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PMG 2 Chapter 197: Old King’s Requests!

PMG 2 Chapter 197: Old King’s Requests!

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“I see. No wonder,” said Lin Feng when he heard Hu Ba’s explanation. He now understood why he had very rarely seen beasts outside in the Continent of the Gods.

“Father, humans are so evil. Recently, some humans attacked us again, the old king managed to force them to leave, but in the end he died.

“Most humans don’t know about that, I guess, but maybe they will discover it. If that happens, the Godly Leaders will all come here. The Beast Region is full of resources, after all. The Spiritual Region will probably want to conquer our territory!” said Hu Ba angrily. Even angry, he looked cute.

Lin Feng was shocked by what he was learning.

Ling Tu Zi! Ling Tu Zi, again!

Lin Feng recalled Ling Tu Zi and clenched his fists. He would never forget the previous time he had seen the man. Someday, he’d crush Ling Tu Zi and scare him to death. He’d make him feel powerless!

“Hu Ba, don’t worry. As long as I’m here, humans won’t hurt you,” said Lin Feng, hugging Hu Ba.

Hu Ba nodded and smiled, “Right. You’re a Holy Spirit Emperor, father. I don’t need to fear people anymore.”

“Good boy, let’s go and see the coffin,” Lin Feng smiled. They walked into a corridor with more paintings on the walls, heading into the depths of the palace. Initially, the temperature was warm, but it dropped as they walked further.

The temperature gradually became icy. It didn’t matter to Lin Feng, but it did for Hu Ba. He didn’t say anything, but it was too cold for him. He wouldn’t get injured, as it wasn’t that cold.

Lin Feng took off his black robe and put it on Hu Ba’s shoulders as they continued walking.


They arrived in front of a five-meter tall door, a dragon statue on each side. One was a cyan dragon holding a fire ghost will-o’-the-wisp in its claws, and a jewel in its mouth. The one on the right was a black dragon surrounded by a golden aura. His eyes were filled with death.

“What’s that?” gasped Lin Feng. One dragon looked like a tyrannosaur and the other one looked like a grey dragon.

“Father, the one on the left is one of the Grey Dragons Clan’s ancestors, and the one on the right is one of the Tyrannosaur Clan’s ancestors. They were buried here by the old king. Their skeletons are under our feet,” said Hu Ba in a relatively deep and spooky voice, as if he were telling a horror story. Lin Feng smiled, and Hu Ba looked disappointed.

“The old king’s coffin is in there,” said Hu Ba, pointing at the gigantic door. He jumped out of Lin Feng’s arms. Light flashed halfway up in the air, elf Qi glowed and slowly penetrated into the two dragons’ claws.

There were booms of colliding energies, followed by rumbling sounds. The door opened itself, revealing the tomb. There was a gigantic coffin with a sword on it. A dozen dragons were carved on the blade of the sword. Lin Feng had never seen such a horrifying sword. It was three meters long and thirty-three centimeters wide.

“A medium-level godly imperial weapon?” Lin Feng was stupefied when he saw the sword.

It was the first time Lin Feng had seen a medium-level godly imperial weapon. Black Dragon was a low-level godly imperial weapon!

“Father, it’s the old king’s weapon, the Ten Thousand Beasts Demon Sword. That sword was made using the Qi of over ten thousand beasts of the Beast Region. It’s perfect for demon cultivators, and it can easily kill all sorts of strong cultivators, except demons. It can easily kill cultivators of the same level,” said Hu Ba, floating up into the air and looking at the gigantic sword calmly. Lin Feng didn’t feel good, sensing some deadly energies, but he wasn’t the target.

“Old King, Hu Ba is here to see you. From now on, I will manage the Beast Region. I am not as strong as you yet, but I will do my best,” Hu Ba said seriously to the coffin, sounding determined.

“Father, let’s leave. In the future, don’t open this room again,” said Hu Ba, turning around and jumping back onto Lin Feng’s shoulder.

Lin Feng smiled agreeably and they walked away. However, at that moment, the red coffin creaked and they heard a hoarse voice. Hu Ba’s expression changed drastically.

“Old King?” Hu Ba turned around and looked at the coffin. A broken soul of a middle-aged man in red clothes appeared. There was a golden fire above his head, and the temperature instantly increased.

Hu Ba stepped back. Elves were cold-type creatures, they didn’t like the heat. Therefore, Lin Feng understood that the old king was a fire-type beast, but he had created Hu Ba, who was a cold creature.

“Hu Ba, you’re pretty strong, as expected. You finally managed to condense. Not bad,” said the broken soul, glancing at Lin Feng and then at Hu Ba. He smiled broadly. It felt good to see such a smile on him.

“Your name is Lin Feng, right? Thank you for everything you did for the Beast Region. Even though I am dead, I left a broken soul to watch the Beast Region, but now I am not that strong anymore, so I can’t go out.

“You became a Holy Spirit Emperor by a lucky coincidence. Hu Ba calls you father, I am a bit surprised, but since Hu Ba likes you so much, and he looks exactly the same as you, that’s fine.

“Hu Ba gave you some elf Qi to break through to the Holy Spirit Emperor layer, and you support Hu Ba. Therefore, the connection between you two will become deeper and deeper. You will also be deeply connected to the Beast Region as well, Lin Feng.

“I have no request. I just hope you can support Hu Ba while he becomes stronger. I hope you can maintain peace and prosperity in the Beast Region. I don’t want to see the eight million beasts of the Beast Region suffer,” said the old king’s broken soul. Lin Feng listened carefully and looked at the old king’s broken soul respectfully.

Hu Ba’s eyes were moist. He had been created by the old king after all.

“Master, I will do my best to help Hu Ba. If a human force comes to the Beast Region or tries to conquer the place, I will be merciless,” nodded Lin Feng.

When the old king heard Lin Feng, he smiled. Then he shook his left hand and the gigantic sword shook and whistled. It contained the Qi of ten thousand beasts, at least! The sword flew across the room and fell at Lin Feng’s feet.

“Lin Feng, take this sword. It’s the symbol of the Beast Region’s leader. I hope you’ll help develop the Beast Region.”

“Hu Ba, see you. You’re the new king. I’m very satisfied,” said the old king, and then the broken soul gradually disappeared.

Lin Feng looked at the broken soul respectfully. Hu Ba sighed and lowered his head, he looked at the sword.

“Father, let’s go out.”

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