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PMG 2 Chapter 174: Savage Mountain

PMG 2 Chapter 174: Savage Mountain

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“You are so strong, Master, very admirable! Let’s go!” the three great emperors smiled twitchily, their cheeks red. They took off again, but didn’t dare raise their heads. Very quickly, Lin Feng, Huo Wu, Ling Tian and the three great emperors arrived in front of a deployment spell protecting the mountain, hiding a palace.

“Open!” said one of the great emperors. He made a cross with his fingers, blue lights flashed, and bombarded the deployment spell.

“Open!” The other great emperors did the same thing, their blue lights condensed. Instantly, the deployment spell flashed and disappeared.

“Go!” said the leader of the three great emperors, flashing forwards. The two others closely followed them. Lin Feng glanced at Huo Wu and Ling Tian and nodded.

“I’ll go first,” said Ling Tian. He moved in front of Lin Feng and Huo Wu, holding his sword. The deployment spell flashed again. Energies appeared and moved towards him extremely quickly. He couldn’t block the energy. It was as like a god had attacked.

“How… How is this possible…?”

The three great emperors were stupefied, they didn’t know what was going on. In the past, they just needed to open the deployment spell and that was enough, why did the deployment spell take the initiative to attack now?

According to legends, the deployment spell had been cast by a god personally to protect the Savage Mountain and prevent the ancestors of the sect from leaving. The ancestors had used all their strength to attack it once and had only managed to make the deployment spell lose fifty percent of its power.

“Did you do that, you morons?” demanded Lin Feng, glancing at them icily. He was clenching his fists, and staring at them, ready to kill. However, Lin Feng noticed they looked scared and puzzled, indicating they hadn’t done it.

Lin Feng had to be very careful. Ling Tian was still in there, and in desperate straits.

Lin Feng jumped in front of Ling Tian and clenched his fists, releasing forbidden strength. Even though he didn’t know what his strength was called, he knew it was powerful.

The forbidden strength surged. A demon dragon made of forbidden strength appeared and attacked the deployment spell. The three great emperors were stupefied by Lin Feng’s strength and pure Qi once again. They didn’t dare say anything.

Lin Feng wasn’t a mere Celestial Emperor, no Celestial Emperor could resist against such a deployment spell!

Thinking about that, the three great emperors had no idea what Lin Feng’s cultivation level could be anymore. He had already exceeded all their expectations.

Ling Tian was astonished and speechless. He was staring at Lin Feng’s fists. The forbidden strength kept turning into demon dragons and attacking the deployment spell.

The deadly energies of the deployment spell slowly faded. Ling Tian could finally move again. He was out of danger.

“Go in!” shouted Lin Feng, merely glancing at the three great emperors. Ling Tian nodded and flashed forwards, still holding his sword. He landed next to the three great emperors.

Lin Feng looked at Huo Wu. She nodded instantly, understanding what he meant. She flashed to the other side and landed next to the three great emperors.

“Argh!” Lin Feng shouted explosively. He released even more forbidden strength to attack the deployment spell. Cracking sounds spread in the air. It was like something had broken, but nobody could see what.

Lin Feng looked at the top of the mountain, puzzled. He glanced around. Some weak white lights were flashing. What were those lights?

“Lead the way!” he commanded, coming out of the deployment spell. He glanced at the three great emperors indifferently and then gazed into the distance. There was a big palace not far away.

“Alright, Master, please,” the three great emperors nodded. They looked shocked and scared, but their eyes were filled with awe and veneration when they looked at him. They didn’t look at him mockingly anymore. They knew they were extremely weak compared to Lin Feng.


Even though this place was called the Savage Mountain, it didn’t look like a savage place at all. On the contrary, it was quite luxurious. The buildings were beautiful, the grounds were colorful and full of vitality. There were walls of all colors, blue, white, yellow, red… It felt pleasant to be there.

The few of them entered the palace. There was nobody inside but domestic helpers who were sweeping the floors. When they saw the three great emperors, the servants looked at them respectfully and called out, “Ancestors!”

The three great emperors were already strong enough to be ancestors. Lin Feng was surprised. There had to be cultivators stronger than them in the Savage Mountain, so how come great emperors were already considered ancestors?

According to legends, the god who had been defeated by the other god back in the days was supposed to be here. He was supposed to be hiding there, but only a few people knew about him.

Lin Feng had also noticed that the deployment spell outside wasn’t at all simple. It was quite complex. A great emperor couldn’t cast such powerful deployment spells. Lin Feng had a sense of déjà-vu, an impression he had also been able to cast such deployment spells in a previous life.

“You’re not the strongest cultivators here, right?” As the three people walked in the main hall of the palace, Lin Feng suddenly stopped and looked at them.

The three men smiled awkwardly and said, “Master, you must be joking. Of course we’re not the strongest cultivators here. We are in charge of the Savage Mountain’s affairs, that’s all. The strongest cultivator here is our teacher, he’s a Celestial Emperor.”

“A Celestial Emperor? Eh? And you consider him strong?” said Lin Feng. He didn’t know why he said that, which made him burst into laughter. He had the impression he was qualified to say so.

In any case, even if Lin Feng gave the impression he was a bit arrogant, it didn’t matter. To the three great emperors, and even Huo Wu and Ling Tian, he was strong enough to act as he wished. Ling Tian didn’t know him well, but had realized he wasn’t simple.

“Where’s your teacher?” asked Huo Wu frowning.

“Our teacher is at the top of the palace, where his teacher’s painting is.”

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