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PMG 2 Chapter 206: That’s the Man You Like? Hehe!

PMG 2 Chapter 206: That’s the Man You Like? Hehe!

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The tall man was standing outside of the Demon Mansion. His sister was next to him. The other members of their faction were behind them, glaring at a man angrily. It was the man the tall man’s sister liked, Mo Di.

“Mo Di, you dare bully my sister! You’re shameless!” shouted the tall man angrily. He was furious and clenching his fists. He wanted to kill Mo Di!

His sister was crying and hiding behind him. She hadn’t thought the man she liked, Mo Di, could be like this. She thought he was a valiant hero, but now her world was collapsing around her.

“Pfff… She’s just a chick, damn it! Your sister wanted me to fuck her, right?! Why does she pretend to be a noble and innocent chick now?

“I just wanted to please her. She came here for me. If I hadn’t fucked her, I know I would have regretted it. Hehe. You’re her brother, you shouldn’t blame me for being a man. You should blame her for being easy. Haha!

“Anyway, fuck off now! But before going, Let me tell you one thing, haha…” Mo Di kept humiliating the siblings. Then he burst into laughter, laughing so much he couldn’t finish his sentence. He finally continued, “Your… hahahahaha!… Your sister… haha… she’s really flexible and does everything in bed! Hahaha!”

“ARRRGGHHHHH! I’ll kill you!” The tall man looked ferocious, the muscles of his whole body twitching. He threw his fist at Mo Di.

“Hmph! You’re acting recklessly. Fuck off!” shouted Mo Di. The tall man dared attack him? Mo Di was really angry, as he was a Holy Spirit Emperor. He threw a kick at the tall man.

The tall man coughed blood, his face became as white as a sheet of paper. However, he didn’t want to surrender. He stood up again and ran towards Mo Di.

“Hmph! If you want to die, I’ll help you!” said Mo Di, grinding his teeth. His eyes were filled with murder. He punched out again, demon energies surged around him, and everybody was pushed far away.

The tall man was definitely going to die from that punch!

“Brother!” shouted the woman. Her face was bloodless, and she looked devastated. She regretted everything she had done, she felt stupid, and hated herself. However, it was too late, it seemed.

“Enough! A Holy Spirit Emperor is bullying a High-Level Holy Emperor?! What is that supposed to mean?” shouted someone at that moment. It was Lin Feng. He was wearing a black robe too.

Lin Feng threw a punch, which collided against Mo Di’s. The shockwave rolled for over a thousand meters, but the Demon Mansion didn’t move at all.

All the people around them were blown away though, including the tall man’s sister. She was bleeding, and ooked like a mess. Lin Feng didn’t care about her though, he cared about her brother.

The tall man was blankly staring at Lin Feng. He was standing in front of him and had withstood Mo Di’s attack?! He wasn’t even injured! The tall man’s heart was pounding.

“Ho… Holy Spirit Emperor.”

“Hmph! Where are you from? You dare intervene? You want to die!” Mo Di took a step forwards and raised his fist again, glaring at Lin Feng with icy killing intent.

Lin Feng looked expressionless. He glanced at the girl and said mockingly, “And this is the boy you’re in love with?”

The woman felt humiliated and regretted what she had done, especially making fun of Lin Feng. She felt even more humiliated.

Lin Feng could compete with the man she had loved secretly. She had insulted Lin Feng so many times, and felt very stupid.

“Little boy, I asked you a question. You don’t dare reply?” demanded Mo Di furiously when he saw Lin Feng didn’t reply, pointing at him with his finger.

Lin Feng looked at him icily and said, “I don’t like it when people point at me with their fingers. So far, they have all died. You will be no exception,” said Lin Feng. He disappeared from Mo Di’s field of vision. Mo Di turned his head and saw a punch moving towards him extremely quickly.

“You think I’m afraid?” shouted Mo Di furiously. He threw a punch, too. But Lin Feng disappeared again, leaving Mo Di was confused and humiliated.

“Hmph! You threatened me and now you’re hiding!”

Boom, boom!…

Mo Di wasn’t even done shouting when Lin Feng reappeared in front of him, about half a meter away and threw a punch again while releasing as much brightness strength as possible to surround Mo Di.

“AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Mo Di was smashed away.

He was also a Holy Spirit Emperor. Lin Feng could oppress him easily thanks to his brightness strength, though. Lin Feng’s brightness strength was made up of many sorts of energies which had fused together, not many people could compete with him in the Continent. Mo Di certainly couldn’t compete with Lin Feng using only demon energy.

The woman was astonished and felt even more humiliated.

“Die!” spat Lin Feng, jumping at Mo Di and throwing a kick at him.

However, a strong wind blew. Feng Mo appeared in front of Lin Feng, and stopped his kick.

Lin Feng was pushed backwards, staring at Feng Mo. Feng Mo certainly had a reason to attack him.

“I want an explanation,” Lin Feng said icily.

“I will give you an explanation,” said Feng Mo indifferently… and then he punched Mo Di.

Mo Di looked astonished, Feng Mo was attacking him? Why!?

“Feng… Feng… You…” Mo Di gulped down, his Qi decreased and then disappeared as he died.

Feng Mo took his fist back and said to Lin Feng, “He’s from the Demon Region. So even if he’s dead now, I killed him, you didn’t. Nobody can blame you.”

“Oh, his status was… you…”

Lin Feng couldn’t believe it. Feng Mo had killed Mo Di so that nobody would cause trouble for him!

“My teacher told me that in the Demon Region, if I didn’t like someone, I could kill them, no matter who!” said Feng Mo, sounding extremely savage.

Lin Feng sighed. Master Mara-Deva was aggressive, and he gave his disciple great privileges. Lin Feng didn’t need to worry about Feng Mo.

“Lin Feng, thank you for saving me. I will never forget this,” said the tall man. He was very touched by the intervention, but didn’t look very fit. He cupped his fist gratefully. Lin Feng wasn’t an ordinary cultivator, so the tall man had to show respect.

“It’s alright, call me brother. I will remember you owe me, too. You, your sister and your group are now safe,” said Lin Feng, smiling patiently.

The tall man nodded, and walked back to his sister, helping her stand up since she was injured. They left with the rest of the group.

The woman didn’t dare look at Lin Feng, afraid he would make fun of her. However, Lin Feng didn’t care about her, he just had pity. She had given away her most precious thing in life to a random man who had absolutely no moral values. It wasn’t worth it.

“ARRRGGHHHHHH! Who killed my grandson? I’ll crush his body into mush!” someone shouted suddenly.

Feng Mo looked at the sky nervously. Damn it!, he thought. It was the third elder of the Demon Region!

“Move away. Don’t cause trouble here,” another milder, yet familiar voice spoke up, overwhelming the shouts.

The man stopped shouting and his energies disappeared. Everything returned to normal

“The teacher will take care of this. Let’s go inside,” said Feng Mo, smiling confidently.

Lin Feng nodded and followed Feng Mo inside. Of course, Lin Feng knew that the person shouting would probably be inside the Demon Mansion.

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