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PMG 2 Chapter 200: Mercenary Exam

PMG 2 Chapter 200: Mercenary Exam

Edited by RED

Lin Feng arrived behind the siblings. They hadn’t noticed him, when he talked to them, they jumped startled and looked at him. The man frowned. He couldn’t see any pure or demon Qi around Lin Feng.

The woman also frowned and said icily, “We don’t recruit ordinary people here. Leave now.”

“Sister, I don’t think he looks like an ordinary person, but he mustn’t be too strong,” said the man, not letting his sister finish her sentence. She frowned and looked at Lin Feng. She nodded and said indifferently, “Alright. If you want to join our faction, come. But you must abide by the rules. Don’t cause trouble. We don’t recruit pieces of trash here. If you make us lose face, don’t blame us for not having warned you,” said the woman, mocking and rude.

Lin Feng didn’t care and nodded agreeably.

The man laughed easily and walked over to Lin Feng, “Haha, in our faction, we’re all like brothers and sisters. Four of fellows are here, too. Tomorrow, we’ll take the road together, alright?”

Lin Feng looked in the direction the man was pointing. He could see another tent hundreds of meters away, and a campfire. He could see pieces of meat burning above it, but it was a bit far so he couldn’t see what kind distinctly. He could hear the sound of meat crackling and sizzling above the fire.

Considering their Qi, Lin Feng guessed they were Low-Level Holy Emperors. That kind of faction dared travel in the demon mountains alone, they were quite brave!

Lin Feng didn’t say anything, and nodded in response. The man smiled widely, pointed at the tent next to them and said, “You’ll sleep in there tonight, brother.”

“Thank you very much, Commandant,” replied Lin Feng, smiling and cupping his fist. He slowly walked towards the tent.

The woman stared after him. When he entered the tent, she looked glum and said to the man, “Brother, he’s a tramp, he just wants to drink and eat. Make him leave. You can see he’s not a strong cultivator at first glance.”

“You think so?” asked the man. He started doubting, too.

“You don’t think so? Look!” said the woman, smiling mockingly. She raised her hand and ran extremely quickly. When she arrived next to the tent, a terrifying wind made the tent fly away. Lin Feng looked surprised. The woman’s hand was moving towards his chest and then she stopped in front of him.

The woman was startled. She looked furious. She turned around and said to the man, “Look, brother, he’s a piece of trash. If I hadn’t stopped, he would have died.”

“Eh, I see,” the man sighed. He initially thought he had recruited someone who was discreet and didn’t show off, but this guy wasn’t even a cultivator…

“Look, brother, you probably want to go to the center of the Demon Region. Tomorrow, I’ll take you there. You don’t need to be a member of our faction,” said the man. Lin Feng shook his head and left the tent. Then he walked over to the four other people.

The woman looked after him icily and said, “Don’t cause trouble! Otherwise, I’ll kill you! Hmph!” She went into her tent and ignored Lin Feng.

Lin Feng looked at them, and thought of Yao Yu Long and Yao Yu Yan, wondering how were they doing.

Lin Feng knew Yu Yan was interested in him, but he had enough wives now. He couldn’t have more women in his life, he already felt overwhelmed. He hoped Yu Yan would forget about him. She was sad now that he had left, but at least, she’d probably forget about him with time.

Thinking about that, Lin Feng rebuilt the tent and went inside. He sat down cross-legged and meditated. The woman hadn’t truly attacked him. If she had, though, it would not have been he who would have died…

Lin Feng was already a Holy Spirit Emperor. If a Low-Level Holy Emperor attacked him, they’d suffer. Lin Feng’s brightness strength could easily kill a woman like her. Luckily, she hadn’t tried.

Regarding her saying she could easily kill him, she was just foolish.


The night passed uneventfully. No beast howled or roared. Only a few crows cawed now and then.

Very early in the morning, the sky began to brighten. Lin Feng opened his eyes and opened the tent. The man had already packed the two other tents and put them on a wain.

“You’re awake? Give me that tent!” ordered the woman icily.

Lin Feng shrugged, stood up, packed the tent, and gave it to the woman.

The woman smiled coldly and took the tent. She threw it into the wain.

“Alright, let’s go,” said the man. He sat at the front of the wain and whipped the two demon beasts who were pulling the wain. Those two beasts were doing what horses did elsewhere.

“Come on, what are you staring at! Come onto the wain,” ordered the woman coldly.

Lin Feng was a bit annoyed. This girl needed to take some pills if she had a mood disorder. Why did she keep shouting? Because she thought he wasn’t strong?

Lin Feng couldn’t imagine why a cultivator would get angry even if someone wasn’t a cultivator. Lin Feng jumped onto the wain without any effort. The man couldn’t imagine that Lin Feng wasn’t a cultivator.

The wain was slow, as the two beasts weren’t fast at all. It was steady though, Lin Feng could even sense that the wain was moving.

“Brother, are you from the Demon Region?” the man asked Lin Feng. He was curious.

Lin Feng didn’t like the woman, but the man was friendly enough.

“I am from the Supranatural Region. I am going to the Demon Region. I’m coming to see some relatives,” replied Lin Feng politely.

The man looked surprised and asked, “You’re from the Supranatural Region? You came alone? How’s that possible?”

If Lin Feng wasn’t strong enough, how could he have come alone? The man didn’t believe Lin Feng.

The woman smiled in disbelief, but didn’t say anything. The man didn’t say anything, either. Lin Feng didn’t bother to explain.


But after only half a day, they arrived in the central part of the Demon Region. It was already the afternoon.

Lin Feng got down off the wain. The one in charge of the wains found an inn and gave the bronze talisman of the faction to the owner. He looked at them respectfully and told them their room numbers.

“Are we going to participate in the Test of the Mercenaries?” the woman asked suddenly, looking glum. She gazed into the distance and saw a high stage not far away. There was a man there, wearing a blue shirt and red pants, and holding a sword. His hair fell to his shoulders. His Qi felt extraordinary.

Lin Feng looked at her in amusement. Was she was interested in that guy?


Author’s Note: Holy Spirit Emperors are gods, but even more than that, they are spiritual gods. Since they’re more than gods, they are already gods, just stronger ones. Just pay attention to the words I use, several words can be applied to describe the same concept.

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