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PMG 2 Chapter 186: I Will Destroy the Sky if You Continue

PMG 2 Chapter 186: I Will Destroy the Sky if You Continue

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Now that Mo Da knew how strong Lin Feng had become, he didn’t feel furious or humiliated anymore, because Lin Feng had clearly surpassed him. No matter how furious he got, it wouldn’t help him surpass and defeat Lin Feng.

Lin Feng is very talented and his cultivation speed is incredible, thought Mo Da.

Mo Da took Lin Feng to the Life and Death Stage. He told Lin Feng that Di Shu had imprisoned Bodhidharma behind the Stage. Lin Feng was furious, his eyes burning. His fury was so plain people around felt threatened and watched carefully.

Mo Da shuddered with fear, his face pale. He disappeared from Lin Feng’s field of vision. Lin Feng stood there outside of the building the Stage was in. He looked at the grey Stage. It smelled like death around the Stage.

However, Lin Feng wasn’t afraid.

“Who dares cause trouble at the Life and Death Stage?!” asked someone when Lin Feng entered the building. Their voice reverberated in the whole sect.

Even though the Life and Death Stage was called the Life and Death Stage, it wasn’t a mere performing stage. It was several thousands of meters long, as big as a mountain, the only difference being that the top was flat.

An old man appeared above the stage, he looked like a wandering soul. He was wearing a black robe and was surrounded by death Qi.

“Who are you, Master?” Lin Feng knew that the man who managed the Life and Death Stage had to have a high rank, so he didn’t dare offend him. He cupped his fist and bowed politely.

“I am a patriarch of the Gods Sect. Who are you?” asked the old man angrily. He could see how strong Lin Feng was, a Peerless Holy Emperor, and with such strength the old man remained vigilant.

“I am Lin Feng from the Gods Sect, Supreme Elder of the Gods Sect, Godly Son of the Holy Shrine,” replied Lin Feng, smiling thinly. Even though Lin Feng didn’t care about ranks and titles, for most people, especially old men, they were really important.

As expected, when Lin Feng said that, the old man’s expression changed. He looked at Lin Feng respectfully and cupped his fist, “Greetings, Godly Son.”

“Master, no need to be so polite. I came to see a Master. I hope you can help me find him,” Lin Feng said to the old man hastily.

He didn’t want to waste time. He wanted to save Bodhidharma as soon as possible.

The old man was a bit surprised and asked, “Are you talking about Bodhidharma? That guy is a threat to the security of the sect. He’s a shameless criminal.”

“What? A shameless criminal?” Lin Feng didn’t understand. The old man probably didn’t think that himself, Di Shu had probably told him that. Thinking about that, Lin Feng hated Di Shu even more.

“Master, Di Shu told you that, right?” asked Lin Feng with a frown.

The old man nodded, “Indeed. Supreme Elder Di Shu said that he was a terrible offender, but you…?”

The old man didn’t finish his sentence, but Lin Feng knew what he wanted to say. He replied, “He is one of the people I respect the most in the Gods Sect. He’s a pillar of the sect. Don’t believe what Di Shu said.”

“Why? asked the old man.

“Because Di Shu already left the Gods Sect. He’s not a member of the Gods Sect anymore,” explained Lin Feng, clenching his fists.

The old man frowned as if he had just realized something. He slowly nodded and said, “Alright. I’ll go and release him. I trust you. Even though he’s a demon cultivator, he does seem like a righteous person.

“Actually, I had no choice but to listen to Supreme Elder Di Shu. Please forgive me,” said the old man, apologetically cupping his fist.

Lin Feng nodded and remained silent. He followed the old man to a place on the Life and Death Stage, where Bodhidharma was attached to eight tungsten chains. His body was covered with blood. Some of his white bones were even visible. He was only wearing half of his broken mask.

When Lin Feng saw that, he was even more furious, and wanted to crush Di Shu to paste. However, it wasn’t possible.

“Your Highness, he’s tied with tungsten shackles, they’re extremely solid and they attract lightning Qi. He’s severely injured, as he’s been tied up for a week already,” explained the old man slowly. As he was talking, the sky became dark. Golden lightnings descended and bombarded the area.

The old man hid behind the Life and Death Stage. He was a wandering soul, and if he were struck, he might disappear, or at least be badly injured.

Bodhidharma slowly opened his eyes and burst into laughter. He looked miserable.

“Haha, Di Shu, you’re trying to pollute my heart, but you can’t because I am righteous! Haha!

“Come, lightning strength! It’s been seven days, what more could happen?” said Bodhidharma. He sounded like he was challenging Heaven. A terrifying Qi surrounded the whole Life and Death Stage, and everybody fell down on their knees. The old man didn’t know where to hide anymore.

Lin Feng was at the top of the Life and Death Stage, he could see golden lightnings crash onto Bodhidharma’s body. Bodhidharma’s body could explode at any time.

Bodhidharma’s expression had changed. This was the scariest lightning attack he had suffered so far. He might be about to die. He was sad because he hadn’t been able to see Lin Feng one last time.

“Little boy, I’m off!” said Bodhidharma, closing his eyes and waiting for death.

After a few seconds, he realized nothing had happened. He didn’t sense any attack bombarding him. He thought he had become paralyzed and couldn’t feel anything anymore.

Bodhidharma opened his eyes, not understanding. When he did so, he was astonished, as all he could see was Lin Feng, his arms up in the air, demon energies rolling in waves all around him, his robe fluttering in the wind. His absorbing strength was crushing the golden lightning.

“If you come back, I’ll destroy the sky and there won’t be any lightning anymore, piss off!”

Piss off! Piss off!, his voice echoed forth, like a furious dragon. Everybody heard his voice, from the top of the Godly Mountain and deep in the mountain range. Ardor and determination filled some people’s hearts.

Bodhidharma was blankly staring at the young man in front of him; Lin Feng, his favorite disciple!

Lin Feng was already extremely strong, which made him feel very happy.

The lightnings dispersed. If they came back, Lin Feng would destroy the sky!

Everything returned to normal as Lin Feng’s demon Qi dispersed.

The old man saw all this from far away. He gulped down, amazed by Lin Feng’s strength. Ordinary people couldn’t say such a magnificent thing.

“Is the Supranatural Region’s Holy Shrine going to rise?” whispered the old man.

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