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PMG 2 Chapter 180: The Battle of the Gods (Part Two)

PMG 2 Chapter 180: The Battle of the Gods (Part Two)

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 “Hmph! Twenty-thousand years have passed. You think I didn’t cultivate the whole time? Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to break through to the fifth Holy Spirit Emperor layer, otherwise, I could have crushed all of you using two fingers.” said Ling Tu Zi sinisterly. He looked very angry.

The Silver Region’s Godly Leader also heard him, he raised his hands and silver lights and fog appeared. He was angry, too.

His energies were beautiful, but unfortunately, their purpose was to kill. They surrounded Ling Tu Zi.

Ling Tu Zi grunted coldly and threw out a punch, instantly destroying the energies of the Silver Region’s Godly Leader. The latter also threw his fist in Ling Tu Zi’s direction.

Lin Feng couldn’t do much. He moved like the wind and released speed Dao, holding Black Dragon. Demon energies surrounded him and he turned into a demon.

The booming of massive energies colliding spread out. Energies exploded and flattened out laterally. When cultivators of the Holy Spirit Emperor layer fought, the world shook. Lin Feng was astonished.

This was how strong Holy Spirit Emperors were. Lin Feng felt even more determined, but at the same time that kind of strength seemed so far away to him.

The Qi dispersed. Ling Tu Zi looked calm and composed. The Supranatural Region’s Godly Leader was bleeding and holding his arm. He was badly injured.

The difference between the second and fourth Holy Spirit Emperor layers was gigantic. Lin Feng knew how strong the Silver Region’s Godly Leader was, and yet he couldn’t defeat Ling Tu Zi.

“Haha. Twenty thousand years have passed since the great war. I didn’t manage to kill you three, I won’t miss this opportunity this time,” sneered Ling Tu Zi. He released Qi, which rolled in waves for hundreds of meters around him.

Lin Feng sensed Qi rotating around him. Four people were fighting already.

As the gods were fighting, the Sages also started fighting. Lin Feng couldn’t escape from the battle, either. He had no choice, but to participate.

“Lin Feng, last time, I didn’t manage to kill you. Now I won’t miss this chance!” shouted Holy Tie Mian in pure hate.

“I won’t let you off, either!” answered Lin Feng hotly. Holy Tie Mian had treated Hou Qing Lin in a way Lin Feng couldn’t tolerate. He had to settle accounts with Holy Tie Mian! “Anyway, let’s see how you intend to kill me! Didn’t you use a scroll to escape last time when we were fighting?”

“You-! Hmph! Die!” grimaced Holy Tie Mian, charging at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng flashed and disappeared. Holy Tie Mian looked puzzled and glanced around before sensing some Qi above him.

Holy Tie Mian had a bad premonition, he took out a long spear and threw it above him. At that moment, he heard Lin Feng laughing at him.

Holy Tie Mian’s expression changed drastically. Lin Feng grabbed his spear and released absorbing strength.

“Absorb!” shouted Lin Feng. A black hole appeared and absorbed the spear. Lin Feng grunted, he didn’t want to give Holy Tie Mian any opportunities. He released speed Dao and Holy Tie Mian only saw a blurry silhouette.

Lin Feng was still holding Black Dragon. He glanced at Holy Tie Mian and said emotionlessly, “Fall!”

There was an explosive rending sound. Lin Feng cut Holy Tie Mian in twain from top to bottom. He was dead!

Lin Feng walked to the corpse and whispered, “Last time I didn’t kill you, I regretted it later on. Now, you took the initiative to provoke me, if I hadn’t killed you, I would be a coward!”

“Lin Feng, you want to die!”

Lin Feng sensed Qi of the Peerless Holy Emperor layer surround him. Lin Feng raised his head and saw Sage Jin’s fist hurtling towards him. His Qi was deadly.

Lin Feng couldn’t do much against him. He moved like the wind and released more speed Dao. Demon energies surrounded him, and he turned into a demon.

The Supranatural Region’s Godly Leader, Mister Savage, the Silver Region’s Godly Leader, and Ling Tu Zi, four true gods, were still fighting. One side had several people, but their chances of winning were still mediocre because Ling Tu Zi was a cultivator of the fourth Holy Spirit Emperor layer.

Lin Feng shouted furiously. Black Dragon collided with Sage Jin’s body, and the man grunted with pain, injured. However, there was a big difference between him and Lin Feng, and Lin Feng was even more hurt than him. He was blown back a hundred meters.

“You killed my holy cultivators! You will die today!” shouted Sage Jin. Golden lights flashed in his hands, and a sword appeared. He charged at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng held Black Dragon ready. Sage Jin wanted to kill him, which wasn’t possible, but Lin Feng couldn’t injure Sage Jin that much, either.

“Lin Feng, leave it to me,” someone said hoarsely. It was Sage Yin, also holding a silver sword. He threw himself at Sage Jin. Sage Jin looked incensed at the interruption.

Lin Feng had nobody to fight against anymore, so he watched the four Holy Spirit Emperors fight. The Sages were fighting, too.

Sage Yin and Sage Jin kept colliding. It was difficult to know who would win because they were very similar in terms of strength.

“Celestial Hand!”

Lin Feng felt himself shaking. He raised his head and saw Ling Tu Zi’s hand. It contained the strength of the earth and the sky. It felt like Heaven was about to fall from the sky.

“Wasn’t Celestial Hand a lost technique?”

When Mister Savage saw that, his expression fell, astonished. The two other Godly Leaders also pulled long faces. Ling Tu Zi knew some ancient and lost techniques!

Still, they couldn’t flinch!

“Let’s join hands!” shouted the Silver Region’s Godly Leader. The others nodded and released as much energy as they could.

“Venerable Silver Punch!”

“Celestial Godly Lights!”

“Savage Cage!”

Three terrifying attacks condensed and shot towards Ling Tu Zi.

However, Ling Tu Zi just looked at them mockingly, “You think you can resist against a lost mighty technique? Haha, come and die quickly! Haha!”

The three cultivators’ attacks broke apart, and they were smashed away.

A hand smashed into Mister Savage and he coughed up blood. His face went pale, and he crashed to the ground.

The other Godly Leaders were on the ground, their internal organs injured. Recovering would take time.

Ling Tu Zi glanced at them and finally turned to look at Lin Feng in hatred.

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  1. leftcheek123 May 9, 2019 at 2:27 pm - Reply

    So let me get this straight the only one to go up a lvl was the spiritual godly leader was everyone else jacking off for 20k years. Makes no sense

    • Gray June 6, 2019 at 12:36 am - Reply

      Yes they are.

  2. Gray June 6, 2019 at 12:35 am - Reply

    There was an explosive rending sound. Lin Feng cut Holy Tie Mian in twain from top to bottom. He was dead!
    Lin Feng walked to the corpse and whispered, “Last time I didn’t kill you, I regretted it later on. Now, you took the initiative to provoke me, if I hadn’t killed you, I would be a coward!”

    Blame the stupid Author who didn’t executed the story well, and make you more Coward than you used to be.

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