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PMG 2 Chapter 207: Feng Mo’s Display of Strength!

PMG 2 Chapter 207: Feng Mo’s Display of Strength!

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Lin Feng followed Feng Mo into the Demon Mansion, looking around. Everybody in the Demon Mansion had a powerful demon Qi around them. Many of them had bloodshot eyes and were surrounded by black halos. Lin Feng was impressed.

When Feng Mo saw Lin Feng’s expression, he smiled casually. “Those are my teacher’s demon puppets. Over a hundred are Peerless Holy Emperors.”

“Over a… hundred?!” Lin Feng gulped. Lin Feng started to understand why the Demon Region was the most powerful group in the east of the Continent of the Gods. Over a hundred Peerless Holy Emperors as demon puppets…

Lin Feng thought of Mister Time. How powerful was the Dark Palace, if the Demon Region was already that strong? Feng Mo had told him that the Demon Region was weaker than the Dark Palace, so it was probably terrifying there…

Lin Feng and Feng Mo continued walking into the depths of the Demon Mansion. They entered a big meeting room, vast and well-lit. Mara-Deva was seated on a chair there with a cup of tea in his hand, looking grave and solemn.

Next to Mara-Deva was an old man in black. His expression was twisted with fury. He glanced at Lin Feng furiously when they entered the room, and clenched his fists. He couldn’t kill Lin Feng, though!

Lin Feng also noticed the old man’s anger. It was easy to guess why. He was Mo Di’s grandfather, the third elder of the Demon Region!

Feng Mo and Lin Feng walked into the center of the room. Feng Mo sat down next to Mara-Deva. All the old men who were in the meeting room cupped their fists and said to Feng Mo indifferently, “Greetings, Leader.”

“Uhhh… what’s…?” When Lin Feng saw that some elders didn’t look happy, he frowned. Feng Mo was the leader, but not everybody seemed to like him…

Feng Mo had just killed Mo Di. Maybe he wanted to show how strong he was, maybe that it was a message to not mess with him!

“Rise, Elders,” said Feng Mo. He could also see some elders didn’t like him, but none of them would dare attack him, especially since Mara-Deva was there.

All the elders raised their heads and sat back down. Only Lin Feng was still standing.

All the elders looked at him as if he was on trial.

Lin Feng frowned. The atmosphere was oppressive. Feng Mo didn’t say anything. Mara-Deva was staring at his cup of tea. The third elder was so furious that he stood up and walked up to Lin Feng, and shouted furiously, “You killed my grandson, today, I will kill you! I must avenge my grandson!”

The third elder clenched his fists and got ready to leave the room. Lin Feng didn’t fear him. He also got ready to fight. However, at that moment, Feng Mo jumped in front of Lin Feng and said to the third elder indifferently, “Third Elder, I was the one who killed Mo Di.”

“Wh… What? You?” The third elder was astonished when he heard Feng Mo, and pulled a long face. Their leader had killed his grandson?! He was even more furious. His heart felt as if it was burning.

“Leader, why did you do that? I doubt you killed him for no reason?” shouted the third elder angrily. His voice made the whole room shake, not giving Feng Mo any face.

Mara-Deva frowned, brought his cup of tea to his lips and whispered, “This tea is disgusting. It’s not fresh.”

Lin Feng paid attention to what the old man had just said, and was surprised. He looked at Feng Mo’s expression again, who looked angry. The third elder’s face paled. Lin Feng understood what Mara-Deva meant.

“AAAARRRGGGGGHHHHHHHHH! You killed my grandson?!?! I will kill you, then! AARRRGHHHH!” shouted the third elder, as his temper snapped. He threw his fist at Feng Mo. He didn’t care whether Feng Mo was the leader or not, he wanted to kill him! Feng Mo had to be punished for killing his grandson!

“Hmph. Ridiculous. You don’t respect your leader? It seems that I have no choice but to give you a good lesson, to bring you back to your senses. Ah!” Feng Mo smiled icily, glancing at all the elders. All the elders, from the Great Elder to the most ordinary elders, all looked worried and nervous.

The third elder was strong, having the strength of the second Holy Spirit Emperor layer. He was stronger than Feng Mo by one layer. Feng Mo couldn’t defeat him, but Feng Mo was also Mara-Deva’s direct disciple.

Feng Mo clenched his fists and demon Qi surged up around him. The third elder’s expression completely changed, he gasped, “Real demon Qi?”

“Real demon Qi?” Lin Feng was surprised when he heard the third elder. He was curious, too.

“Hmph! Even if you control pure demon Qi, it’s not everything. You’re not invincible!” said the third elder, smiling mockingly. Hee rolled up his sleeves, and a demon puppet appeared up in the air. The demon puppet’s eyes were bloodshot as it attacked Feng Mo.

Feng Mo’s expression hardened. The third elder had hidden a demon puppet, and it was a demon puppet of the Holy Spirit Emperor layer. That was a great offense!

All the elders looked at Mara-Deva after the third elder took out his demon puppet. Mara-Deva looked indifferent, and continued drinking tea as if nothing was happening.

But they all knew that Mara-Deva wouldn’t let the third elder off. He was truly angry, and wanted Feng Mo to kill the third elder.

“Lin Feng, help me kill that demon puppet,” Feng Mo called out. He couldn’t kill the demon puppet and the third elder at the same time.

Lin Feng nodded calmly. He disappeared and in half a second, reappeared in front of the demon puppet. He threw a fist containing an incredible amount of brightness strength. There was an explosion, the demon puppet wailed and was pushed away.

Feng Mo also attacked and threw a punch at the third elder’s chest. The elder’s face paled as he was already badly injured. Lin Feng had punched the demon puppet, and there was a deep connection between the elder and his demon puppet.

When Feng Mo saw how strong Lin Feng was, he burst into laughter. No wonder Lin Feng used to be the Continent of the Nine Clouds’ first Master.

“Third elder, you hid a demon puppet and advanced him to Holy Spirit Emperor. Your grandson raped a woman. Now you must pay for his and your offenses. You must die today!” shouted Feng Mo furiously, flashing forwards.

The third elder shouted furiously too, and used both arms to stop Feng Mo’s kick. However, Feng Mo just smiled mockingly. The whole Demon Mansion changed, and the demon Qi inside became much, much more powerful. A will-o’-the-wisp appeared in front of Feng Mo.

It was blue and rotating around his hands. The third elder was scared and stepped back.

“Hmph! It’s too late to escape!” shouted Feng Mo. He punched out, and another will-o’-the-wisp appeared. The two will-o’-the-wisps penetrated into the third elder’s chest.

All the elders were astonished. Feng Mo was so strong!

Lin Feng punched the demon puppet again and turned around. He looked at the strange will-o’-the-wisps burning into the third elder’s chest. The third elder completely disappeared, not even a broken soul was left.

He was astonished. “Will-o’-the-wisps, Master, you…?”

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