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PMG 2 Chapter 201: Astonishing!

PMG 2 Chapter 201: Astonishing!

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“Sister, stop dreaming, he’s one of the sons of the Demon Region’s elders. We can’t mix with such people,” said the tall man, when he saw his sister’s sudden change of expression. He looked at the stage and sighed.

The woman pulled a long face and glanced at the man, then at Lin Feng. She didn’t say anything and walked away.

“Let’s go participate in the exam,” said the tall man, shaking his head before turning around.

Lin Feng looked at the stage. Mercenaries’ Exam was written on it. The tall man had probably come here for it.

Lin Feng was curious and followed the tall man.


They arrived at the foot of the high stage. It was a hundred meters high, up on high bluestone pillars, and extremely durable. The woman watched the man in blue shirt and red pants. She looked cold standing there, her hair flying in the wind.

Lin Feng didn’t pay attention to the man. He looked at the stage, where the tall man was holding his bronze talisman.

The person in charge of the exam was an old man wearing a grey robe. There were many talismans in front of him: silver talismans, gold talismans, and talismans with sapphires. They corresponded to three different levels.

To get to the Demon Region’s center, a silver talisman was required!

The tall man gave his talisman to the old man. The old man asked nonchalantly, “Which exam level would you like to take?”

“Master, I want to try the silver exam.” The tall man didn’t have time to reply, the woman walked closer and replied for him coldly.

“Move, I can’t pass,” said the woman icily, when she passed next to Lin Feng. She pushed him and glared at him ferociously.

Lin Feng glanced at her icily, but decided to ignore her. However, if she continued, he might have to teach her a good lesson. His patience had limits.

Luckily for her, she didn’t continue, passing in front of Lin Feng and stopping next to the tall man. She looked at the old man insistently.

Her faction needed a silver talisman to go to the city center. They needed to go to the city center for two reasons: the first was they had a precious item they needed to deliver to the Demon Mansion. The second reason concerned her personally, and it was obvious.

“To sit the silver exam, you need to pass a small pure Qi test, who will take it?” asked the old man indifferently.

The old man didn’t take them that seriously, as the silver exam was a third-class exam. He took second and first class examinees seriously, not third class ones.

“I’ll do it,” said the tall man, stepping forwards. He was the strongest of the group, so he was the most suitable choice for the test.

The old man put a blue stone in the tall man’s hand. When the blue stone touched the tall man’s left hand, it flashed.

The tall man released pure Qi, condensing it inside the blue stone.

The blue stone grew brighter and brighter. It was getting closer and closer to reaching the required level for the silver exam, but didn’t quite reach it.

The tall man was covered with sweat, and had almost no pure Qi left. He had failed.

“I’m sorry. You failed. You can’t go to the city center,” said the old man nonchalantly. Then he continued, “Next faction!”

“Brother, what do we do?” asked the woman. She was very pale, as if she had were about to faint. She started panicking.

The tall man shook his head. What could they do? Nothing. If they didn’t pass the test, they were done here.

Actually, it wasn’t really the city center that was meant, but the center of the city center. Everybody could enter the city, but not anyone could go to the center of the city center. But everybody understood what people meant when they said city center.

To be allowed into the city center, there were several options. The first one was to be part of a level 1, 2, or 3 faction. The second sort were guests of honor. The third sort were extremely strong cultivators and people who had a particular rank in the city center, such as guards.

Lin Feng belonged to the third sort. He was a Holy Spirit Emperor already. He now understood why everyone had told him he had to break through to the Holy Spirit Emperor before going to the Demon Region. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to enter the city center, and see Mara-Deva and his two wives.

But then he saw the tall man start crying, and felt a bit sad for him. Even though the tall man’s sister was a pest, the tall man was sort of nice.

Lin Feng wanted to help that faction, as they had come here together, so…

“Let’s leave,” the tall man sighed.

The woman looked disappointed and sad. But she had no choice.

“Chief, let me try,” said Lin Feng, as the two of them were wallowing in self-pity. He walked over to them and smiled. The tall man looked at Lin Feng, puzzled. The woman looked at him mockingly.

“You? You’re a piece of trash. How could you even think of participating?” said the woman, instantly mocking him.

Lin Feng glanced at her icily. A thread of death Qi surrounded every inch of her skin, and she had the impression she was going to die.

She suddenly shuddered with fear. Lin Feng’s eyes were deadly, petrifying her. She realized something was wrong. She didn’t dare think about it, though.

Lin Feng didn’t say anything. The tall man didn’t notice what had just happened, it was so subtle and so quick. Everybody looked at Lin Feng. He slowly walked to the exam counter.

“Give me the blue stone, I’ll try too,” said Lin Feng to the old man indifferently. The old man looked annoyed.

However, when he saw the demon energy in Lin Feng’s eyes, he shuddered with fear and hastily gave the stone to Lin Feng

“Please, sir,” said the old man respectfully.

The siblings were stupefied when they heard the old man’s tone and what words he used. He called Lin Feng “Sir”. Suddenly, they realized something. The man looked a little awed. The woman looked nervous.

Lin Feng put his hand on the blue stone.

When Lin Feng put his hand on the blue stone, he released brightness strength and condensed it inside.

Everybody stared at Lin Feng, hoping something great would happen. After all, the old man had called Lin Feng “Sir”, which meant Lin Feng was anything but a piece of trash.

When Lin Feng put his hand on the stone, it cracked, and then exploded into a thousand pieces, collapsing to the ground. Everybody was dumbstruck.

“What’s…?” The old man’s face paled in fright. Lin Feng didn’t understand. Why had the stone exploded?

“Master, you are incredibly strong, please forgive me for my insolence!” The old man was dumbstruck and blankly staring, then came to his senses and shouted hastily while cupping his fists and showing respect to Lin Feng.

Everybody was astonished. The old man gave a talisman with a sapphire to Lin Feng. He said respectfully, “Master, please take this for the time being. Because there are only these few levels for factions, we only have these talismans. It should just be temporary, though. Please forgive me for the inconvenience,” the old man smiled.

The tall man and the woman’s expressions changed drastically, and they suddenly felt dizzy.

Temporary? What did that mean?

That sapphire talisman was extremely precious for a talisman, but since the old man talked to Lin Feng like that, it meant Lin Feng wasn’t weak. On the contrary, he was so strong they couldn’t see it.

Lin Feng took the talisman and walked over to the tall man. The tall man looked very impressed. The woman looked confused. Lin Feng didn’t care about her, and gave the talisman to the tall man.

“Take it. Let’s go to the city center,” Lin Feng handed the talisman to the tall man, and then disappeared from there.

The tall man was surprised. The woman pulled a long face.

“Hmph! He’s strong and pretends he’s not? So what? Could it be that he thinks he’s stronger than Brother Mo Di? Piece of trash.”

The woman was first surprised, then came back to her senses. She was jealous and heinous. She looked at the man on the stage again.

At that moment, the man with the blue shirt and the red pants had noticed Lin Feng, so he disappeared too.

“Brother, let’s go to the city center, quickly!” said the woman, running towards the city center. The tall man sighed and followed his sister, followed by their colleagues who were protecting the treasure they needed to bring to the city center’s Demon Mansion.

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