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PMG 2 Chapter 182: Mara-Deva

PMG 2 Chapter 182: Mara-Deva

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Everybody thought Lin Feng was definitely going to die. However, at that moment, an incredible amount of demon strength appeared. It wasn’t any weaker than Ling Tu Zi’s strength, and in fact it was even more powerful.

Ling Tu Zi’s punch reached Lin Feng, but all the energies were instantly absorbed. Ling Tu Zi looked puzzled, while Lin Feng smiled. Then he raised his hand and punched out at Ling Tu Zi. The latter didn’t have time to react, and was blown away.

“You’re… not Lin Feng! Who are you?!”

Ling Tu Zi was pushed back a hundred meters, and was on his knees. He got back up and stared at Lin Feng. An incredible demon Qi kept emerging from Lin Feng’s body.

Ling Tu Zi wasn’t the only one who was astonished, Mister Savage and the two Godly Leaders couldn’t believe their eyes, they were speechless. What was happening to Lin Feng?

However, Lin Feng ignored everybody’s expression. He just smiled broadly. They heard a deep, hoarse voice.

“You dare try and kill the little demon cultivator I’m interested in?”

Lin Feng’s face was surrounded by a halo. The people around were stupefied, and more than a little unsettled.

“Who are you?” asked Ling Tu Zi. He was scared and nervous, and had to quickly force himself to calm down.

“Hmph! You’re a futile Godly Leader! You are extremely weak, and you think you’re strong because you reached the fourth Holy Spirit Emperor layer? Ridiculous!”

Lin Feng stared at Ling Tu Zi mockingly.

Ling Tu Zi was furious when he heard that, his expression became ferocious and he shouted, “Argh! You are deliberately being mysterious, but we’ll soon see who you are!”

Ling Tu Zi didn’t believe he couldn’t defeat Lin Feng, and punched out again. The two Godly Leaders and Mister Savage looked extremely nervous.

Lin Feng was being controlled by some strong cultivator, that was certain, but was it a good thing or a bad thing?

What if Lin Feng’s body couldn’t stand that strong cultivator’s occupation? The damage could be irreversible!

However, thinking that was useless. They could only hope that Lin Feng would force Ling Tu Zi retreat as quickly as possible.

Lin Feng watched Ling Tu Zi’s punch indifferently, smiling coldly. He raised his left hand, and an ancient demon Qi appeared in a surge of power.

“You?” When Ling Tu Zi sensed that frightening strength, his expression changed drastically. He even flashed backwards. But it was too late, Lin Feng’s demon Qi surrounded him.

Ling Tu Zi sensed some absorbing strength start to corrode his Qi. It was both painful and humiliating! Ling Tu Zi suddenly screamed miserably, “AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! I WILL KILL YOU!!” The two Godly Leaders remained vigilant. A strong cultivator was controlling Lin Feng and he could still use such powerful attack, the only possibility was…

Thinking about that, they glanced at each other in astonishment. Only one person could control demon Qi at such a high level.

“You are… Mara-Deva!” When Ling Tu Zi realized how scary Lin Feng was, his face paled.

“Hmph! Since you recognized, it means you’re not as stupid as I thought. I’ll spare your life. Piss off now!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. He raised his left hand and instantly, Ling Tu Zi was smashed far away and crashed to the ground violently. He coughed up blood, injured now. Lin Feng, or more precisely the one who controlled him, was the only one who could injure him like that…

“Mara-Deva?” whispered Mister Savage. He looked scared.

Mara-Deva was a legendary cultivator. Nobody knew where he was from, people only knew that he had come from the eastern part of the Continent of the Gods when he had started rising. A High-Level Holy Emperor wanted to challenge him back then.

The next day, that strong cultivator’s whole group had been annihilated, they had vanished without a trace. In the end, nobody had dared offend Mara-Deva again.

Time had passed and Mara-Deva had created the most powerful region of the Continent of the Gods, the Demon Region. The Demon Region had no Godly Leader or Leader. It wasn’t a bad thing though, because they only obeyed Mara-Deva.

During the great war twenty thousand years ago, all the regions had suffered great losses. Mister Savage had even been sealed in the Savage Desert. The only region that hadn’t suffered losses was the Demon Region.

It was all thanks to Mara-Deva, that terrifying cultivator.

Mister Savage was wondering how Lin Feng was supported by such a terrifying cultivator, though? How did he know that demon?

Mister Savage couldn’t think of how that could have happened.

Ling Tu Zi left quickly. He couldn’t fight against Mara-Deva. At his level, anyone with half a brain would choose to escape from Mara-Deva.

Ling Tu Zi had lost and fled, so the disciples of the Spiritual Region also ran away. Sage Jin looked at Lin Feng angrily and then glanced at his fresh wounds. He would definitely kill Lin Feng at some point!…

Lin Feng watched those people leave and then looked at Mister Savage and the two Godly Leaders. He looked glum.

“A bunch of trash. You’re not even able to protect such an outstanding disciple,” Lin Feng said. It was a bit strange to hear that from Lin Feng’s mouth, but none of them dared refute him.

“Master, may I ask you what your relationship to Lin Feng is?” Lin Feng was the heir of the Supranatural Region’s Godly Leader, so the Godly Leader had to ask.

“I don’t know him. I don’t know who he is.”

The Godly Leader didn’t understand. He didn’t know Lin Feng? So why had he decided to save Lin Feng?

Many people looked skeptical, but Lin Feng smiled and continued, “I don’t know him. It doesn’t mean that other people don’t know him. My disciple’s disciple knows him, my adopted son knows him. And he’s a demon cultivator. How could I let such a demon cultivator get hurt?”


When they heard Mara-Deva’s answer, everybody was speechless, but nobody dared contradict him.

“Alright. I’m off. When Lin Feng wakes up, tell him that when he becomes a Holy Spirit Emperor, he should come to the Demon Region to see me. His two wives are there.”

Lin Feng’s face stiffened, and he promptly collapsed unconscious.

“Hurry, let’s bring Lin Feng back!” shouted the Godly Leader. Song Zhuang grabbed Lin Feng and they all left.

Shortly after they left, an old man in black clothes slowly appeared in the sky. He was standing on a Blue Uptala Lotus. Demon Qi flashed around him.

“Sigh… that little boy is from the same world as me. I hope he keeps up the good work.”

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  5. Iqqy Chan February 27, 2019 at 5:37 pm - Reply

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    “Sigh… that little boy is from the same world as me. I hope he keeps up the good work.”
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