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PMG 2 Chapter 198: Spiritual Region’s Great Elder

PMG 2 Chapter 198: Spiritual Region’s Great Elder

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“Alright,” Lin Feng agreed. Hu Ba jumped back onto his shoulder. Lin Feng was carrying the demon sword. He had the impression a lot of dragon Qi was inside it. The elf Qi which emerged from it was also extremely pleasant, and made Lin Feng’s blood boil. That hadn’t happened with Black Dragon.

“As expected, a medium-level godly imperial weapon is extraordinary,” gasped Lin Feng in amazement. He put the sword away and continued walking away with Hu Ba.

When they arrived back in the main hall of the palace, there were many leaders and other members of the different bestial clans assembled. The members of the Grey Dragon Clan were there, too. They were all calmly waiting for Hu Ba to come back.

Lin Feng and Hu Ba arrived before them. Everybody looked at Hu Ba with admiration, the members of the Grey Dragons Clan and the Vipers Clan no exception.

Hu Ba sat down on the king’s throne. He was tiny, far too small for the throne, but everybody looked excited when they saw him on the throne, because he was their new king.

“Greetings, Your Excellency!” said the leader of the Grey Dragons Clan, followed by all the beasts.

Lin Feng stood next to Hu Ba. The beasts didn’t dare look at him. He was a Holy Spirit Emperor, after all.

Hu Ba looked resolute and pointed at the members of the Tyrannosaur Clan.

“The Tyrannosaur Clan committed several serious offenses, but the Beast Region’s clans should be one family. Your leader is dead, so I hope you won’t think of betraying the Beast Region again. Otherwise, my father will not let you off,” said Hu Ba, glancing at Lin Feng. Lin Feng smiled wryly and scratched his nose without saying anything.

The members of the Tyrannosaur Clan glanced at Lin Feng and shuddered with fear. They all lowered their heads. Lin Feng had killed their leader. Would they dare plot again?

“Thank you very much, Your Excellency! The Tyrannosaur Clan will do their best for the king! If anything happens, you can destroy us!” shouted the new leader of the Tyrannosaur Clan. He sounded quite determined.

Lin Feng was surprised. They had completely changed.

Hu Ba was also astonished. He knew that saying such a thing was serious for beasts, so he was relieved.

“So, you’re the new leader of the Tyrannosaur Clan? From now on, you’re also a Great Elder of the Beast Palace,” said Hu Ba. He sounded sweet and looked adorable again.

When the new leader of the Tyrannosaur Clan heard that, he was astonished, and thanked Hu Ba several times in a row. The members of the Tyrannosaur Clan were excited. What an honor!

“Trees Clan, you were forced to betray us to protect your clan. Therefore, you are forgiven.

“Grey Dragon Clan, the same applies to you. You’re forgiven.

“I hope that the Beast Region’s clans can become one and live in harmony and peace,” said Hu Ba. Everybody listened carefully.

“We understand, Your Excellency,” said all the beasts. Hu Ba stood up and jumped onto Lin Feng’s shoulder. He put his arms around his neck and said, “Father, I’m hungry.”

“Uhhh… Hehe. Our king can also be hungry,” said Lin Feng, pinching Hu Ba’s nose. Hu Ba pouted jokingly. Lin Feng burst into laughter.

All the beasts really had the impression they were looking at a father and his son. They admired Lin Feng for his kindness and courage. They trusted him now, which was a miracle, as beasts usually never trusted humans.

“Alright, if you’re hungry, I’ll take you to -”

“Your Excellency, a group of human beings is outside. They look fierce and overbearing. They are the same as last time, I think.”

As Lin Feng was about to take Hu Ba to go eat something, when someone suddenly rushed into the palace and shouted nervously. It was a beast in armor, and human form. He looked extremely nervous.

All the beasts burst into an uproar. Did humans want to invade the territory now?

Hu Ba’s expression suddenly changed, he looked furious and clenched his small fists, “It’s them again, father. They killed the old king.”

The old king of the Beast Region had been extremely old, of the same generation as Mara-Deva.

He had eventually become weaker and weaker, and created Hu Ba before fighting against those humans. The strain of the fight ended up killing him.

But those humans didn’t know that he had died. However, now they were back, maybe they had sensed something?

How had those humans learned about the old king’s death?

Lin Feng glanced around. Everybody looked furious, but one beast who was relieved.

“You, come here,” Lin Feng waved. Several beasts thought he was talking to them, so they came up to him, but when the one he meant approached, Lin Feng grabbed him. The beast looked terrified.

“Speak the truth, why did you call those people?” shouted Lin Feng furiously.

Suddenly, everybody looked at the beast and at Lin Feng. He looked furious so they had no doubts.

Hu Ba trusted Lin Feng as well, and could see Lin Feng was furious. There was a problem here.

“Father, leave it to me,” said Hu Ba, jumping onto the ground. He released elf Qi, which surged out and pierced through that beast’s body. He screamed and fainted.

Hu Ba took back his hands and sighed, “His child was captured by humans. He had no choice but betray us.”

“How horrible,” said Lin Feng furiously clenching his fists. He initially didn’t know what to do, deal with the humans outside first or the traitorous beast.

But now that Lin Feng knew the truth, he didn’t get angry at the beast. He just crippled his cultivation and threw him out of the palace.

The humans were already outside of the palace. The one who had reported the humans’ presence to Lin Feng was throwing the traitor away, which made the humans angry. Their plan had been uncovered already!

“Great Elder, what’s going on?” a man in black clothes asked an old man in white clothes in front of him respectfully.

The old man had the eyes of a red phoenix. They were beautiful, as deep as the sea but strange at the same time, or more precisely, unfathomable.

The old man in white clothes looked at the palace and shouted, “The Spiritual Region’s Great Elder is here to greet Your Majesty the Beast King!”

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