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PMG 2 Chapter 190: Chaos in the Beast Region

PMG 2 Chapter 190: Chaos in the Beast Region

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“Human, please tell us, we’d really be grateful. If you do, we’ll be friends,” said the tree hastily when it saw Lin Feng didn’t reply.

Lin Feng could see that the tree was honest, but at the same time it seemed worried, as if something was been about to happen in the Beast Region.

“Tell me why you’re so worried first?” asked Lin Feng, frowning. Lin Feng didn’t intend to tell them anything unless the tree told him the truth.

When the old tree heard Lin Feng’s firm tone, it first remained silent. Then it sighed and waved, and all the small trees who had surrounded Lin Feng disappeared.

“Please come with me,” said the old tree to Lin Feng. It was so big and impressive to see a tree walk.


Lin Feng and the tree finally arrived in the territory of the tree clan.

“What’s your name?” the old tree asked Lin Feng. Lights flashed and the elf tree turned into an old man. He wore clothes of the same color as a tree trunk. The old man also had a white beard, and leaves and branches on his head.

“My name is Lin Feng, and I come from the Supranatural Region,” said Lin Feng honestly.

When the tree heard Lin Feng, he was surprised. He looked embarrassed and smiled, “Little friend, you might not know, but the Beast Region’s leader is dead. The Beast Region has sunk into chaos. It’s divided into different territories and clans. It’s partially due to the fact that some external influential groups got involved.

“The Tree Clan can’t do much. To be honest, we don’t know when it’ll happen, but external groups will probably invade our territory at some point,” said the old tree. He looked rather devastated and sad. Lin Feng was surprised.

“What does that have to do with Hu Ba? Why do you care about Hu Ba that much?” asked Lin Feng. He thought he knew the answer already, but he wanted to make sure.

“Little friend, to tell you the truth, we’re looking for Hu Ba. After the monarch died, it turned into an elf using its essence. That’s Hu Ba, our new monarch. But the other clans don’t recognize the new monarch, and some of them expelled it from the Beast Shrine.

“Since Hu Ba left, the Tyrannosauruses Clan control the Region. All the other beast clans, such as the Grey Dragons, the Vipers, the Fire Phoenixes, and so forth all administer their own affairs, regardless of overall interests. The Beast Region is in a state of chaos,” said the old tree. He looked sad and disappointed. Back in the days, all the clans lived in harmony in the Beast Region. They used to be safe and able to protect themselves from humans.

It seems that Hu Ba contacted me on purpose, but why?, thought Lin Feng. He knew he would need time before being able to become a Holy Spirit Emperor, so why not spend some time in the Beast Region?

He was traveling the world without any particular destination in mind. Each thing he went through could be beneficial for his cultivation.

Besides, he was convinced that meeting Hu Ba was his destiny. If he did things properly, he’d be able to be friends with the Beast Region. The more friends he had in the world, the easier it would be to establish Tiantai in this continent.

Lin Feng also had many beasts in his Star World. He would be able to get help from them. The Grey Dragon, the Viper, and the Blue-Green Ox were all quite strong.

“Little friend, since you managed to contact Hu Ba, it means you know where she is. If it’s not inconvenient, maybe you could…” said the old tree. He was excited.

“To be honest, I was just practicing cultivation in nature, and Hu Ba contacted me and told me to go and find her in the Beast Region. She didn’t tell me where she was. Therefore, I am unable to tell you where she is,” Lin Feng said honestly. The old tree looked disappointed, and sighed.

“The Beast Region has sunk into a state of chaos, people do things in their own way. When will it end…?” The old man played with his beard and shook his head. He wasn’t strong enough, he was just a Half-Holy Emperor. In the other clans, there were High-Level Holy Emperors and Peerless Holy Emperors.

Maybe some of them had even become Holy Spirit Emperors, like the Demon Dragon Clan.

“Master, don’t lose hope. Since Hu Ba contacted me, I will find her!” said Lin Feng, cheering the old man up. He stood up and walked into the forest, looking thoughtful.

“Master, give me the key. I think I can use it to find Hu Ba.” said Lin Feng to the old man.

The old man nodded and gave the black and white key back to Lin Feng. Lin Feng took the key and cupped his fist in his other hand before his chest, “Master, take care. I will do my best to find Hu Ba, and then I will get back to you.”

“Little friend, if you could find our monarch, I’d be grateful,” said the old man, cupping his fist. Lin Feng left and disappeared. As Lin Feng disappeared, the old man’s expression changed. He didn’t look emotional anymore, he looked extremely furious.

“Go and inform the chief of the Demon Dragon Clan. Tell him a human being is here and has news from Hu Ba. Tell him to get ready,” the old man glumly ordered some little trees.

The little trees nodded and zipped away. The old tree disappeared. It was impossible to tell where he was now, even strong cultivators couldn’t find him easily.


When Lin Feng left the tree’s territory, he had a bad premonition, and remained vigilant. He lowered his head and looked at the key. He looked hesitant, but continued walking forwards.

Lin Feng had doubts, but he wasn’t sure why. He had to find Hu Ba first. If he didn’t find her, he hoped she’d contact him using her consciousness again, or maybe the key would help him find her.

“There’s a valley there. I’ll go and see.”

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