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PMG 2 Chapter 187: Traveling the World!

PMG 2 Chapter 187: Traveling the World!

Edited by RED

Lin Feng untied Bodhidharma with one hand. The hard tungsten shackles broke easily. Bodhidharma was stupefied, but he also greatly shaken. Lin Feng had finally become strong enough!

Lin Feng took out his shuttle and brought Bodhidharma back to the man’s palace. The old soul man watched Lin Feng disappear in the distance and smiled. Times of prosperity might be starting for the Holy Shrine.

“Little boy, good luck!” said the old soul man, smiling patiently. Then he walked away, leaving the Life and Death Stage.


Lin Feng and Bodhidharma went back to the small world. Lin Feng transmitted some demon Qi to Bodhidharma to help him heal. In half a day, he was out of danger and had almost completely recovered.

“Master Bodhidharma, I’m off,” said Lin Feng to Bodhidharma, whose face was now visible. He looked scary, but Lin Feng didn’t mind.

“Go the Demon Region and see your wives. Hehe!” said Bodhidharma, smiling broadly. Lin Feng wasn’t even done talking, so he was surprised.

“Master, you’re…?”

“I am from the Demon Region. The Great Elder of the Demon Region is my teacher. My teacher’s teacher is Mara-Deva,” said Bodhidharma proudly. Lin Feng was astonished, and suddenly understood.

“Master, you’re from the Demon Region? Why did you join the Supranatural Region’s Holy Shrine?” Lin Feng didn’t understand. Bodhidharma was already a disciple of the Demon Region, why had he come to the Supranatural Region?

“There is no rule in the Demon Region which says we’re not allowed to go to other Regions. I was traveling and stopped in the Gods Sect.

“But we keep in touch. They even knew I was imprisoned in the Life and Death Stage, otherwise, how could Di Shu have imprisoned me? He might be a Peerless Holy Emperor, but my teacher is a cultivator of the third Holy Spirit Emperor layer.

“I let Di Shu capture and imprison me because of you. I wanted to give you a reason to kill him. You are sworn enemies. One of you has to die, and I hope it’ll be him. I wanted to give you a reason to kill him.

“Initially, he wasn’t a Peerless Holy Emperor, he was a High-Level Holy Emperor. I hadn’t thought he’d break through so quickly. I don’t know where he found that forbidden technique.

“And then I lost contact with the Demon Region, but you came back. Even though you didn’t manage to kill him, at least you injured him. He’s quite sly, though.

“He could ambush you at any time. You have no choice but to remain vigilant,” said Bodhidharma in quiet fury. Lin Feng nodded. He knew those things. Di Shu was cunning and wasn’t going to leave the matter at that.

“Master, I want to travel the world and quickly become a Holy Spirit Emperor. Then I’ll go to the Demon Region,” Lin Feng said firmly. He was getting closer and closer to becoming a Holy Spirit Emperor. Lin Feng was convinced he wouldn’t need too long before succeeding.

Bodhidharma nodded. He knew a lot about Lin Feng, his ancestor having given him news. The old man liked Lin Feng, and wanted to teach him more about cultivation.

Of course, Lin Feng had to become strong enough first. Talent was one thing, but if someday, Lin Feng stopped becoming stronger, the old demon wouldn’t be willing to teach him anything.

But Bodhidharma liked Lin Feng. He initially wanted him to be his chief disciple, but now he was too strong.

“Lin Feng, you can go. You will reach the top in the Continent of the Gods. The Silver Region, the Demon Region, the Spiritual Region, and the Supranatural Region are just a few among a hundred. Maybe you didn’t know that. Not only are there a hundred Regions in the Continent of the Gods, there are also many powerful empires, sects, worlds, and so forth. Some of them are even more terrifying than the Regions.

“Therefore, travel, gather experience, and become a Holy Spirit Emperor. Then go to the Demon Region and bring your wives back. When you go and see the old man of the Demon Region, he will give you many things.

“Good bye, Lin Feng,” said Bodhidharma, cupping his fist. Lin Feng knew what Bodhidharma meant. Lin Feng said goodbye to Master Bodhidharma and left, disappearing from Bodhidharma’s small world.

Bodhidharma smiled calmly and mused, “Maybe you don’t know it, but we’re from the same world…”


The next day, Lin Feng said goodbye to the people of the Supranatural Region’s Holy Shrine and departed by himself. He left Duan Xin Ye and Qiu Yue Xin with the Godly Leader. He would be able to protect them, they’d be safe in the Shrine.

Hou Qing Lin decided to wait for Jun Mo Xi. He had received a message from Jun Mo Xi’s talisman saying he was nearby.

Yuan Fei wanted to travel with Lin Feng, but he wasn’t a Peerless Holy Emperor yet, so his grandfather, the Great Ape Emperor, had forbade him.

Yuan Fei had to obey, but he told Lin Feng he’d join him as soon as he broke through to the Peerless Holy Emperor layer.

Lin Feng accepted, of course!

Lin Feng was a bit sad because he didn’t get to see Huo Wu. He didn’t know where she was. When he went to say goodbye to Sage Huo, he noticed Sage Huo looking rather grave and solemn, so he didn’t ask about Huo Wu.

“Master Savage, Godly Leader, good bye,” said Lin Feng, cupping his fist respectfully. He turned around and left. On the way out, he also said goodbye to Demon King Ox, Hu Mo, Song Zhuang, and the others.

Lin Feng didn’t feel like leaving, but the world was big and traveling was a necessity to become stronger. He could finally travel alone without having to worry. He’d have to rely solely on himself in the Continent of the Gods.

Many people were sad at his departure, but everybody knew traveling was necessary.

“Lin Feng is our Godly Son now. No matter how far he is, he is one of us!” whispered the Godly Leader. Mister Savage nodded.

No matter how far away Lin Feng was, he was a member of the Supranatural Region’s Holy Shrine. That wouldn’t change. Some of his close friends were still here.

“Let’s go!” sighed Song Zhuang to the people who were with him.


Huo Wu was in Sage Huo’s palace. She was in her room seated on a chair in front of the window. She looked confused as she looked out of the window. The wind was blowing outside. There was a tree in front of her window, its branches kept knocking at the glass.

There was a creak as someone opened Huo Wu’s door. Sage Huo came in. He looked at his daughter and sighed, noting how pale and sad she looked.

“Lin Feng told me to give you this letter, my daughter,” Sage Huo shook his head and put the letter on her table before quietly leaving.

Lin Feng had told him to give her that letter telepathically before leaving. He had left the letter in front of the door of the palace outside. Sage Huo had found it when going back.

Huo Wu looked extremely sad. She looked at the letter for a while, and didn’t find the courage to open it.

“Take care, Lin Feng!”

Huo Wu walked over to the letter, and grabbed it, but didn’t open it. She was afraid that if she opened it, she’d learn something that would make her lose hope. She wanted to keep hoping…

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  1. john March 3, 2019 at 1:01 pm - Reply

    Its changing into a sad story

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    Its becoming a sad story

  3. Hulku March 31, 2019 at 7:45 pm - Reply

    Which world?
    The nine clouds or earth?

  4. leftcheek123 May 9, 2019 at 4:02 pm - Reply

    Lin feng would never leave his wives with someone else especially after 2 if them were taken he would have put them in his small world. WITH HIS OTHER WIFE AND PARENTS. This is when you really can tell the new author totally changed his personality.

    • Gray June 6, 2019 at 2:15 am - Reply

      Yep.. Totally, there is full of contradiction with Lin Feng personality here in PMG 2.
      This new Author totally ruined the original Lin Feng.

  5. Gray June 6, 2019 at 2:23 am - Reply


    When Di shu injured Bodhidharma back then, Bodhidharma suffered by Divine Qi that makes his half face become rotting (Half demon half budha) for demon cultivator. What the hell Author.

    In this chapter Author only say that Bodhidarma face are visible but looks scary, “Scary” which mean just like the same time as Lin Feng saw his Master face. It looks scary because it was half-half.

    • Diaz December 18, 2019 at 12:08 pm - Reply

      I think it was stated before that LF needs to kill Di Shit to disperse his Qi

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