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PMG 2 Chapter 195: The King Is Back

PMG 2 Chapter 195: The King Is Back

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“Everybody, listen to me, use your full strength to kill him!” shouted the Tyrannosaur Clan’s leader when he saw that Lin Feng had broken through. His expression was a bit desperate and he clenched his fists, and his voice sounded sharp and high-pitched.

He also attacked Lin Feng. When Lin Feng hadn’t yet broken through, he couldn’t defeat the human, and now it would probably be even more difficult. However, he couldn’t consider the possibility of losing against a new Holy Spirit Emperor.

He punched out towards Lin Feng’s chest. However, Lin Feng just smiled indifferently. He condensed all his sorts of strength into brightness strength. Brightness strength could almost be considered the monarch of all strengths.

“Aggressive King Punch!” shouted Lin Feng, punching out with both hands at an incredible speed. His fists contained brightness strength, and the Tyrannosaur Clan’s leader’s blood boiled. His veins were breaking!


Lin Feng’s strength smashed into the Tyrannosaur Clan’s leader’s fist. The latter howled furiously as his veins exploded. His scales were cracking and blood was appearing all over his body. It was quite scary to see.

“The seven of you, come and help me kill the Tyrannosaur Clan’s leader. If the others dare try and stop us, kill them!” shouted Lin Feng, jumping forwards. The Qi of the Holy Spirit Emperor layer filled the air.

The seven beasts followed him. They were still Low-Level Holy Emperors, but Lin Feng needed a little bit of help.

“You’re all my father’s servants and you’re all beasts. I will give you some strength, then,” said Hu Ba to Blue-Green Ox, who represented the whole group of seven. He raised his small hands and released a pure elf strength, which penetrated into the seven beasts’ bodies. The seven beasts sensed their veins becoming more powerful and resistant. Their bestial Qi was also growing more powerful and increasing in quantity.

“Roar, roar!”

All the members of the Tyrannosaur Clan and even the Grey Dragons Clan were startled by the roaring beasts. They raised their heads and saw the bellowing Grey Dragon. He was now a hundred meters long. His eyes looked bright and piercing, and were filled with fury.

“That’s… what’s that?”

All the members of the Grey Dragons Clan were astonished and excited when they saw Lin Feng’s Grey Dragon become like that.

“Haha, the Grey Dragons Clan has hope again! Haha!” shouted an old man of the Grey Dragons Clan happily. His eyes became wet.

“Hurry up, go and greet the elder!” shouted the old man of the Grey Dragons Clan. The grey dragons knelt down.

A Peerless Holy Emperor of the Grey Dragons Clan was furious when he saw that, and struck out at Lin Feng’s Grey Dragon.

“No! Cang Ming!” shouted the old man of the Grey Dragons Clan, but Cang Ming continued attacking Lin Feng’s Grey Dragon.

Initially, everything was fine, because on Lin Feng’s side, nobody had killed the grey dragons.

Lin Feng’s eyes narrowed. He wanted to help, but Hu Ba waved and smiled, “No need to help him, father. He’s much stronger now. I transmitted some vitality to him.”

Lin Feng nodded. He trusted Hu Ba.

As expected, Hu Ba was right. Lin Feng’s grey dragon was much stronger. Cang Ming punched out, and Lin Feng’s Grey Dragon did the same. Cang Ming was smashed far away when their fists collided. His seven apertures were bleeding.

Lin Feng’s Grey Dragon turned back into a hundred-meter long dragon, rushing to Cang Ming and piercing through his body. Cang Ming’s Qi disappeared.

His corpse changed and turned into another kind of dragon. He wasn’t a grey dragon!

Everybody was astonished, especially the members of the Grey Dragons Clan. They were even furious, because Cang Ming was a Tyrannosaur!

Everybody had been fooled by Cang Ming. Because he had participated in the battle at some point, the Grey Dragons Clan had suffered great losses.

Lin Feng thought that the Spiritual Region Godly Leader might have stolen him from the Beast Region long ago.

Lin Feng’s other beasts had also became stronger. Blue-Green Ox, the Viper… They all became Peerless Holy Emperors.

Hu Ba’s strength was terrifyingly powerful. No wonder the Tyrannosaur Clan wanted him!

A Tyrannosaur had also infiltrated the Viper Clan, so the same thing that had happened to the Grey Dragon Clan had also happened to them, and they had suffered great losses.

The Tyrannosaur Clan’s leader wanted to leave when he was uncovered. They would regroup and come back even stronger at some point. Unfortunately, Lin Feng wouldn’t give them any opportunity.

Lin Feng clenched his fists, materialized two more bodies and he surrounded the Tyrannosaur Clan’s leader.

“Argh! We’ll die altogether then! Haha!” The tyrannosaur leader understood he couldn’t escape anymore. His expression turned hideously determined as he clenched his claws. He released an incredible Qi which became more and more powerful, turning into his enormous original form. He was about to explode.

“Everybody, run! Quickly!!” shouted Lin Feng, his face changing quickly. At the same time, he threw out a hand. With the other, he grabbed Hu Ba and threw the elf far away with full force before running away himself.

Lin Feng was furious. He released space and time Dao and created a space and time cage to imprison the Tyrannosaur Clan’s leader just as he exploded.

Nobody heard the explosions, because Lin Feng’s space and time cage had worked, and trapped the explosions inside.

Terrifying flames appeared and surrounded Lin Feng. Lin Feng, backed up by Blue-Green Ox and the others, attacked the fireball.

The terrifying fire only dispersed after nearly ten minutes. That’s what a suicide attack looked like when a Holy Spirit Emperor did one.

As the terrifying flames dispersed, Lin Feng had disappeared.

Suddenly, Hu Ba burst into tears.

“Boohooo… father is dead! Boohoo!” Hu Ba cried on Blue-Green Ox’ shoulders. He was so sad. All the beasts all started crying, feeling so sad for Hu Ba. Beasts could be strange sometimes, some of them didn’t care about Lin Feng at all, but because Hu Ba was crying, they cried too.

Blue-Green Ox sobbed. He was extremely strong and could control himself, but he still felt inexplicably sad.

“Hu Ba, don’t cry! Father is not dead,” said a gentle voice. Lin Feng reappeared in front of Hu Ba and smiled. He hugged Hu Ba, this child who looked exactly like him.

Lin Zhe Tian and Lin Qiong Sheng were his sons, but he had never spent time with them. He hadn’t raised them, either. Therefore, now that he had Hu Ba, he wanted to give him some love.

Hu Ba was not his biological child, but he had come back to life in his spirit world and now it was like a newborn.

“Oh, father, you’re not dead, yay!” Hu Ba raised its four hands and smiled happily. All the beasts started laughing and smiling. A human and a beast were so close, that was a touching scene, and probably the best that could happen to the Beast Region.

“The Monarch is back, pay respect!”

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  1. Lucifer March 4, 2019 at 7:02 pm - Reply

    Lol that 180 turn of emotions xD “waaaahhh he’s dead (╥﹏╥)..” Lf:”im not dead”.. “Yay your not dead (/◕ヮ◕)/”

  2. Jay March 5, 2019 at 3:26 am - Reply

    Why the love is so easy.

  3. Gray June 8, 2019 at 1:09 am - Reply

    I can’t feel the thriller when the explosion happened. Sad.

  4. DeM0NxL0RD August 11, 2019 at 12:33 pm - Reply

    How I write my stories in school, he wiped of tears, but more kept coming due to his uncontrollable happiness….

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