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PMG 2 Chapter 199: Safe from Danger

PMG 2 Chapter 199: Safe from Danger

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The old man smiled gently as if he had really come to greet the king but actually, he wanted to see if the king had really died or not. If it was true, then they would be able to come and slaughter the beasts before invading the Beast Region. Nobody was stupid, everybody understood that.

The old man in white clothes was the Great Elder of the Spiritual Region. When he saw nobody was replying, his smile became even broader.

“Haha, as expected, he’s dead! The Beast Region is really going to become our territory! Haha!” the Great Elder laughed. He rolled up his sleeves and headed into the palace, followed by his disciples. The Beast King wasn’t there, they didn’t need to be afraid anymore.

“Everybody, come with me, we’re going to invade the palace and then we’ll inform the Godly Leader that the Beast Region is ours!” shouted the Great Elder, running towards the palace.

The disciples nodded.

The old man ran to the door. He was almost there when a horrible shriek suddenly spread through the air. Bestial strength surrounded the palace. When the old man sensed those terrifying energies, he realized they belonged to the Beast King. He became panic-stricken.

Was the king really still alive?!

“The members of the Spiritual Region are truly shameless. You want to invade my palace?”

As the Elder was panicking, the hoarse voice of an old man came out of the palace like a demon monarch. The old man’s face paled.

“I’m so sorry, Master! I made a mistake! Please forgive me,” said the old man kneeling down and begging.

“Piss off! If you come back to the Beast Region, I will kill you!” shouted the terrifying voice. Then the old man man sensed terrifying energies surround him, and had the impression his body was going to explode. He was thrown far away and blood splashed out of his seven apertures. He was lucky he wasn’t dead.

The Great Elder of the Spiritual Region peed his pants and fled with his disciples in terror.

Inside the palace, Lin Feng’s face was pale. He had used the same kind of voice as the king, and had backed it with lots of brightness strength. He had just become a Holy Spirit Emperor; how could he sound like a cultivator of the fifth or sixth Holy Spirit Emperor layer? He could just barely fool that Great Elder!

Time would pass, though and the Spiritual Region’s Godly Leader would probably find out there was something strange going on here. Lin Feng would have to try and find another solution. He had promised the old king, he couldn’t let anything happen to the Beast Region and Hu Ba!

“Hu Ba, for now, the Beast Region is safe. We avoided a disaster here. But I’m sure that the Godly Leader of the Spiritual Region will realize something’s wrong within six months. Therefore, you all need to become strong. As many of you as possible must become Holy Spirit Emperors. Then, you’ll be able to deal with humans easily!” said Lin Feng, hugging Hu Ba. Hu Ba listened carefully and nodded. He really considered Lin Feng as his father, and Lin Feng also considered him his son.

“Father, I will become a Holy Spirit Emperor in a month. Then, I’ll help the leaders of the other bestial clans become Holy Spirit Emperors, as well,” said Hu Ba earnestly.

Lin Feng nodded and knew Hu Ba was strong enough to do that.

“Alright, father has to go. When I come back, I’ll bring you many good things to eat. Are you happy?” asked Lin Feng, pinching Hu Ba’s nose and smiling.

Hu Ba looked sad, but nodded. His eyes were filled with tears.

“Don’t cry, you’re a king, you must be strong,” said Lin Feng smiling gently. Then he turned around and looked at his two friends from the Vipers Clan and the Grey Dragons Clan. “Protect the Beast Region.”

“Understood, Master,” they both nodded and bowed to him.

Lin Feng nodded and then took out the other beasts from the Godly Grave again.

“Blue-Green Ox, stay in the Blue-Green Ox for now. Take care of Hu Ba. Help him become stronger. In the future, you’ll help me do some important things.”

“Understood, Master,” said Blue-Green Ox and the others, cupping their fists before their chests.

They were finally free. They didn’t need to stay in the Godly Grave anymore. They were extremely excited and happy.

Lin Feng nodded. There were two more beasts in his Star World, but they were cultivating. They would soon become Peerless Holy Emperors.

If they hadn’t been meditating in seclusion, Lin Feng would have had them come out as well. Hu Ba could have helped them. Thanks to Hu Ba, Blue-Green Ox and the others had already become Peerless Holy Emperors.

Lin Feng said goodbye to everyone and left.


Lin Feng had experienced a lot of things in the Beast Region. There were many things he didn’t understand, either.

Why was the Spiritual Region’s Godly Leader so strong? He had the strength of the fourth Holy Spirit Emperor layer. Why were the others so weak, when they could actually become just as strong?

Lin Feng was puzzled as he sat in his shuttle. He had gained a map of the continent in the Beast Region. so he knew the way to the Demon Region.

The Godly Leader had told him that he could come to the Demon Region after becoming a Holy Spirit Emperor. His wives, Meng Qing and You You, were there. He missed them. Those two women were the ones he loved the most.

The distance between the Beast Region and the Demon Region wasn’t too far. Lin Feng had to cross the Silver Region, and then he’d arrive in the Demon Region.


It took Lin Feng a dozen days to arrive at the periphery of the Demon Region.

The place was called Demon Hill, the highest peak of the Demon Region. There were many sorts of mercenaries in the mountain.

Only the Demon Region could afford to have such mercenaries, because they did dangerous things and other regions didn’t allow such actions.

Lin Feng ran into some. The Siblings Faction was their name. When Lin Feng arrived at the top of the mountain, he saw their camp.

Lin Feng could sense a thick demon Qi from far away. They were probably High-Level Holy Emperors, which was already incredible for a faction. The Demon Region was really powerful.

“Little sister, go to bed early. We’re going to the center of the Demon Region tomorrow. We’ll bring these treasures to the government.”

Lin Feng saw a tall man, measuring in at two meters. He had a thick beard, but no hair. He was wearing a demon king talisman.

Lin Feng noticed that he was the only High-Level Holy Emperor of the group. In other regions, High-Level Holy Emperors were considered strong cultivators. In the Demon Region, they were considered strong cultivators too, but they were also more numerous. The Demon Region was the most powerful region of the eastern Continent of the Gods.

In front of the tent was a woman in a red dress. She looked quite good, but cold. No man would want to get to know her. The tall man was her brother.

“Brother, our faction is going to the center of the Demon Region tomorrow? We only have a bronze talisman, we need a silver talisman to get in,” said the woman icily.

The man looked indifferent and said, “How can we know if we don’t try? At worst, there’ll be a challenge. If we fail, so what? Maybe we can use some other people to get in.”

“Alright,” said the woman nodding.

“Uhhh, excuse me, are you recruiting people?”

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