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PMG 2 Chapter 185: Losing and Leaving!

PMG 2 Chapter 185: Losing and Leaving!

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“You want to die that much?” shouted Lin Feng furiously. The soundwave caused by his deep voice rolled out, and people heard him dozens of li away. All the disciples of the sect looked panic-stricken suddenly.

Lin Feng dared say such a thing to Di Shu! Everybody was astonished, because Di Shu was the head of the sect. Since Fan Tian Gang had become a Sage, Di Shu was in charge of taking care of the sect.

Lin Feng didn’t give him any face though. Many new disciples were astonished and started shaking when they heard him. It seemed that the rumors they had heard about Lin Feng were true. In the Gods Sect, the only person who didn’t give Di Shu face was Supreme Elder Lin Feng!

Di Shu glared at him icily. Lin Feng was humiliating him again, how could he not be furious? He clenched his fists and smiled ferociously, “Let’s see if you can kill me before saying that. Hmph!”

Energies of the Peerless Holy Emperor layer surged forth. Everybody looked panic-stricken.

Supreme Elder Di Shu had become a Peerless Holy Emperor! It was an incredible achievement. He could compete with the four Sages of the Holy Shrine!

Di Shu stared at Lin Feng provokingly. He had cultivated extremely hard to become a Peerless Holy Emperor. One more step, and he’d be a Holy Spirit Emperor!

When he had heard that Lin Feng had become a High-Level Holy Emperor, he had been a bit afraid. But only a few days before, he had become a Peerless Holy Emperor, so he wasn’t afraid of a High-Level Holy Emperor anymore, and so he had dared to imprison Bodhidharma. He had been waiting for the day when he would be able to kill Lin Feng!

Lin Feng understood Di Shu’s way of thinking. He just smiled coldly. Di Shu obviously didn’t have access to all sorts of communication channels. He didn’t know that Lin Feng had become a Peerless Holy Emperor half a month ago. Apart from the two Godly Leaders and the few Sages, nobody knew about that.

Di Shu wanted to get his revenge because Lin Feng had humiliated so many times before. But it wouldn’t be as easy as he thought.

“Kneel down, Lin Feng, and beg me for your life! I might spare your life if you do. What do you think?” mocked Di Shu when he saw Lin Feng remaining silent.

Because of all the different sorts of Dao strength and his forbidden strength, it was difficult to see Lin Feng’s cultivation level… and Di Shu was at the same level as Lin Feng. Unless Lin Feng took the initiative to attack or reveal his cultivation level, it was impossible for him to see it.

“Hmph! Supreme Elder, he never listens! I’ll capture him first, and then you can talk to him!” said Mo Da glumly. He clenched his fists and charged at at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng was a bit surprised when he saw how strong Mo Da had become. Mo Da already had the strength of the top of the High-Level Holy Emperor layer. However, attacking Lin Feng with such a cultivation level came down to attempting the impossible.

“You’re not qualified to open your filthy mouth here, piss off!” shouted Lin Feng aggressively. He sounded like a dragon. Everybody shuddered with fear for dozens of miles around. Those who weren’t strong stepped back instinctively. Even Di Shu groaned with pain as his heart twitched.

“You? How is that possible?” Di Shu was astonished and surprised. Lin Feng had become a Peerless Holy Emperor too!

Mo Da was even more astonished… and scared. He regretted that he had not hidden from Lin Feng.

There was an explosion of force, and Mo Da fell down from the sky like a broken leaf. He fell through the roof of a pavilion, collapsing it and then crashing to the ground. His face was as pale as a sheet of paper.

“Hmph. Pieces of trash!” said Di Shu when he saw Mo Da get defeated so easily. He clenched his fists and threw himself at Lin Feng.

“I’m surprised that you also became a Peerless Holy Emperor, but I’ll show you that the difference between you and me is still huge. World Purification!” shouted Di Shu furiously. His face paled and his Qi became strange. Ordinary cultivators couldn’t understand what was going on.

White lights started flashing, as if he was unsheathing swords. The lights condensed, the strength of the earth and the sky gathering in those lights.

“World Purification, a forbidden holy technique?” The words appeared in Lin Feng’s brain, and he couldn’t help but say them out loud.

Lin Feng was startled. Ordinary people didn’t have access to such skills and techniques. Usually, cultivators who did have access to such skills and techniques were already Holy Spirit Emperors. However, Di Shu had gained one and Lin Feng didn’t know how.

But Lin Feng wasn’t afraid. If Di Shu had been a Holy Spirit Emperor, it would have been different, but they had the same cultivation level.

“Forbidden strength, go!” shouted Lin Feng, raising his arms. Demon Qi and forbidden strength fused together, and turned into a black hole.

Lin Feng punched out with a cry. Even though it was a simple attack, it came from Lin Feng!

“Die!” shouted Di Shu angrily. He was so furious, Lin Feng kept humiliating and threatening him. All he thought about at that moment was killing Lin Feng, and destroying the forbidden body.

However, it wasn’t that simple.

Lin Feng and Di Shu collided a few times in the sky. The white lights of the World Purification attack kept flashing. Lin Feng kept releasing gigantic punches. He looked like an evil demon fighting against a celestial being.

Lin Feng’s demon punches were sufficient to resist the celestial World Purification attacks.

Boom, boom, boom…

Their energies created shockwaves and carried everything away dozens of li around them. Many buildings collapsed. Weak cultivators ended up badly injured.

The World Purification attacks and the demon punches finally disappeared, and the energies dispersed.

Everybody stared at Lin Feng and Di Shu, their mouths wide open. They were speechless. Lin Feng looked cold and detached. Di Shu truly wanted to slaughter him!

“You lost. Give me the key to open Master Bodhidharma’s cell, or I won’t be merciful like this time,” stated Lin Feng. Di Shu looked pale.

He raised his head and looked at Lin Feng darkly, then punched the ground furiously. He had accidentally stumbled across the forgotten and forbidden attack, but he wasn’t a Holy Spirit Emperor. He had hoped it would help him become a Holy Spirit Emperor, but now Lin Feng was ruining his plan.

He was furious. He wasn’t strong enough to kill Lin Feng. On the contrary, he was humiliated once again!

“What you did to me today, I will give it back a hundred times worse! Hmph!” shouted Di Shu furiously, before he disappeared from the Gods Sect. He was the leader of the Supreme Elders and thus the Gods Sect, but now he decided to give up the sect. He wanted to focus on cultivation, to defeat Lin Feng and regain his face.

Lin Feng watched Di Shu disappear. He was bit embarrassed. He wasn’t strong enough to kill him, but he had forced Di Shu to leave. It was a good thing. If Lin Feng had been able to kill Di Shu, he would have done so, he didn’t need to be merciful to someone who would probably cause him trouble in the future.

Lin Feng coughed up some blood. He didn’t say anything, but forced Mo Da to lead the way to Bodhidharma’s cell.

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