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PMG 2 Chapter 196: Beast King’s Palace!

PMG 2 Chapter 196: Beast King’s Palace!

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Lin Feng glanced around and announced that the monarch was back, and that everybody had to pay respect to Hu Ba, even if he was as tiny as a baby. Lin Feng was amused because Hu Ba had the same expressions as him, because they had the same face.

Some people would have surely believed that Lin Feng was Hu Ba, just that he had shrunk down. If Meng Qing had been there, she would have been scared. Even their sons didn’t have the same face, after all!

“Greetings, Your Excellency!” shouted the beasts in unison while kneeling down, including the members of the Grey Dragons Clan and the Vipers Clan. Even the remaining members of the Tyrannosaur Clan and the Trees Clan knelt down.

At that moment, they were all happy to have a new king. They were all safe again.

Hu Ba glanced around and nodded indifferently, still smiling sweetly. “Rise!” said Hu Ba. It sounded a bit strange to hear, but nobody disobeyed. They all stood up. Even though Hu Ba was tiny, he had elf Qi and he was extremely strong.

If Lin Feng wasn’t mistaken, Hu Ba would be able to become a Holy Spirit Emperor within a short time. He wasn’t a newborn, he was a powerful soul that had come back to life in his spirit world.

“Your king is back, the different clans don’t need to fight anymore, including against the Elves Clan. It’s a good end,” said Lin Feng, smiling strongly.

Everybody smiled happily. Nobody wanted to betray anyone. The Tyrannosaur Clan had caused trouble mostly because the king had died back then.

“Grey Dragon, Viper, Red Fox, you three have family members here. You can stay here and protect Hu Ba and the Beast Region. Understood?” said Lin Feng, looking at the three beasts. They were now Peerless Holy Emperors, they were strong enough. Protecting the Beast Region wasn’t a problem for them anymore.

“Understood, Master!” answered the three beasts, cupping their fists respectfully. Lin Feng was touched and moved. They wouldn’t be imprisoned in the Godly Grave anymore.


When the clans of the three beasts heard them call Lin Feng “Master”, they had even more esteem and respect for him. Their fellows were Lin Feng’s servants, and their king was Lin Feng’s son!

Lin Feng had become a Holy Spirit Emperor now, he could go to the Demon Region to see Meng Qing and You You. He also wanted to see Mara-Deva. He owed him. He was curious to see what kind of person Master Bodhidharma’s ancestor was too.

“Hu Ba, the Beast Region is now safe and calm. I’m going to leave. We will meet again. Okay?” said Lin Feng, crouching down and pinching Hu Ba’s red cheeks. He considered Hu Ba his child, especially since Hu Ba looked exactly like him. But he didn’t forget that Hu Ba was also a king now.

Hu Ba started crying. He didn’t want Lin Feng to leave. He whispered, “Father wants to abandon me!”

“How could I? Father loves Hu Ba, but father has things to do. He must leave for a while. When he comes back next time, he’ll bring you fun things, okay?”

Lin Feng felt so moved when he saw Hu Ba cry. He had an idea, he would first go to the Demon Region, then he would come back to the Beast Region and take Hu Ba on a trip.

The Beast Region was now safe. With Grey Dragon and the others here, nothing bad would happen.

“Father, can you walk with me to the Beast Palace before leaving?” asked Hu Ba. Lin Feng smiled and nodded. He took Hu Ba in his arms and rose up into the air.

“Let’s go. Father is taking you home,” said Lin Feng, smiling broadly. Hu Ba showed him the way.

After they left, all the beasts followed them at their own speed.


Very quickly, Lin Feng and Hu Ba arrived in front of the palace, but then they saw some of the followers of the Tyrannosaur Clan’s leader. When they saw Lin Feng, and in particular Hu Ba, they looked ferocious and bared their fangs.

“Hurry, kill that bastard, it’s Hu Ba!”

A dozen Low-Level Holy Emperors threw themselves at Hu Ba and Lin Feng.

“Hmph! You want to die!” said Lin Feng icily. He stretched out his hand and released brightness strength, instantly killing the twelve. They vanished without leaving a trace, displaying how powerful a Holy Spirit Emperor could be when facing Low-Level Holy Emperors. A Holy Spirit Emperor didn’t have to make any effort to kill Low-Level Holy Emperors!

“Wow, father, you’re so strong. I admire you, father,” said Hu Ba, clapping excitedly. He looked so cute.

“Let’s go inside,” said Lin Feng, stroking Hu Ba’s hair. They headed into the palace.

Lin Feng had seen so many palaces in his life. This one looked luxurious and splendid too, but Lin Feng didn’t find anything interesting about it. He didn’t care about luxury.

“Father, the king’s coffin is under the palace. I want to see it,” said Hu Ba. He wasn’t smiling anymore. He looked sad.

Lin Feng nodded without saying anything. Hu Ba was made of the king’s essence, after all, so Lin Feng empathisized.

Hu Ba took Lin Feng to a secret room with a mechanism. They activated it, and a gigantic stone emitted rumbling sounds. Some desolate Qi filled the air. Lin Feng saw a gate appear and open itself. Hu Ba immediately went further in.

The corridors led to the catacombs. When they arrived in the catacombs, the big door disappeared.

It was pitch-black inside. Lin Feng raised his left hand and took out a small crystal, which illuminated the room.

There were many strange paintings on the yellow walls. There were all sorts of energies, including ancient demon, bestial, and elf energies.

“Father, the Beast Region is the oldest region. It’s naturally formed, not artificial like those of humans. We live in nature and control specific territories. A hundred thousand years ago, we stayed here and nobody came to disturb us.

“Thirty-thousand years ago, some humans came. They wanted to invade our territory. Back then, the Spiritual Region’s Godly Leader came in the name of the other Godly Leaders, but our king was strong, he was already a Holy Spirit Emperor back then, a cultivator of the fifth Holy Spirit Emperor layer.

“The Godly Leader had just become a Holy Spirit Emperor. In the end, he lost and suffered severe losses, so we agreed on a treaty: no human was allowed to come and disturb beasts anymore, and beasts wouldn’t kill humans.

“Therefore, when you go to other places, you will rarely see other beasts, because we don’t travel.”

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    “Grey Dragon, Viper, Red Fox, you three have family members here. You can stay here and protect Hu Ba and the Beast Region. Understood?” said Lin Feng, looking at the three beasts. They were now Peerless Holy Emperors, they were strong enough. Protecting the Beast Region wasn’t a problem for them anymore.

    This is what i said in the previous chapter before. The Cultivating become a joke now and the balance is ruined.
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