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PMG 2 Chapter 175: The Painting of the Teacher’s Teacher?

PMG 2 Chapter 175: The Painting of the Teacher’s Teacher?

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“Take us in. I want to see your teacher. I don’t believe that your sole purpose for organizing the Hundred Alliance ceremony is to select find the strongest cultivators, right? Tell me your real purpose,” Lin Feng ordered them. They remained silent and looked at the painting. They looked a bit strange.

“Indeed, Master, we didn’t organize the ceremony for such a simple reason as choosing a champion. Recently, the sky has changed and we’re worried. The outside world is extremely big, we know that, therefore, if a strong cultivator wants to come in from the outside, they just need to break the seal in the sky.”

“Our teacher is worried. If that happens, strong cultivators might survive, but ordinary people and the weakest cultivators would perish. That’s why our teacher chooses the strongest cultivators each time and then brings them to the painting to meet the ancestor.”

“If the strong cultivator understands the content of the painting and even learns from it, they can become stronger. Selecting the strongest cultivators and gathering them is the only thing we can do.”

The three great emperors sighed. Even though it was the best solution, there could only be one champion at the competition. They felt hopeless.

Lin Feng understood the situation now. They wanted to create a powerful group in case of an emergency.

“Are you also champions who were selected, as well?” asked Lin Feng, certain he was right.

“Indeed. We were selected champions, the earliest ones. The town’s great leader is the fourth champion. There are also champions from other sects.”

“I see. Alright, take me to your ancestor’s painting,” said Lin Feng nodded.

That was the goal. Lin Feng was the strongest cultivator, that’s why they had taken him there. Ling Tian followed after.

Huo Wu had been brought along by Lin Feng. Lin Feng was strong enough to go and see the painting.

The top of the palace wasn’t too far up, only a few hundred meters. Lin Feng could already see an old man in a blue-green robe at the top, on his knees in front of a painting. He looked kind and humble. His eyes were closed as he held burning incense.

“He’s worshiping the god?” Huo Wu smiled. She didn’t expect the old man to hear her, as he opened his eyes and looked at her. He raised his hand and a white light shot towards Huo Wu extremely quickly. It was a white needle!

Her expression shifted. If she had her original strength, she would have been able to destroy that attack instantly, but right now her strength was sealed.

“Leave it to me,” said Lin Feng, pushing her sideways. He jumped in front of her and stretched out his hands. He didn’t attack the needle, and he didn’t attack the old man, either. He put his hand into the painting!

The old man’s face paled. The needle fell down on the ground and clattered there. It was only a meter away from Huo Wu. The old man looked furious and coldly demanded, “Where are you from? Why did you disrespect me?”

“We didn’t come for that. We’re here to learn,” Lin Feng said, humbly and honestly, smiling calmly.

The old man misunderstood and thought he was making fun of him. He shouted at his three disciples furiously, “Attack and kill him!”

“Uhhh, teacher, we…?” the three cultivators smiled awkwardly, but when they saw how firm and furious their teacher was, they threw themselves at Lin Feng.

No matter how strong their teacher was, they had to obey their teacher’s orders. They didn’t dare disobey. Even if they couldn’t defeat Lin Feng, they couldn’t flinch.

Lin Feng released forbidden strength, a demon dragon appeared and roared out. It attacked the three cultivators and pushed them away. They couldn’t fight back at all.

Lin Feng wasn’t angry this time. He even thought those three cultivators were quite friendly. However, since they attacked, he had to strike back.

The old man’s face paled. He looked scared, not because his disciples had suffered a crushing defeat, but because of Lin Feng’s demon dragon.

“You… You’re the one who broke the deployment spell a moment ago?” The old man in the blue-green robe was stupefied, he stood up and walked up to Lin Feng.

Lin Feng nodded.

When the old man saw Lin Feng nod, he knelt down. His disciples were astonished.

“Please help my teacher leave this place, Master!” said the old man, pointing at the painting.

Lin Feng understood that that painting was not a simple painting. Maybe the god was sealed inside? Maybe it was a small world.

Indeed, the seal of the painting and the protective deployment spell outside had been cast by the same person.

“Ling Tian, look as well, it could be helpful to you,” said Lin Feng, ignoring the old man who looked rather impatient.

Ling Tian nodded and looked at the painting. Time passed. The old man didn’t know what Lin Feng was doing, but his teacher had told him that if anyone broke the deployment spell outside, then he’d be able to help him leave that place. The old man didn’t dare disturb Lin Feng, and he didn’t want to make him angry, either…


After three hours, everybody looked worn-out, tired and sleepy. Suddenly, Ling Tian sensed an incredible space and time Dao strength rise up in his body. He raised his sword, and space and time Dao rolled in waves around it.

Ling Tian now had the strength of the Di Qi layer!

Ling Tian clenched his fists and looked at Lin Feng., “Thank you for your teachings, Master!”

“I didn’t teach you anything. You understood alone. This painting contains an incredible space and time Dao. It’s useful for you, but not for me,” replied Lin Feng, smiling patiently. He looked at the painting again.

Ling Tian stepped back, not daring to disturb them. Even though it was a great opportunity for him to be there, it wasn’t as great as it could be. He was with Lin Feng and everybody looked at Lin Feng only.

The three great emperors and their teacher, the old man in the blue-green robe, stared at Lin Feng…

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