, why couldn’t she?

“Alright, we accept, Brother Lin Feng. The champion was the disciple of the Savage Mountain, but if you prefer going with Ling Tian, that’s fine,” agreed the three strong cultivators of the Savage Mountain. Since they couldn’t handle Lin Feng, they gave up on confronting him. They’d try and find a solution at the Savage Mountain. Regarding Ling Tian, he was just a disciple, they didn’t care about him.

“Alright, since it’s that way, Brother Lin Feng and our dear friends from the Savage Mountain can go to the Savage Mountain together,” said the town’s great leader nodding and smiling along. He still looked scheming, and nobody knew what he was thinking about.

Lin Feng didn’t say anything. He turned around and looked at Huo Wu in the bleachers.

“Huo Wu, wait until I come back. Since you said I was a god and you’re one as well, I’ll go to the Savage Mountain, maybe that I will learn something there,” he told her telepathically.

“No, I want to come with you. You lost your memories. You remember nothing. If I come with you, it’ll be more convenient,” replied Huo Wu, shaking her head firmly. She didn’t look happy.

Lin Feng remained silent for a few seconds and then he turned to the three great emperors and said, “Can I take someone with me?”

“No problem, as long as nobody violates the rules,” said the three great emperors of the Savage Mountain. Lin Feng was the strongest one, they couldn’t offend him. They had to accept his decisions while remaining vigilant.

Lin Feng nodded, Huo Wu smiled happily. Then he looked at Yao Yu Long and Yao Yu Yan.

“Yu Yan, Yu Long, go back to the Yao Clan. When Huo Wu and I come back, we’ll come to the Yao Clan.”

Yao Yu Long nodded instantly. Yao Yu Yan was sad and dispirited, but she couldn’t do much, so she just nodded and said, “Brother, I… will wait for you.”

She blushed while talking and then ran away on tiptoe. Yao Yu Long smiled, nodded at Lin Feng, and followed his sister.

Lin Feng shook his head. What was wrong with Yao Yu Yan? Huo Wu looked expressionless. Love was a complex thing. She didn’t have the energy to care about those things. After all, she wasn’t Lin Feng’s wife, either.

As Huo Wu was thinking, the three great emperors of the Savage Mountain had already flown away. They were already far in the distance. Since they had to go with Lin Feng, why not make things a little bit more difficult for him?

“Ling Tian, Huo Wu, let’s go,” said Lin Feng, smiling mockingly. He raised his left hand and took out his shuttle. Many people gasped with amazement.

Lin Feng and Huo Wu instantly jumped into the shuttle. Ling Tian was puzzled, but still jumped in as well. As soon as Ling Tian jumped in, they disappeared from the crowd’s field of vision instantly.

That shuttle was that fast? The town’s great leader was puzzled. Lin Feng was extremely strong and had incredible precious treasures, where was he from? Apart from Savage Mountain, was there another group in the region capable of raising such geniuses?

“Great Leader, let’s go, hey!” said the old servant smiling. He looked embarrassed and unhappy. He had raised the town’s great leader and understood him, and he couldn’t help but sigh.

Initially, the strongest one here was supposed to be the town’s great leader. He should have gone to the Savage Mountain, but Lin Feng had ruined their plans.

The town’s great leader didn’t say anything, and silently walked down the stage. The old servant smiled thinly, turned around and shouted, “The Hundred Alliance ceremony is over!”

The old servant wasn’t even done talking when the leaders of the Savage Valley, the Savage School, and the others left, disappearing from the people’s field of vision.

The other guests also left. The Hundred Alliance ceremony which took place every ten years ended in strange conditions this time…


The three great emperors were still flying away. They turned around but didn’t see Lin Feng, and one of them couldn’t help but sneer mockingly, “He’s so strong, but his movement techniques suck, he can’t even catch up with us!”

“Hehe, he’s got a lot of pure Qi, he’s might a Celestial Emperor, but he doesn’t have a powerful background like ours. We’re from the Savage Mountain, after all! We have countless pills and items to help us! How could he compete with us?”

“Right. Even though he’s very strong, he’s just an independent cultivator. He just understands his own energies. He doesn’t have precious items and pills, so he can’t understand as many things as we do.”

“His attacks are also all old, and he doesn’t have many. We constantly learn new attacks from our teachers so he can’t compete with us. It’s obvious.” The three great emperors kept making fun of Lin Feng, proud and confident in themselves.

“Eh, we’re almost there, the Savage Mountain!”

“Hehe, I wonder whether he’ll manage to catch up with us or not.”

“Let’s go. We’ll see when we arrive at the foot of the mountain.”

The three great emperors landed at the foot of the mountain, which was thousands of meters high. They kept smiling. Even though the mountain was called Savage Mountain, it was green and beautiful, with many beautiful flowers.

“Let’s wait for them outside,” said a great emperor.

“No need. We’ve been waiting for you for such a long time, come on now and let’s go in.”

The three great emperors suddenly heard Lin Feng’s voice. Their faces reddened and their cheeks burned.

Lin Feng had heard everything they had said, and had arrived before them! Who was better than whom?

“Eh… hehe. Brother Lin Feng, you’re incredibly fast…” said the great emperors, looking over at Lin Feng. He was smiling down at them condescendingly. They felt humiliated, but they had to flatter him.

They kept humiliating Lin Feng, but when they were humiliated, they had to flatter him.

“Come now. We’ve been waiting for almost ten minutes!”

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