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PMG 2 Chapter 205: Mister Time’s Real Identity!

PMG 2 Chapter 205: Mister Time’s Real Identity!

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“Teacher.” Feng Mo and Lin Feng came out of the valley to Mara-Deva. Feng Mo cupped his fist respectfully.

The old man looked at him kindly. He nodded and said slowly, “You two have a chat. I’ll wait for you in the Demon Mansion.”

“Demon Mansion?”

Mara-Deva disappeared. Lin Feng was impressed. The old man had totally vanished. Lin Feng couldn’t even tell which direction he had left in. Only extremely strong cultivators could do that!

Lin Feng was curious about the Demon Mansion too, because he had heard the  siblings say they needed to deliver goods to the Demon Mansion. What was the Demon Mansion?

“Brother, what is the Demon Mansion?” Lin Feng asked Feng Mo.

Feng Mo smiled broadly and replied, “The Demon Mansion is my mansion, of course.”

“What? You have a mansion? Master Mara-Deva…?” Lin Feng was stupefied.

Since the Demon Mansion was Feng Mo’s, why was Mara-Deva going back there?

“Lin Feng, don’t you know? I am the leader of the Demon Region. My teacher kind of retired. Haha! But he still lives in the Demon Mansion, it’s normal,” explained Feng Mo happily.

Lin Feng shook his head, speechless. “Brother Feng Mo, when did he recruit you as a disciple?”

“Hehe, when we arrived in the Continent of the Gods. You were probably not as lucky as me, I was teleported just outside his palace. He sensed the demon Qi, so he sent an illusory cultivator to test me. I passed the test and he recruited me. That’s how I became so strong.

“I was meditating in seclusion and then I came out and heard you were in trouble, so I asked my teacher to go and save you. That’s how you were told to come here. Not bad, eh? You should thank me, little boy,” smiled Feng Mo.

Lin Feng suddenly understood, and kowtowed gratefully before Feng Mo. He definitely owed him! Feng Mo waved indifferently to tell Lin Feng to rise, he didn’t like that kind of politeness.

“Lin Feng, let’s go back. We can move and chat at the same time,” suggested Mo Feng. They flew fast enough that apart from Holy Spirit Emperors, nobody could see them.

“Lin Feng, have you seen Mister Time?” asked Feng Mo.

Lin Feng found it very strange when Feng Mo asked him that.

“I haven’t seen him since we arrived in the Continent of the Gods. Why? What’s the matter?” asked Lin Feng. He looked puzzled.

“Hehe, I don’t know if I should tell you. Maybe you won’t believe me,” said Feng Mo, smiling reluctantly. He sounded hesitant.

“Come on, tell me, I may have guessed what you’re about to tell me already,” said Lin Feng. From Feng Mo’s tone of speech and from what the Godly Leaders had told him, Lin Feng could already guess what Feng Mo wanted to say.

Feng Mo was surprised when he heard Lin Feng, but then he told him what he knew.

“Lin Feng, do you know of the Dark Palace?” Feng Mo asked him.

Lin Feng shook his head. “What’s the Dark Palace?”

“The Demon Palace is another influential group in the eastern part of the Continent of the Gods. They are not part of the hundred regions, but if you compare strength relative to the regions, they’re stronger than the Demon Region. You may have heard that the Demon Region is the most powerful influential group in the eastern part of the Demon Region.

“But I must tell you one thing, in the east of the Continent of the Gods, the strongest influential group is the Dark Palace. But because they’re not part of the Hundred Regions, many people don’t count them,” said Feng Mo. Lin Feng understood.

“Brother Feng Mo, what you’re trying to tell me is that the leader of the Dark Palace is Mister Time?”

“Indeed, you guessed it. And what you don’t know is that back then, he was teleported here with me to the Demon Mansion.”

“What happened then?” asked Lin Feng. He was curious. Mara-Deva had probably seen Mister Time, too.

“My teacher and Mister Time had a great battle! I was astonished. They fought non-stop for three days and three nights, but nobody won. It was a draw.

“But in the end, my teacher kicked Mister Time out of the Demon Region using the deployment spell of the Demon Region.

“But my teacher told me, on that day, that Mister Time had only recovered eighty percent of his strength. He also told me that thirty-thousand years ago Mister Time had disappeared from the Continent of the Nine Clouds during the Great War. That’s probably when he went to Ganges Time in the Continent of the Nine Clouds.

“Back then, he was badly injured. He had only had thirty percent of his strength left, maybe. Therefore, back then, when we saw Mister Time, he only had the strength of a Ruler. When we came to the Continent of the Gods, he had almost entirely recovered.”

“My teacher thinks the reason why there is no god in the Continent of the Nine Clouds is that our whole world lacks a kind of strength. We call it god strength.”

“God strength?” Lin Feng had never heard of it.

“Indeed. The Continent of the Nine Clouds lacks god strength. Therefore, people can’t become gods. That’s why Mister Time couldn’t recover entirely in the Continent of the Nine Clouds, but when we came back, he recovered instantly,” said Feng Mo, looking a bit stunned. Lin Feng looked even more stupefied.

“I see. Mister Time is not easy to understand,” sighed Lin Feng.

Feng Mo said, “Lin Feng, you have a forbidden body and so does Mister Time, therefore…”

“Therefore, he won’t let me become stronger. Someday, he’ll try and kill me. You know?” Lin Feng knew what Feng Mo was going to say, so he finished his sentence.

Feng Mo nodded. That was indeed what he wanted to say.

“I don’t care, anyway. I prefer focusing on myself and cultivation. So far, I have gone through many things already. What Mister Time wants to do is independent of my will. He hasn’t tried to kill me yet, at least.”

“Hehe. You’re right. The fact that you think that way is the proof of why you became a Ruler in the Continent of the Nine Clouds, the first Master. I admire you!” said Feng Mo, smiling broadly and clapping Lin Feng’s shoulders.

They soon arrived in front of the Demon Mansion.

“Lin Feng, let’s go in.”

“Alright,” said Lin Feng, smiling patiently. He was about to go in with Feng Mo when he heard people shouting.

“That tall guy?”

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