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PMG 2 Chapter 191: Elf’s Stone Statue

PMG 2 Chapter 191: Elf’s Stone Statue

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Lin Feng walked into the valley. As soon as he arrived there, he sensed some space and time Dao strength. Maybe it was a small world? Lin Feng was convinced he was in a small world since the moment he had entered the valley. He just didn’t know who it belonged to…

Lin Feng didn’t do anything suspicious. He remained calm and looked for some shadow, which he found at the foot of a huge stone at the foot of a cliff higher up in the valley.

Even though Lin Feng didn’t know how to use the key Hu Ba had given to him, he could sense Hu Ba’s Qi in it. It was a very thick elf Qi. Therefore, Lin Feng looked for a similar Qi. That way, he might be able to find Hu Ba.

“Now, I’m kind of stuck. If I don’t risk my life or at least gather powerful experiences, I may never be able to become a Holy Spirit Emperor.

“Since I am in the Beast Region, I should try and see if I have an opportunity to break through. Then I’ll go to the Demon Region.”

The Demon Region was the most powerful group in the eastern part of the Continent of the Gods. There were probably many Holy Spirit Emperors there. Lin Feng wanted to become a Holy Spirit Emperor before going there, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to protect himself and his loved ones.

Lin Feng knew that the Demon Region was like that, but what if he went to the western, southern, northern, or even central part of the Continent of the Gods? What would happen?

The only way to be sure nothing would happen was to become extremely strong. Only that way would he be safe.

Lin Feng sat down cross-legged at the top of the stone and gazed into the distance. He could sense that the space and time energy was becoming more and more powerful. Lin Feng understood space and time strength extremely well, so his perception was acute when it came to it.

Or maybe a small world is over there?, he thought, unsure. He jumped forwards and gazed into the distance.

Very quickly, Lin Feng landed on an ancient tree a hundred meters tall. There were white lights in front of the tree, condensing into one place and some subtle sounds in the air. It all seemed to be happening very naturally.

Lin Feng could sense a very powerful space and time Dao strength emerging from there. He hesitated and wondered whether going there alone was safe, but then he remembered he had just told himself he had to take some risks to break through.

Let’s go and see then!, thought Lin Feng, clenching his fists. Maybe he would find something interesting.

Lin Feng released some space and time Dao himself. He was surprised because the white lights instantly disappeared, and the landscape in front of him became blurry. After a few seconds, Lin Feng realized he was standing on a gigantic stone.

The sky was white, and the ground was black. That stone was black, too. In front of that stone was a black and white stone statue of an elf. It was half a meter tall and looked quite cute. Lin Feng had the impression he had already seen it before.

Right, she’s really here, thought Lin Feng, remembering what Hu Ba looked like. That statue was exactly the same… well, there was one little difference, it was a stone statue, it wasn’t alive. There was no elf Qi around it.

But the night before, in Hu Ba’s consciousness, she was very alive and full of vitality.

Lin Feng took out the key. He could sense that there was a deep connection between the key and the statue.

Lin Feng took a few steps towards the statue. He turned it around and found a small hole in the back of the statue, and the key he had seemed to fit in perfectly.

I understand, she needed me to break the seal!, thought Lin Feng. He finally understood.

Lin Feng immediately raised the key and put it in the back of the statue.

It fit in perfectly. The statue suddenly changed and a mighty bestial Qi filled the air around him before condensing.

Lin Feng sensed it immediately.

At that moment, the statue in front of him also changed. It slowly started shaking and cracking. The elf Qi which emerged from it was getting denser and denser. Lin Feng recognized Hu Ba’s Qi.

“As expected, she’s awakening,” murmured Lin Feng, smiling thinly. When the statue thoroughly broke apart, Lin Feng saw her true appearance.

However, at that moment, Lin Feng groaned with pain. He sensed a heavy strength which made him feel dizzy, as if he were out of breath and about to faint.

Hu Ba’s real body appeared in front of Lin Feng, but there was danger, too.

Lin Feng didn’t have time to see what she really looked like, he instantly put her in his small world and released speed strength as well as space and time strength to leave the small world and go back to the valley.


Lin Feng raised his head and saw beasts surrounding him. There was a demon dragon, a grey dragon, and a viper, but there were even more trees.

Lin Feng’s eyes settled on the old tree he had talked to. He was at the top of a mountain and looking at Lin Feng angrily.

When Lin Feng saw him, he understood what was going on. They had probably betrayed Hu Ba and pledged allegiance to the demon dragon clan. No wonder he’d had such a bad premonition the whole time.

“Lin Feng, little friend, here we meet again,” coughed the tree. This time, he sounded evil and strange, though. Lin Feng found his voice quite uncomfortable.

“I hadn’t thought you would be a traitor,” replied Lin Feng emotionlessly.

The assembled beasts were strong. Lin Feng saw seven High-Level Holy Emperors, three Peerless Holy Emperors, and many, many Low-Level Holy Emperors. The elites of the Beast Region were there.

“Hehe, there are many things you hadn’t anticipated, I’m sure,” said the old man, smiling sinisterly and scratching his white beard.

“How did you find me? I’m curious.”

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