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PMG 2 Chapter 184: Bodhidharma Imprisoned

PMG 2 Chapter 184: Bodhidharma Imprisoned

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“Godly Leader, please don’t! How could Lin Feng become a Godly Son?”

The first one to react was Sage Shui, unsurprisingly. He didn’t like Lin Feng because of what had happened with his son, and if Lin Feng became a Godly Son, then his rank would be lower than Lin Feng’s. He couldn’t accept that!

“Yes, right! Godly Leader, we should discuss such things first!” The second person who had an objection was Yuan Kui, the Three-Eyed Monster. He looked at the Godly Leader with his three eyes.

“Godly Leader, making Lin Feng a Godly Leader is a great decision,” said Sage Huo after the two others burst into an uproar. He was the first one who supported the Godly Leaders decision. Besides, no matter how strong Lin Feng was, Huo Wu liked Lin Feng. As a father, he knew what his daughter felt.

Besides, Lin Feng was now a Peerless Holy Emperor, it was great to have such a strong Godly Son!

“I agree too!” “I agree too!” spoke up Hu Mo and Demon King Ox. Demon King Ox glanced at Lin Feng. Even though he was worried about him, he was happy to see him become a Godly Son. He had hoped such a thing would happen for a long time. Lin Feng was now strong enough to be named one.

“I agree, too! Lin Feng is like a brother to me!” said Song Zhuang, smiling broadly. He was happy that good things were finally happening to Lin Feng.

Lin Feng looked at Song Zhuang, and smiled back.

Apart from Sage Shui and Yuan Kui, the others were all happy for Lin Feng. The two didn’t look happy at all. They also knew that they had just offended by Lin Feng by disagreeing with the Godly Leader’s decision to make him a Godly Son.

Lin Feng wasn’t a mere holy cultivator anymore, he had a higher rank than they did now. They couldn’t offend him anymore. Sage Shui just sighed, he couldn’t do much. Yuan Kui looked glum. He didn’t feel good when he was around Lin Feng.

Lin Feng didn’t refuse the honor. He was initially the Godly Leader’s heir anyway, and was definitely qualified to become a Godly Son, it was even a logical thing.

But Lin Feng didn’t feel like competing with anyone to become the Godly Leader, like Yuan Fei desired. Therefore, Ji Yang was the only one who wanted to become the future Godly Leader, along with another Godly Son they had never seen.


Not everybody thought like Lin Feng.

“Hmph! Godly Leader, what’s wrong with you? Why would you make Lin Feng a Godly Son?” asked Ji Yang, alone on the roof of the palace. His expression was twisted as he clenched his fists. He wanted to crush Lin Feng alive!

“Hehe, it’s more fun this way, isn’t it?”

As Ji Yang was going crazy, someone laughed indifferently. A black silhouette appeared next to Ji Yang. It was a heroic man in black clothes. He had red hair flying above his shoulders, and long fingers, like some pianists.

If Lin Feng had been there, he would have noticed that that guy looked like a Westerner back on Earth. Lin Feng had never seen a Westerner, in reality.

“Jeston, you’re my assistant, you should observe good manners,” said Ji Yang, glancing at the man.

Jeston smiled apologetically and nodded, “I’m sorry, Your Excellency, I just care about you.”

“Stop talking nonsense. So, how do we get rid of Lin Feng?” asked Ji Yang, clenching his fists and grinding his teeth. His expression looked ferocious. Lin Feng had destroyed the Ji Clan long ago.

“Very easy. In three months, it’ll be the summit of the eastern part of the Continent of the Gods,” answered Jeston, smiling calmly.

A big evil smile appeared on Ji Yang’s face.

“Sometimes, you can get somebody else to do the dirty work! Hehe, there’s no reason why it wouldn’t work…”


Lin Feng left the Shrine and went back to the Gods Sect. Bodhidharma was still there; he had helped Lin Feng a lot in the past, so he wanted to see him.

When he arrived, he studied the lofty buildings, the training kwoon, the Exchange Center, the library, and other familiar sights.

“Stop. Who are you?” asked two disciples in black clothes at the gate, running towards Lin Feng. They were Half-Holy Emperors.

However, Lin Feng just smiled and disappeared from there. The two disciples glanced at each other, suprised.

“Hurry up, let’s go and inform Supreme Elder Di Shu. We have to tell him someone has invaded the Gods Sect,” said one of the disciples, and they both flew away.


Lin Feng arrived in front of Bodhidharma’s palace. Lin Feng sensed the same familiar Qi emerge from it.

“Master Bodhidharma, Lin Feng is back.” said Lin Feng, cupping his fist in front of the palace. His voice spread far away. All the disciples who were practicing cultivation stopped and put down their weapons when they heard Lin Feng’s voice. Instantly, they felt more determined to become stronger than ever.

“It’s Supreme Elder Lin Feng! Let’s go!” said many disciples, flying in his direction. They wanted to see this exceptional cultivator. Many of them were new disciples, so they were eager to see him.

When new disciples joined the Gods Sect, they usually heard about Lin Feng’s adventures quickly. Many disciples were from Zhongzhuan City as well, so they were even more excited when they learned Lin Feng had come from there.

Because of that, the disciples of the Gods Sect even respected the disciples from Zhongzhuan City more than the others.

Lin Feng didn’t pay any attention to the disciples. He continued looking at Bodhidharma’s palace, but the latter didn’t come out.

Lin Feng looked at the palace, and tried to sense Bodhidharma’s small world’s Qi, but realized it wasn’t there. His expression changed.

“Where is Master Bodhidharma?” shouted Lin Feng. He jumped to the top of the palace and glanced around.

“Hmph! I imprisoned him. If you dare, go and save him!” a voice challenged him. Di Shu and Holy Fourth Mo Da appeared in front of Lin Feng.

Di Shu didn’t look like a child anymore, he had grown into an adult… but he still looked sinister.

When Lin Feng heard Di Shu, he was very angry.

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