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PMG 2 Chapter 192: Encircling!

PMG 2 Chapter 192: Encircling!

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The old tree smiled in a strange way, and then pointed at the broken tree on the ground. Lin Feng understood immediately. They had followed the elf Qi which emerged from the key. No wonder they had found him so quickly.

“I hadn’t thought the tree clan would be traitors,” smiled Lin Feng. The tree clan were the most numerous here and they were traitors. The tyrannosaur Clan was probably extremely strong.

“Hmph, human, you shouldn’t get involved in our affairs! I will give you two options. The first one is you release Hu Ba, that scoundrel, and leave the Beast Region. The second option is you die and we capture Hu Ba ourselves. What do you choose?” demanded a tyrannosaur angrily.

The tree was looking at him respectfully. Lin Feng didn’t blame him, he just wanted to protect the tree clan. He had no choice, as he wasn’t strong enough.

Lin Feng glanced at the tyrannosaur. There was no difference between humans and that tyrannosaur, except he had two horns on his head. They were half a meter long and a black halo flashed around them.

“What if I don’t choose any?” replied Lin Feng, amused.

The tyrannosaur clenched his fists, his scales undulated as his muscles twitched because of anger. He looked terrifying, imposing and awe-inspiring. His scales looked like a natural armor.

“Hmph, if you don’t choose any, you’ll die then!” shouted the Tyrannosaur furiously. Then he threw himself at Lin Feng. He was a Peerless Holy Emperor. Of course, he was a beast, so he could also be called a Peerless Holy Imperial Beast.

As a Peerless Holy Imperial Beast, the tyrannosaur didn’t fear mere humans. What could Lin Feng do to him anyway? The Tyrannosaur Clan was extremely powerful. How could a human compete with them?

The tyrannosaur roared out angrily, and dragon energy rolled in waves around him. The mountain range shook violently. Many tyrannosaurs heard him and were shocked.

Lin Feng sensed how strong the tyrannosaur was. Indeed, they were definitely qualified to rule over a Beast Region which had sunk into chaos. Tyrannosaurs were very strong thanks to their bodies. The one in front of him was a small leader, but he was already extremely strong.

But with just that kind of strength, Lin Feng didn’t fear him.

Lin Feng shouted out and released forbidden strength. He didn’t try to conceal it. Forbidden people had no natural enemies in the world of beasts.

He had to hide his forbidden strength in the human world, but not in the world of beasts. It was the first time Lin Feng had really used his full forbidden strength.

He darted forwards and made a dragon chant, his voice spreading much farther than the tyrannosaur’s. When the tyrannosaur heard Lin Feng, he was completely astonished to hear a pure dragon chant.

His heart twitched. Lin Feng was a human, how could emit such a pure dragon chant? It was purer than his, to some extent…

He didn’t dare imagine further, because only some members of the Tyrannosaur Clan had such a pure dragon Qi.

Lin Feng was attacking, so the tyrannosaur didn’t have much time to think about it. He ground his teeth, threw his fist, and brandished his claws. Lin Feng’s terrifying fist contained an aggressive and terrifying demon energy as well as forbidden strength.

Boom, boom, boom!…

Three explosions spread in the valley. The tyrannosaur was blown away, soaked with blood and some of his scales ripped off. Lin Feng flashed after him.

The tyrannosaur was scared, realizing that Lin Feng wasn’t weak. The human was as strong as he was. He had almost no enemy at the same cultivation level, and was already at the top of his cultivation layer!

“Die!” As the Tyrannosaur was retreating, a voice rang out in the valley as a black demon beast appeared. It was extremely fast; as fast, if not faster, than Lin Feng!

Lin Feng flickered and punched out at it. The black shadow groaned with pain and was smashed away, but the tyrannosaur came back and attacked Lin Feng again, ready to try his best to kill this human!

“Come, everybody with me, kill that human!” shouted the tyrannosaur, furious and ferocious. What a humiliation, he had been pushed back by a human! He had to regain face!

Three Peerless Holy Emperors, a dozen High-Level Holy Emperors, and several Low-Level Holy Emperors all charged at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng was strong, but he couldn’t compete against so many strong cultivators. The tyrannosaur was convinced that they couldn’t lose, they’d have some human for dinner.

Lin Feng looked at them mockingly. He raised his hands and formed some hand imprints. Star Qi emerged. A powerful space and time Dao appeared above his hand.

“Blue-Green Ox, Grey Dragon, Viper, it’s time for the seven of you to show your strength!” shouted Lin Feng. The seven beasts appeared in front of Lin Feng. Qi exploded out and pushed all the beasts of the Beast Region back.

The members of the Tyrannosaur and the Grey Dragon Clans stared at Lin Feng, stunned at the seven beasts that had appeared in front of him.

“How… How is this possible?”

The seven beasts in front of Lin Feng were Low-Level Holy Emperors. Even though they were weaker than some of the beasts there in terms of cultivation level, they had been raised by Lin Feng, how could they be compared with cultivators of the same level?

These beasts had cultivated for dozens of thousands of years. Lin Feng had released a couple, so ten beasts were left in the Star World.

“Grey Dragon?”

A Grey Dragon was among those in front of Lin Feng, eying the numerous members of the Grey Dragon clan in a strange way. He turned to Lin Feng and cupped his fist, he asked, “Master, who are these people?”

“They’re all beasts from the Beast Region. The Beast Region has sunk into chaos. They all act for their own interests instead of administering affairs for their communal interests. So, your task is to help me protect the monarch and make the Beast Region peaceful again,” Lin Feng told the beasts.

The beasts were surprised. A monarch? There was a monarch? They didn’t understand, but they agreed to protect them, not only because of Lin Feng, but because they were beasts as well. They naturally felt respect for a beast monarch. If a human had asked them to destroy the Beast Region, they would have never agreed.

There were many of their contemporaries here as well, such as vipers and grey dragons!

“Understood,” nodded the Grey Dragon. He turned around and clenched his fists, ready to fight.

The Viper and the others also got ready to fight. Blue-Green Ox didn’t see anyone from his Clan, so he was a bit disappointed.

They had been stuck in the Godly Grave for such a long time, they didn’t know much about their ancestors and clans. Maybe some of their ancestors were still in the Beast Region?

“Hmph! Evil human, you dare give beasts orders? Capture him!” shouted the tyrannosaur furiously. All the beasts surrounded Lin Feng.

In the blink of an eye, the atmosphere became extremely oppressive.

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    In the past Lin Feng is always use his Deployment Spell, sword techniques, and elementals dao.

    As he claims that Deployment spell is efficient.

    In here, the new Author is more focus on Space and Time dao. Even this dao is just lvl 3. Compared to Demon dao is lvl 4, but can’t show its power.
    This is truly feels like a new novel and not the series of PMG. Sad

    You guys might find me keep criticism this novel on the comments section.
    But what i trying to do is to open your blind eye about this novel, and start to become a reader who pay attention, rather than be a casual reader, who just keep eat shit the Author throw to you.

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      “But what i trying to do is to open your blind eye about this novel, and start to become a reader who pay attention, rather than be a casual reader, who just keep eat shit the Author throw to you.”

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