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PMG 2 Chapter 203: Tang You You’s Transformation

PMG 2 Chapter 203: Tang You You’s Transformation

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“Not for me? For whom then?” asked Lin Feng when he heard those words. Was it for Master Bodhidharma?

The old man smiled thinly when he saw Lin Feng was confused. He slowly walked up to Lin Feng with his hands clasped behind his back and stared at him. Lin Feng looked back at the old man. The latter looked sharper than a medium-level godly imperial weapon.

“Little boy, I have recruited two disciples. They want to challenge you. What do you think?” asked Mara-Deva, ignoring Lin Feng’s question. He just smiled broadly.

Lin Feng was a bit surprised, but nodded immediately. “I don’t mind, of course. Since they’re your disciples, I will do my best to defeat them. I will be merciless.”

“Haha! You will be merciless?” asked Mara-Deva. Then he burst into laughter.

“Seriously!” nodded Lin Feng.

Mara-Deva nodded. He raised his left hand and a terrifying demon energy moved towards Lin Feng. Lin Feng’s expression changed quickly. He hastily released brightness strength to protect himself, but the strength difference between the two of them was way too great. Lin Feng was strong, but the old man was much, much stronger, and his energies easily pierced through Lin Feng’s brightness strength.

Lin Feng’s veins stiffened. His strength of the Holy Spirit Emperor layer started changing, compressing down, until Lin Feng only had the strength of the Peerless Holy Emperor layer again. Lin Feng’s expression shifted.

“Master, this is…?” Lin Feng didn’t understand.

“I restrained your strength to the Peerless Holy Emperor layer. That way, my disciples can fight against you. They’re both Peerless Holy Emperors,” explained Mara-Deva.

Lin Feng was relieved, and took a carful breath. He waited for Mara-Deva to call his two disciples.

“Lin Feng, will you really be merciless?” asked the old man. Lin Feng smiled wryly and nodded. “Haha, good! Since it’s that way, come out!” the old man burst into laughter and shouted.

Lin Feng looked in the same direction as the old man and saw a silhouette arrive. That cultivator was wearing a red robe and a plaited bamboo hat with a veil. It looked like a woman. Lin Feng had the impression it was Tang You You.

It can’t be…

Lin Feng’s eyes were wide open for a second, but then he calmed down. It was just a guess…

“Show him how strong you are. Attack!” said Mara-Deva, smiling and narrowing his eyes.

The woman nodded and looked at Lin Feng. Lin Feng didn’t say anything. The woman instantly threw her fist at him.

Lin Feng didn’t panic. He flashed forward and punched out with his right hand, stopping the punch by grabbing her hand. Lin Feng was sure it was a woman now, as her skin was soft.

When the woman saw Lin Feng was holding her hand, she grew furious and she jumped away. Lin Feng quickly raised his left hand and punched her leg.

The woman was pushed back several meters. Lin Feng was surprised, the woman was strong!

“Come again!” said Lin Feng, gritting his teeth, and attacking the woman once again. Even though she was a woman, Lin Feng was merciless. After all, there wasn’t a big strength difference between them, so Lin Feng didn’t need to be merciful.

Lin Feng used brightness strength and attacked the woman again. She looked startled, but she reacted quickly, raising her hands. Lin Feng then smelled a very familiar odor of alcohol.

“That’s…?” Lin Feng stopped moving. At that moment, the woman’s Qi was swift, and it moved towards him as the woman ran at him.

Mara-Deva sighed and shook his head. Lin Feng…

“You You, are you done playing now?”

The woman’s fist was about to reach Lin Feng. Lin Feng frowned, and didn’t look confused anymore. He looked firm and strict.

When the woman heard Lin Feng, she shivered.

“Hus… husband, I missed you,” said the woman, after stopping for a few seconds. She took off her bamboo hat and veil. Her beautiful raven-black hair fell down on her shoulders. She also took off the robe off, she was wearing a sexy red skirt underneath.

Tang You You’s eyes were wet. She jumped into Lin Feng’s arms and burst into tears. She had been extremely worried since she had learned Lin Feng was in danger in the Spiritual Region, and missed him all the time. However, she hadn’t been able to do anything but wait.

Luckily, Lin Feng was there now.

Lin Feng was moved. You You smelled like fine wine. He liked the smell. It reminded him of many things.

“You You, I wasn’t able to protect you. I am sorry,” said Lin Feng, stroking her back gently. He sighed guiltily.

“No, darling, how could you say that? We’re not good enough, we’re burdens to you,” said Tang You You when she heard Lin Feng blame himself. She put her finger on his lips, her face stubborn. Lin Feng couldn’t help but laugh.

“Ahem! Children, you forgot I was here. Hum, hum!” coughed the old man, blushing a bit as Lin Feng and his wife were getting closer and closer. Tang You You looked at Mara-Deva and said, “Master, thank you…”

“Teacher. You You, you…?” Lin Feng was surprised when he heard Tang You You call Mara-Deva “Master”.

{Translator’s Note: the “master” used in this sentence refers to the word an apprentice would use}

“What’s wrong, little boy? You You is my disciple. Is there a problem?” demanded the old man stiffly.

Lin Feng smiled wryly and shook his head. “Of course, not. I also want to thank you for helping You You become a Peerless Holy Emperor.”

“Hmph! It’s nothing. She needs to meditate in seclusion a little longer, and she’ll become a Holy Spirit Emperor quickly,” said the old man, smiling humorously. He looked rather proud. Lin Feng was speechless, but he trusted the old man because he had really helped You You improve.

In the Demon Region, there were quite a few Holy Spirit Emperors. They didn’t joke about such things. That was how the Demon Region had become the most powerful region in the east of the Continent of the Gods.

“You You, where’s Meng Qing?” asked Lin Feng, smiling after those few jokes. You You was here, so Meng Qing had to be here too.

However, Tang You You’s smile disappeared. The old man coughed and remained silent.

Lin Feng’s heart twitched. “What’s going on?”

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