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PMG 2 Chapter 179: The Battle of the Gods

PMG 2 Chapter 179: The Battle of the Gods

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The town’s great leader was scared and astonished, as if he had seen a god.

A terrifying Qi kept rolling in booming waves in the sky. Golden lightnings appeared as cracking and shattering sounds spread through the air. The bolts were moving towards Lin Feng as if they were attacking him.

“Oh my god! What are those golden lightnings!” The leader of the Savage Valley looked terrified. He couldn’t believe his eyes.

“Break!” the leader of the Savage Valley prayed. He was terrified, it was as if it were the apocalypse.

A moment later, the energies in the sky dispersed.

Lin Feng was standing high up in the air, his robe fluttering in the wind. He looked like a demon god.

“Master, please come out,” Lin Feng said to Mister Savage.

“Haha, finally! I’m here.” Everybody saw a dazzling light in the direction of the Savage Mountain. People

“Master, what’s going on?”

The light beam turned into a silhouette, an old man with a white beard. He had white hair coming out of his ears, nose, and his eyebrows were white too. His Qi was terrifying. He was surrounded by golden lights.

“Congratulations, Teacher! Bon voyage, Master Lin Feng.”

The crowd didn’t know when he had appeared there, but they were astonished, because he was the strongest cultivator of the Savage Mountain. They all heard what he said.

The old man had just spoken to his teacher and Master Lin Feng.

“I’ll also do my best to become stronger and leave this world to go and visit the boundless world and see my teacher!”

Lin Feng shouted at that moment. The crowd saw some blue lights in the sky and then a hole appeared in the sky.
“Master, let’s go!” said Lin Feng. His face was pale. He had used lots of energy, and Mister Savage knew it. He turned into a golden light beam and left the desert.

Huo Wu followed the old man.

The desert calmed down once more. There was no more terrifying strength in the sky. There were only people, shocked and shaking.

“What’s going on, Master?”

The leader of the Savage Valley ran to the old man in the blue-green robe. Some more strong cultivators gathered around him. They looked confused.

The old man in the blue-green robe sighed and shook his head, “They were all gods.”

“Eh… gods? Those…”

The town’s great leader couldn’t believe it. Lin Feng was a god? They all shuddered with fear when they learned that because they had humiliated Lin Feng so many times. He could have killed them effortlessly. The leader of the Mountain of Isolation was particularly shocked.


The desert was much calmer. The scary part was the Silver Region, which was outside.

Lin Feng and Huo Wu arrived in the Silver Region. Lin Feng sighed because in front of him…

The four Sages of the Supranatural Region were there, as well as the Godly Leader on his throne. He looked at the seal.

The Silver Region’s Sages and Godly Son Hao were all standing next to the Silver Region’s Godly Leader. There were two other men as well, both Peerless Holy Emperors.

Lin Feng also noticed Holy Tie Mian. The Spiritual Region’s Godly Leader was there too, it was the first time Lin Feng had seen him.

Qi boiled in the air. Lin Feng had the impression he was suffocating. Usually, he was the one oppressing others, not the opposite.

Mister Savage was standing there, not far from Lin Feng.

Mister Savage looked at the members of the Supranatural Region, delighted. The Godly Leader also looked happy. They didn’t need to talk right now, a glance meant more sometimes.

Lin Feng noticed that the Godly Leader was saying something to Mister Savage. The old man nodded and looked at him.

Godly Son Hao looked calm and composed, neither sad nor happy. The Silver Region’s Godly Leader looked at Lin Feng in amusement.

Lin Feng smiled wryly. He didn’t dare look at the Silver Region’s Godly Leader. He knew the truth now, so he wasn’t afraid.

The Spiritual Region’s Godly Leader looked angry as he said icily, “Good game! I thought you wanted to get rid of that little bastard. But in the end you just wanted to save Mister Savage. Good job! Hmph, but you can also imagine that I can sense anything that happens in the Savage Desert, I even know it when leaves rustle in the wind there!”

“Saving people is good, hehe, but you should also see if you’re capable of protecting them.”

He was shouting. Then he released a terrifying strength. Lin Feng’s heart started pounding.-

He was a cultivator of the third Holy Spirit Emperor layer. Lin Feng had never seen such a strong cultivator before.

“No need to talk too much, Ling Tu Zi, fight!” shouted Mister Savage furiously. He had been imprisoned for twenty thousand years, he needed to release his anger.

He threw out a fist. Lin Feng couldn’t even follow it with his eyes, it was too fast. But Mister Savage only had the strength of the first Holy Spirit Emperor layer, which wasn’t enough against Ling Tu Zi.

As expected, nothing happened when he punched Ling Tu Zi. The latter also punched Mister Savage, who suddenly had a iron taste in his mouth, he was bleeding and pushed back a thousand meters.

Mister Savage looked at Ling Tu Zi and looked completely astonished, he shouted, “Fourth Holy Spirit Emperor layer!? You?!”

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