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PMG 2 Chapter 181: Lin Feng’s Frenzy

PMG 2 Chapter 181: Lin Feng’s Frenzy

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“You, you’re Lin Feng?” asked Ling Tu Zi, looking at Lin Feng disdainfully.

Lin Feng frowned. He hated it when people were conceited. However, what could he do? He was so weak in comparison to Ling Tu Zi.

“Indeed, I am Lin Feng.” said Lin Feng nodding. He faced Ling Tu Zi fearlessly.

Ling Tu Zi nodded. When he saw that Lin Feng didn’t seem to fear him, he was surprised and asked, “You’re not afraid of me?”

“Why would I be afraid of you?” Lin Feng shot back instantly. He replied so quickly and sharply that it sounded like he was confronting him.

Ling Tu Zi sneered, “You’re not afraid I could kill you?!”

“Kill me? I’ve lived for over a hundred years. Many people plotted against me, many people tried to kill me. Threatening to kill me to scare me is laughable!”

“Most of us live on the edge the whole time. Godly Leader, you’re wasting your time,” Lin Feng smiled coldly. He didn’t fear Ling Tu Zi at all.

Ling Tu Zi looked glum. Even Mister Savage, the two other Godly Leaders, and the Sages looked nervous.

Whistling sounds spread in the air. Many people broke through because of what Lin Feng had said. Song Zhuang broke through to the Peerless Holy Emperor layer.

Many people still didn’t understand what Lin Feng had understood a very long time ago. Death was just a return to some other state. Life and death were not much different to him.

Lin Feng understood life and death Dao. Nobody understood life and death better than Lin Feng.

Ling Tu Zi sighed. Lin Feng was a genius, and it was a pity he hadn’t become a member of the Spiritual Region. If he had been one of them, Ling Tu Zi would have raised him personally. He would have supported Lin Feng and made him become the next Godly Leader.

But Lin Feng wasn’t one of them. He was a member of the Supranatural Region’s Holy Shrine, they were destined to be enemies. Ling Tu Zi’s only choice was to kill him.

“Hmph. Interesting concepts. But if you die, you’re dead. Nothing else,” Ling Tu Zi grunted coldly. He threw his out hand and energies rose up in the air, surrounding Lin Feng.

Lin Feng grunted in pain. The energies were suffocating him. He ground his teeth and shouted furiously before releasing forbidden strength. The sky became dark. Energies raged in all directions.

Disciples who were weaker were blown away. Even Song Zhuang, who had just risen to a Peerless Holy Emperor, had to release pure Qi to protect himself.

“Forbidden body? One more reason to kill you!” Ling Tu Zi said when he realized Lin Feng had a special type of body. Forbidden ones, chosen ones, and light Dao cultivators; those three types of special bodies posed a huge threat to the whole world. They had be eliminated as quickly as possible!

He had also participated in the great war twenty thousand years before. Back then, most people wanted to get rid of the cultivator who controlled light Dao. Now, they had to get rid of the forbidden body!

“Attack!” shouted Mister Savage. He crossed his hands before his chest and a dazzling Eight Trigrams pattern appeared. The lights moved towards Lin Feng and stopped in front of him. At the same time, Ling Tu Zi’s hand approached.

There was an explosion, and Lin Feng groaned with pain. He crashed to the ground and coughed up blood. Mister Savage was blown a few thousand meters away. He also coughed up blood, and his face became as pale as a sheet of paper.

“Master?” Lin Feng looked at Mister Savage. The latter had just risked his life for him. Lin Feng was touched.

“Haha, little boy, that’s to thank you for saving me,” said Mister Savage, smiling earnestly and wiping the blood off his mouth.

Lin Feng was furious at himself. He wanted to become stronger, he was sick of having to rely on people to protect himself, sick of being bullied.

“Strength? Strength? AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!”

Everybody was astonished as Lin Feng shouted furiously. He opened his arms and Qi exploded, howling in waves around him. His forbidden strength and demon Dao raged freely.

Lin Feng’s eyes were bloodshot, his muscles were twitching. He looked like a demon in a frenzy, surrounded by demon corpse Qi, and demon and Buddhist lights. His eyes were filled with killing intent.

Lin Feng didn’t have the strength of the High-Level Holy Emperor layer anymore, he was now a Peerless Holy Emperor!

However, Lin Feng had gone berserk. His bloodshot eyes were filled with the need to kill.

“Die!” shouted Lin Feng hoarsely, in a deep metallic voice.

Lin Feng was still wielding Black Dragon, which was releasing demon Dao. Demon Qi rolled in waves all around him. The two Godly Leaders and Mister Savage looked saddened.

He was in a frenzy.

Lin Feng couldn’t stand being humiliated anymore. He had gone berserk in order to break through. He abandoned himself to hatred and power.

Black Dragon turned into a light beam and chopped at a holy cultivator of the Spiritual Region. The holy cultivator’s body was cut into two.

Ling Tu Zi’s face went red with fury.

“Little fella, how dare you!” shouted Ling Tu Zi, furiously throwing a punch.

“Attack!” The two Godly Leaders decided to attack and resist Ling Tu Zi.

When Ling Tu Zi saw the two were trying to stop him, he howled furiously, “You want to die!”

Ling Tu Zi threw out both of his fists. His strength bombarded the two Godly Leaders, but they were not that weak, they were just blown away and immediately rose back up in the air, throwing their punches back at Ling Tu Zi.

Ling Tu Zi was truly infuriated. Lin Feng had gone in a frenzy and was killing his people, and now the two Godly Leaders were fighting against him, he wanted to crush them all!

“Die!” Lin Feng landed in front of Sage Jin. Black Dragon moved towards him extremely quickly. Lin Feng was merciless and Sage Jin’s expression changed drastically. Now, Lin Feng might pose a threat to him.

“Back!” shouted Sage Jin furiously, releasing speed Dao. Lin Feng looked at him in cold mockery as he disappeared.

When he reappeared, he was behind Sage Jin, throwing his sword without the least hesitation. The sound of Sage Jin’s muscles getting chopped through spread in the air.

Sage Jin used as much strength as he could to move aside, and the sword attack didn’t kill him, but he was badly injured. He would need at least one and a half years to recover.

“You want to die!” shouted Ling Tu Zi. He finally managed to get rid of the two Godly Leaders. He raised his fist and charged at Lin Feng again.

Lin Feng threw Black Dragon again. Two threads of strength collided.

Lin Feng was blown away by the punch. His eyes became even redder.

Ling Tu Zi shouted and punched out again.

“You must die today!” shouted Ling Tu Zi. His fist finally reached Lin Feng’s chest.

Mister Savage’s face was ghastly pale. He felt powerless. The two Godly Leaders were exhausted too, they could only watch Lin Feng get crushed by that punch.

It was definitely over!

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  1. leftcheek123 May 9, 2019 at 2:34 pm - Reply

    The war was 30k years ago not 20. Light dao should be divine dao. This author is making too many mistakes.

  2. Gray June 6, 2019 at 12:50 am - Reply

    “Hmph. Interesting concepts. But if you die, you’re dead. Nothing else,” Ling Tu Zi grunted coldly. He threw his out hand and energies rose up in the air, surrounding Lin Feng.

    Lin Feng is already died once and twice before, shame on you Old fart.

    What annoys me is, the Author make Lin Feng level up with stupid way. I mean, i know it was in crisis state and with the power of will he can level up.
    But this one it just plain writing. I cant feel the tension and the excitement. Too bad

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