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PMG 2 Chapter 189: A Key to the Beast Region

PMG 2 Chapter 189: A Key to the Beast Region

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“Uhhh… My name is Lin Feng,” replied Lin Feng. Hu Ba’s beautiful voice interrupted him in his thoughts, but he didn’t feel unsafe. On the contrary, he calmed down. He realized he was always nervous these days because he had too many responsibilities. He sometimes felt out of breath.

Di Shu had escaped and Luo Chen had fled in panic. Lin Feng didn’t feel safe because of them. Apart from enemies, there were people he didn’t understood well, such as the Godly Leader and Mister Time. They were difficult to understand. Then there were people he cared about: Meng Qing, You You, his parents, Qing Feng, Yi Ren Lei, Yan Di…

He had many enemies, many friends, many lovers. That also meant many responsibilities.

However, he had to stop thinking about all those things. He had to relax, so he carefully listened to Hu Ba, the small elf.

Hu Ba brought a cup of tea to Lin Feng. It felt good to drink some tea and relax.

“Hu Ba, you said I came into your consciousness first?” asked Lin Feng, smiling calmly.

Hu Ba nodded and crossed her four arms, smiling sweetly.

“Of course. You’re the first one. And because you managed to do that, I wanted to give you something similar,” said Hu Ba. She shook her arms extremely quickly. Lin Feng couldn’t even follow with her arms with his eyes.

“Alright, for you. Hehe!”

Hu Ba’s arms stopped moving. She took out a white key. It wasn’t that big, the size of his finger, but it contained a sweet bestial Qi.

A black key as big as the other one appeared, the bestial Qi on it slightly thicker.

The two keys fused together and turned into a black and white key.

Lin Feng took the key. The bestial Qi inside was incredible. It wasn’t any weaker than his demon Qi.

“It’s the key to the Beast Region. If you want to go there, you will need this key. My real body will appear and I will take you for a walk. It’s a promise!”

“I need to wake up. See you! Bye-bye, human!”

“What was your name again?”

“Lin Feng!” replied Lin Feng, smiling patiently. Hu Ba’s silhouette blurred and she disappeared.

Lin Feng felt dizzy. He scratched his head and opened his eyes, realizing he was still on the stone. It was bright outside.

It felt like a dream. It was difficult to explain.

Lin Feng knew it wasn’t a dream though, because he was firmly holding onto the key, and Hu Ba’s Qi was on it.

“The key to the Beast Region?” wondered Lin Feng to himself. He stood up and left the cave. The sun was high up in the air. The forest was boundless, and Lin Feng rose high up in the air. He felt good, free from inhibitions, and happy. He didn’t feel nervous anymore.

Interactions between Heaven and mankind are really good to relax and forget about one’s worries, Lin Feng thought with a smile. He felt grateful to Hu Ba, she had helped him relax. He wondered if she looked different in reality.

Beast Region? Am I in the Beast Region?, thought Lin Feng smiling and gazing into the distance. There were emerald mountains and valley everywhere.

Since it’s that way, there must be beasts here. I’ll see!, thought Lin Feng, heading away into the depths of the mountain range using his shuttle.


As expected, after a hundred li, Lin Feng heard some sounds. He even noticed some strange buildings, that didn’t reach two meters. Some of them were even less than a meter high.

The buildings looked like mushrooms. They were made of branches and grass.

As expected, it’s a beast region, but the beasts here aren’t fearsome? Is that even possible?, thought Lin Feng. He had seen Hu Ba, who was too cute, and now these buildings looked adorable as well. He didn’t understand, but he was amused.

Lin Feng landed on the grass and looked at a small house. He could already see beasts inside.

The beasts there were different from Hu Ba. One of them was a tree beast, which was a little bit taller than one meter. There were some stone beasts, too.

“Human, oh my! There’s a human! Could it be that humans don’t want to abide by the agreement we agreed to back in the days? Go and inform the chief!”

When the group of beasts saw Lin Feng, they became panic-stricken, and they all ran away. Lin Feng just blinked dumbly. In less than ten seconds, all the beasts disappeared.

“What?” Lin Feng didn’t understand what was going on. Why did those beasts fear humans?

Lin Feng was thinking when suddenly, the ground started shaking and he nearly fell down. Rumbling sounds spread in the air.

Lin Feng raised his eyes and saw a gigantic tree elf coming his way. It had gigantic and heavy legs, which were actually its trunk. It slowly walked towards Lin Feng.

“Human, please leave!” said the tree elf in a thunderous voice. Lin Feng didn’t feel threatened at all, though, because that tree elf was very weak, a Low-Level Holy Emperor. Lin Feng was a Peerless Holy Emperor, he didn’t fear the tree.

The tree didn’t mean him harm. It was just trying to protect its clan.

“This is the key Hu Ba gave to me,” said Lin Feng hastily. “I have a key to go to the Beast Region. Here.”

Lin Feng didn’t even have time to finish his sentence, the key was already in the hand of the tree. It inspected it and looked a bit scared.

“The monarch’s key? Human, where did you get it?”

Lin Feng initially thought everything would be fine after giving the key to the tree, but the tree now looked furious and its eyes were filled with killing intent.

“I saw your monarch. She gave it to me,” replied Lin Feng.

“Impossible. The monarch has been sleeping for ten thousand years. How could our monarch give you this key? Are all humans liars?” shouted the tree furiously. Many small black trees moved to surround Lin Feng.

Lin Feng was a bit surprised and glanced at all the trees around him.

“I really saw your monarch. She even told me her name is Hu Ba!” said Lin Feng impatiently. Lin Feng didn’t mind fighting if the tree continued pestering him.

When the tree heard Lin Feng, it trembled. “Hu Ba? That’s the small monarch made of the monarch’s essence. Where did you see Hu Ba?”

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    When Beast Region feels like a “Fairy” Region and the Elf is more likely “Fairies”.

    Is it the Author really described this is an elf?
    What a joke.

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