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PMG 2 Chapter 176: Mister Savage

PMG 2 Chapter 176: Mister Savage

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“Your teacher is inside, right?” Lin Feng finally asked. The old man in the blue-green robe glanced at Lin Feng.

Indeed. His teacher was in there, inside a small world. Apart from the old man, nobody knew about it. Even his three disciples didn’t know about it, but they knew about the existence of their teacher’s teacher.

“Master, please go in. My teacher wants to see you,” the old man in the blue-green robe said. He knew what his teacher was thinking, that only Lin Feng could help him. He couldn’t miss this opportunity!

When Lin Feng heard the old man, he didn’t reply immediately. He just silently looked at the painting, as if he were looking for something. When the old man saw that, he became extremely nervous.

His three disciples were amazed when they saw him like that. He was the leader of the Savage Mountain, and he was nervous waiting for Lin Feng’s help. If people outside saw this, they would have been surprised too!

The three great emperors also knew that Lin Feng was probably stronger than their teacher. Lin Feng was probably as strong as the ancestor! Thinking about that, they remembered how much they had humiliated him before and blushed fiercely. They had acted recklessly, Lin Feng could have killed them all!

“Lin Feng, there’s a god in there,” whispered Huo Wu, frowning.

Lin Feng nodded. Even though he didn’t know what a god was, he had the impression he was a god, therefore, the concept seemed familiar.

Huo Wu was a goddess too, he could sense it. When the old man heard her speak, he suddenly looked shaken, and looked even more worried. He looked at his three disciples and silenced them.

His teacher was a god and had fought against another god twenty thousand years before. Apart from him, nobody else knew his teacher was a god, but this young man and woman in front of him instantly guessed he was a god.

His teacher had said that Lin Feng could help him, did it mean that Lin Feng was a god?

But if Lin Feng had been a god, how could he have ended up in the Savage Desert? That world had been sealed by a god, and if Lin Feng was a god, could he be stronger than that other god?

“Huo Wu, you and me, we go in. Ling Tian, stay outside and stabilize your Qi. You just became a great emperor, your Qi is not stable.”

The old man was confused, glancing at Huo Wu and Ling Tian.

Ling Tian nodded, not saying much and moving aside. Lin Feng raised his left arm, space and time Dao surrounded them, and they entered the painting.

The old man was speechless and confused. He hoped Lin Feng could help his teacher and break the seal.

“You three, go down the mountain. Have all the disciples of the Savage Mountain seal the mountain. Don’t let anyone get near. If anyone does, kill them!” shouted the old man at his three disciples nervously.

The three disciples obeyed. Ling Tian stayed where he was. He stabilized his Qi while looking at the painting.


“Lin Feng, we’re in a small world.”

Huo Wu and Lin Feng were already inside the painting. The landscape was desolate. They were in a wrecked palace, with debris, skeletons, and spider webs everywhere.

Huo Wu wasn’t sure it was a small world, but considering the Qi and the particular space and time Dao, she came to the conclusion it was one because not just anyone could create such a place.

Lin Feng glanced around. The walls were crushed, that palace was wrecked. He suddenly felt sad.

Thinking about this, Huo Wu looked around, and some Qi penetrated into her body. She had the impression fireballs were exploding inside her. Even though she was a fire cultivator…

“You’re finally here. I’ve been waiting for you for such a long time.”

At that moment, Lin Feng heard an old man’s voice, hoarse and uneven. Lin Feng and Huo Wu glanced at each other and then glanced around, looking for the origin of the voice. They didn’t see anyone, though.

“No need to look for me. I am above you, around you, under you, on your face, everywhere. Being here comes down to seeing me,” said the old man, but this time he sounded rather angry. Lin Feng was wondering what had happened to him.

“Are you the teacher of the old man in the blue-green robe?” asked Lin Feng, raising his head and looking at the broken ceiling of the palace.

“Indeed, I am his teacher. You can call me Mister Savage,” replied the old man.

“Mister Savage?” repeated Lin Feng, shaking his head. He had never heard of a Mister Savage. Lin Feng glanced at Huo Wu’s gasp. Her face was bloodless, she looked terrified.

“What’s wrong? Huo Wu?” Lin Feng didn’t understand.

Huo Wu looked at Lin Feng and pointed at the palace nervously. She said in a trembling voice, “He… He… He’s Mister Savage!”

“You’ve heard of him?” Lin Feng was surprised.

“Mister Savage is, he is… he is the leader of the Supranatural Region!” Huo Wu blurted out in astonishment.

Lin Feng sensed a desolate and cold Qi rise around them. He didn’t understand what was going on. He had a headache and was covered with cold sweat. He clenched his fists and shouted out in pain.

“AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!” Lin Feng fell down on his knees, he had the impression billions of needles were piercing through his brain. Millions of images cascaded through his mind.

“Meng Qing? You You, dad, mom, Liu Fei, Xin Ye, who am I? Lin Feng?”

Huo Wu was extremely anxious as she put her arms around him. Lin Feng stood up slowly. His Qi increased quickly, until he reached the strength of the High-Level Holy Emperor layer.

Lin Feng had finally recovered his memories and his strength wasn’t sealed anymore, could it be that…?

And it wasn’t over! Huo Wu realized she had also recovered her original strength, she was now a Low-Level Holy Emperor again.

“Alright, I destroyed the seals which constricted your strength.”

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    Could this have been a ploy all along by supernatual region godly leader to get mister savage like he knew lin fengs wifes were at silver place so told there leader to get a godly son to harass her to get lin feng to attack bla bla bla so he gets sealed by silver godly leader to get savage for super godly leader.

  2. Roseblade May 4, 2019 at 4:56 am - Reply

    All as a test for lin feng

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