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PMG 2 Chapter 194: Forcing Himself To Break Through!

PMG 2 Chapter 194: Forcing Himself To Break Through!

Edited by RED

“Yesterday, you had me come into your consciousness on purpose, right? You wanted me to help you?” Lin Feng frowned.

Hu Ba nodded and smiled, “Yes, right. But if you hadn’t been in symbiosis with nature, I wouldn’t have been able to contact you.”

“Why did you choose me? Why did you trust me? You know I’m a human, right?” asked Lin Feng.

“With those beasts, we used to be of the same clan, but they betrayed me anyway,” said Hu Ba angrily. Even his anger was cute…

Lin Feng didn’t say anything. He was satisfied. Hu Ba trusted him more than it trusted the beasts of the Beast Region. He didn’t need to fear Hu Ba. On the contrary, he had to be careful of all the beasts of the Beast Region.

“Hmph! I didn’t think you’d recover. But so what? You can’t escape from death!” shouted the elder tyrannosaur, pointing at Hu Ba with his claws. A dozen High-Level Holy Emperors were behind him. The Tyrannosaur Clan had deployed all their assets this time.

Lin Feng also had his seven beasts come behind him. He was standing at the front, facing the Tyrannosaur Clan’s leader. He was a man, three meters tall and sturdy, but his evil mien was too apparant.

“Hmph! It won’t happen. My daddy will avenge me, right, daddy?” said Hu Ba, taking Lin Feng in his arms and putting his head on Lin Feng’s shoulders. Lin Feng couldn’t help, but smile wryly. He now had a new child, the monarch of the Beast Region!

Hu Ba looked exactly the same as him, so Lin Feng wanted to take care of him even more.

“Hmph! A mere Peerless Holy Emperor! You think he can compete with me?” spat the Tyrannosaur Clan’s leader, smiling mockingly. How could a Peerless Holy Emperor compete with a cultivator of the first Holy Spirit Emperor layer? Lin Feng could dream on!

The Tyrannosaur Clan’s leader looked at Lin Feng mockingly, but deep inside, he was infuriated.

“Little boy, hand Hu Ba over, and I’ll spare your life! Hurry up!” shouted the Tyrannosaur Clan’s leader, pointing at Lin Feng with his claws.

“You think you’re qualified to talk to me like that?” shouted Lin Feng, angrily clenching his fists. Demon energy surged around him, and his forbidden strength exploded. He wasn’t afraid, he was ready to fight!

Pressure! Perfect! The Tyrannosaur Clan’s leader was putting him under pressure. He had to succeed and break through, he was in danger!

Lin Feng had infuriated the Tyrannosaur Clan’s leader on purpose. He wanted him to attack first.

As expected, Lin Feng’s mockery made the Tyrannosaur Clan’s leader fly into a flaming rage. His face distorted because from anger. He raised his fist and charged Lin Feng.

Because he was a tyrannosaur, he wasn’t very fast. He was ridiculously slow for his cultivation level, but he was massively strong. However, Lin Feng didn’t compete with him in terms of speed.

There was an explosive impact. Lin Feng’s chest burned and he was blown away, spitting out blood. It only made Lin Feng feel excited, though. The attack had made his Qi boil. His ocean of Qi was suffering a storm, and that was very beneficial.

Lin Feng looked delighted. He clenched his fists and threw himself at the Tyrannosaur Clan’s leader. He shouted happily, “Come on, again! Haha!”

The Tyrannosaur Clan’s leader looked confused at first, but then he even more furious. He released even more strength. Lin Feng countered with all his forbidden strength.

Two explosions occurred. Lin Feng’s Qi was boiling more and more violently. He wanted to shout as loud as he could.

“Come again, come again, come again!” Lin Feng kept shouting. All the beasts looked at him as if he were daft. He seemed to enjoy this-? He had withstood three attacks, which was impressive. Was he happy because of that-?

“Since you want to die, I’ll help you. Tyrannosaur Punch!” shouted the Tyrannosaur furiously. The whole valley shook violently. A gigantic fist, surrounded by a sharp scale and claw Qi appeared, and thundered towards Lin Feng’s chest.

Lin Feng remained focused. He used an attack he had created recently, a mixture of countless ancient scriptures he had read. He called it the Great Three Thousand Chiliocosm Evolutions.

Lin Feng punched out with a mixture of snowflakes, flames, wind, flowers, all sorts of strength! It swirled towards the Tyrannosaur Clan’s leader.


A terrifying explosion went off. Thousands of beasts were pushed back, including the seven beasts with Lin Feng. The old tree was hurled extremely far away.

The lights reappeared. Lin Feng was coughing blood, but he wasn’t badly injured.

The Tyrannosaur Clan’s leader clenched his fists. He looked even more angry now!

He was a cultivator of the first Holy Spirit Emperor layer, and he hadn’t managed to kill Lin Feng. He felt so humiliated.

“Haha, daddy, you’re about to break through! Let me help you!”

Hu Ba jumped back onto Lin Feng’s shoulder. His face was surrounded by a white halo. Pure elf strength then slowly started penetrating into Lin Feng’s body.

“That’s bestial Qi, daddy, take it,” said Hu Ba. Lin Feng sensed the bestial Qi strengthening his pure Qi, it was increasing, and boiling even more.

Lin Feng’s veins hurt. Some crackling sounds spread in the air as his muscles twitched. Lin Feng was delighted as his blood boiled faster and faster.

“Tyrannosaur Clan’s Leader, come and hit me again! Haha!” shouted Lin Feng. The Tyrannosaur Clan’s leader’s expression became even more hideous. He punched out again.

Even if Lin Feng had bestial Qi, so what? He wasn’t a…

Uhhh?! What?!

The Tyrannosaur Clan’s leader didn’t even have time to finish the sentence in his thoughts. Lin Feng’s fist approached and he felt extremely oppressed, but he couldn’t dodge.

Another two explosions went off. Energies rolled in waves all around. Many weaker cultivators were pushed back several li again.

Lights dispersed. Lin Feng had his hands clasped behind his back, standing there indifferently. Everybody noticed he had changed. His body had changed. Many people were astonished and realized that…

Lin Feng… had… broken through.

Lin Feng was now a cultivator of the first Holy Spirit Emperor layer. He was now in a new cultivation layer!

Of course, he hadn’t broken through just because he was brave and because it was the right moment. If he hadn’t come to the Beast Region and encountered Hu Ba, he wouldn’t have succeeded.

Hu Ba had transmitted some elf Qi to him. Lin Feng initially already had bestial Qi, demon Qi, pure Qi, forbidden strength, demon corpse Qi and more… Finally, they had all fused together, and his strength had reached a new level.

Lin Feng gave his new strength a new name: brightness strength!

He was now a cultivator of the first Holy Spirit Emperor layer!

Lin Feng raised his head. A huge smile appeared on his face. He looked confident and happy. He glanced at Hu Ba who was on his shoulder. He now considered Hu Ba as one of his people.

“Oh, daddy, you succeeded! Tee-hee!” said Hu Ba hugging Lin Feng with its four arms.


Trivia: Lin Feng called his new strength ‘brightness strength’. The character used for brightness is “瞾”, an extremely rare and ancient character created by Zong Qingke, a high-official in the seventh century, for Empress Wu Zetian, who adopted it as well as others. She even replaced her name with it. It is so rare that most Chinese-speaking people don’t know how to read it, so the author had to insert a note at the end of the chapter to explain the pronunciation to the audience.

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  1. lin feng March 3, 2019 at 5:45 pm - Reply

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    I hope that we will see time travel in PMG2 or pmg3..

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    Awesome!!!! Thanks for the chapters translator sama :). Idk why people complain about PMG 2. We all obviously read PMG 1 and that is the reason we continued on to PMG 2. True fans read with delight. Cynical fans can always find something else to read and take their rude comments there. The ones that complain about chapter release can always become a patreon and pay for quicker releases. I however appreciate all the hard work of the translator, and love the story line. I know there’s a lot of others that feel the same, like the people that commented above me 🙂 keep up the great work totallytranslations!!!! & thank you!!!

    • Forgiven Asura March 4, 2019 at 9:47 pm - Reply

      If you read this with delight and can’t tell the writing is shit then you’re in denial. Go read “Reverend Insanity”, “Tales of Herding Gods” “God of Slaughter”, “Lord Xue Ying”. You obviously haven’t read a good novel

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        You’re right, I dropped at like ~130. not sure if I’m gonna pick this too.. After dropping this, I finished Ancient Godly Monarch from the same author (even read a tons of machine translated chapters :x), it was pretty good. I then started Reverend Insanity and just finished reading all the chapters out so far. Reverand Insanity is probably the best novel that I’ve read so far.

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      If you were saying that you are a fans of PMG and read it with delight.
      You will know the difference that happening in PMG 2. You didn’t even know that Lin Feng become more and more pussy and coward in this PMG2 to be exact he become new Lin Feng without a “Merciless” attitude.

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    In my opinion pmg 2 became more like a shounen. It is less violent, less philosophical, less detailed. Still good for school students though.
    But for me, i don’t really like this change in style.

  16. Gray June 8, 2019 at 12:56 am - Reply

    “Pressure! Perfect! The Tyrannosaur Clan’s leader was putting him under pressure. He had to succeed and break through, he was in danger!”

    In this chapter about his level up. The Author put good reason how to level up.
    In PMG 1 Lin Feng is indeed also do this kind of thing, and then we got the detail of how Lin Feng way and reason he can break through.
    So i can appreciate the new Author do this, but it was only a small detail.

    But as an Overall about Lin Feng breakthrough impact in the story is really a joke and look like a lazy writing with baseless line.

    Did you guys still remember? Lin Feng in a month ago was already level up from low-level to high-level. And now he levelup again from High-level to Holy Spirit Emperor.

    I mean he just level up 2 times in a month. And 4 times since he arrived in Continent of God, which it not even a year has passed. Are fůcking kidding me?.

    The other need hundreds (considered genius) and even thousands years to breakthrough from High-level to Holy Spirit Emperor.
    I know Lin Feng got helped from Hu ba as an elf, he transfer Elf Qi to Lin Feng to help him level up. But as a whole story it is a mistake, it just showing that a Cultivating is just a joke. It feels like a forced story.

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    But level up is just a joke now, like “OK I WILL LEVEL UP NOW, IT JUST EASY, LETS GO”.

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