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PMG 2 Chapter 2: The World Outside the Continent of the Nine Clouds

PMG 2 Chapter 2: The World Outside the Continent of the Nine Clouds

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“Xue Baguio? What are you doing here?”

Lin Feng was surprised. Xue Baguio could take them out of the world they were stuck in? She didn’t seem to know anything at all herself.

Xue Baguio used to be the holy woman of her Clan, and then she had started losing her memories, becoming amnesic. The Fortune Shrine’s Leader had told Lin Feng that Xue Baguio was the reincarnation of an incredibly strong cultivator.

But until now, nobody knew whose reincarnation she was. Seeing her surprised Lin Feng, but he had the impression that he was going to understand a mystery he had been curious about for a very long time.

“Xue Baguio, you…?” Feng Mo was surprised too. He looked at Xue Baguio, who looked beautiful and slim in a blue dress. Her Qi was much colder than in the past. She looked noble and pure.

“I’m not Xue Baguio, I’m Baguio, a supreme cultivator,” said Xue Baguio, shaking her head when she heard Feng Mo.

Lin Feng frowned, Baguio the supreme cultivator? That person didn’t exist in the Continent of the Nine Clouds, or…?

“You’re Baguio the supreme cultivator’s reincarnation?” asked Mister Time, frowning.

Xue Baguio nodded. She looked at Lin Feng and Mister Time. “I know you want an answer, I can give you one.”

“You know what we’re talking about?” said Lin Feng. He was surprised. Even though Xue Baguio’s Qi was completely different from before, physically, she hadn’t changed. She was the same as before.

“I know. The Sky Palace, what’s the date tonight? I know what it means,” said Xue Baguio, smiling thoughtfully and looking at Lin Feng. She was even more beautiful when she smiled. Lin Feng suddenly felt shy and avoided looking Xue Baguio in the eyes.

“What does it mean?” asked Mister Time and Feng Mo together. They couldn’t wait to know!

“It’s a concept that was created by the strong cultivators of the Continent of the Gods. There is a huge difference between the Continent of the Gods and the Continent of the Nine Clouds. Strictly speaking, the cultivators of the Continent of the Nine Clouds are the weaker ones,” said Xue Baguio.

Lin Feng and the others remained silent. What they thought was confirmed: the Continent of the Nine Clouds wasn’t the only world. There were other continents, and there were even stronger people there, apparently. One of those continents was apparently called the Continent of the Gods, at least according to Xue Baguio.

The Continent of the Gods seemed to be even bigger. It would be a new world for them, too!

“Xue Baguio, how did you come to the Continent of the Nine Clouds? And what does the Continent of the Gods look like?” asked Lin Feng. Xue Baguio’s smile grew wider.

“I came to the Continent of the Nine Clouds many years ago. Someone chased me, they wanted to kill me. I did all I could and I ended up killing them. I was badly injured though, so I decided to reincarnate. After three hundred lives, I’m finally back,” replied Xue Baguio.

Feng Mo had cold sweats, three hundred lives?

He had practiced cultivation extremely hard himself. He was the Three Lives Great Emperor, but he had never practiced so hard!

“Lin Feng, there are many strong cultivators in the Continent of the Gods. Of course, there are weak cultivators too, but the weakest ones are all cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer. Regarding the highest cultivation level, well, fifty thousand years ago, when I came here, the highest cultivation level was what we called a high-level Holy Emperor,” she continued, looking at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng shivered and smiled.

“You’ve probably never heard of high-level Holy Emperors. Well, to tell you how strong they are, I can tell you that if a high-level Holy Emperor raised their finger, they could crush you gods of the Continent of the Nine Clouds in the blink of an eye, extremely easily,” she informed them.

The three cultivators glanced at one another and shuddered.

High-level Holy Emperors, how strong were those people?

“High-level Holy Emperors belong to the highest cultivation level. In the Continent of the Nine Clouds, people call you cultivation gods, but in the Continent of the Gods, you’re just ordinary supreme cultivators, or Holy Kings. You haven’t become gods yet. The difference between Holy Kings and Holy Emperors is gigantic.

“You cannot even imagine. Even if you become Holy Emperors, you’ll just become half-Holy Emperors, then you’ll become low-level Holy Emperors, then you’ll become high-level Holy Emperors. Therefore, right now you are extremely weak,” explained Xue Baguio.

Lin Feng was so happy, he hadn’t felt so excited and powerless for such a long time. Finally, he had a reason to live again, his purpose was to continue becoming stronger!

Back then, his enemies were too strong, that’s why he had done all he could to become stronger. He just wanted to become stronger than his enemies. He had reached the god Level and had stopped progressing. But now Xue Baguio was telling them that they hadn’t reached the maximum level and was giving them new cultivation perspectives.

Supreme Holy Kings…? So was the god or Ruler level was just an ordinary cultivation level in the Continent of the Gods? What about half-Holy Emperors, and low-level Holy Emperors, and high-level Holy Emperors? How long would they need to practice cultivation to break through such cultivation layers?

“Xue Baguio, how strong are you now?” asked Lin Feng smiling.

“Half-Holy Emperor,” said Xue Baguio, smiling calmly.

Feng Mo, Mister Time, and Lin Feng were all astonished. They all wanted to see how strong a Holy Emperor was.

Xue Baguio knew how those three people felt, so she smiled.

Suddenly, her expression changed. She suddenly looked cold and detached. She stretched out her hand. Lin Feng dodged, some terrifying Qi swept across him.

Lin Feng sensed a hand grab his neck. He could barely breathe. He hadn’t had such a sensation for a very long time.

Lin Feng used his Forbidden strength to escape. Xue Baguio suddenly sensed a pain in her hand and took it back. Lin Feng jumped a hundred meters away, breathing quickly.

Half-Holy Emperors were so terrifying? So what about High-Level Holy Emperors?! He would have died against one!

Xue Baguio was surprised to see that Lin Feng had managed to break free from her grasp, but she didn’t think about it too much. If she were a Low-Level Holy Emperor, Lin Feng wouldn’t have been able to escape from her.

After that, Xue Baguio let Feng Mo, Mister Time, and the Godly Weapon Master sense the strength of a Holy Emperor. The three of them realized that as cultivators from the Continent of the Nine Clouds, they were like a few frogs in a well, completely ignorant. There were stronger cultivators!

Half-Holy Emperors were already so terrifying. They were all excited, becoming a Half-Holy Emperor was now a new goal for them.

Lin Feng wanted to tell his relatives about the great news, and then he wanted to find a passage to the Continent of the Gods.

Of course, they couldn’t destroy the natural order of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. They had to leave clones here so that the continent would not go through troubled times again.

Lin Feng wanted to bring the disciples of Tiantai, as well as his relatives and closest friends. They would be able to live in his own small world while Lin Feng, Mister Time, and Feng Mo would travel to the Continent of the Gods.

How could cultivation have an end? Cultivation was eternal!

“Come to the Mountain of Flowers and Fruit tomorrow morning,” Xue Baguio said patiently after she saw that the three of them were so excited. After that, she disappeared.

The Mountain of Flowers and Fruit? Lin Feng frowned when he heard her. He remembered that place in Ba Huang Province. The Great Ape Emperor was from there. He was traveling the world now.

Lin Feng had never forgotten his friends from Ba Huang. Yuan Fei was a real friend. Yuan Fei also hoped Lin Feng would become stronger, and the opposite was true, too.

What kind of secret did the Mountain of Flowers and Fruit harbor? Could it be that there was a passage to other continents there?

Of course, Lin Feng would find out on tomorrow. Lin Feng went back to his own world and told his friends and relatives about this.

Feng Mo and Mister Time were also getting ready for tomorrow.


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