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PMG 2 Chapter 208: Lin Feng vs. Feng Mo!

PMG 2 Chapter 208: Lin Feng vs. Feng Mo!

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The Great Elder of the Demon Region was astonished.

Feng Mo smiled and nodded. Then he put his hand on his chest and said, “I can also create will-o’-the-wisps using souls now. Elders, please support me.”

“Uhhh… Hah. Master, we all support you, we’re elders,” said the second elder, smiling broadly.

“That’s true, that’s true. Master, you’re incredible. We’ll follow you until our death,” said the fourth elder as well, cupping his fist respectfully. None of them looked unhappy, like when they had greeted him earlier.

All the elders looked at Feng Mo respectfully. Lin Feng was instead wondering why were those will-o’-the-wisps were so powerful…

“Right, we finished the tea. The bad tea is finished. There’s more good tea there, but it must be in hot water for a while,” said Mara-Deva, scratching his beard, and smiling broadly. He put his cup down, looking satisfied.

All the elders looked at Mara-Deva, worried now. They all knew what he meant, he supported his disciple no matter what he did. Who would dare offend him again?

Feng Mo recalled his will-o’-the-wisps. The temperature in the room quickly rose. All the elders looked relieved. The only one whose expression hadn’t changed was the Great Elder, Bodhidharma’s teacher.

“You’re from the Continent of the Nine Clouds, I heard that Lin Feng was the first Master there?” Mara-Deva asked Feng Mo, as everybody was starting to relax.

Feng Mo was surprised, he hadn’t thought his teacher would ask him such a thing. He didn’t know what his teacher meant.

“Eh, you’re my disciple. I understood you. How about a battle between you and Lin Feng? I know you don’t want to admit Lin Feng is stronger.”

“What?” Lin Feng was astonished and looked at Feng Mo, looking puzzled.

Feng Mo remained silent and looked at Lin Feng.

“Lin Feng, let’s fight. I don’t want to be weaker than you, that’s true,” Feng Mo admitted after a few minutes.

Lin Feng nodded calmly. “Indeed, back in the days, the last battle was with the Demon Emperor. He had already become a god. Now he’s gone.”

“Right, we are the only two left from the Continent of the Nine Clouds, we are the two strongest cultivators of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. Let’s exchange views on cultivation then,” said Feng Mo, cupping his fist and smiling broadly.

All the elders looked amused. They pushed everything away to give them space. The room was hundreds of meters wide and long.

“Haha! I love watching battles,” said Mara-Deva, grinning widely. His eyes twinkled like the eyes of a child when receiving a gift. He sat down again and continued drinking tea. Lin Feng and Feng Mo felt like actors in a play.

“Darling, brother, what are you doing?!” Tang You You ran into the room at that moment, looking nervous.

“Haha, You You, come here. Come next to me and watch the duel,” said Mara-Deva, waving and smiling at You You.

Tang You You didn’t understand. Lin Feng made a face to tell she didn’t need to worry. Feng Mo smiled and nodded as well.

Tang You You walked to Mara-Deva and sat down next to him. These two were the strongest cultivators of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, Lin Feng vs. Feng Mo!

“Lin Feng, you rose later. You were the first Master for only a few dozens of years. I admire you. However, I don’t want to admit you’re stronger than me. During our last battle back in the days, I didn’t use my full strength. This time, I hope I can defeat you and show you who the Continent of the Nine Clouds’ first Master truly is,” said Feng Mo. His robe started fluttering as he released demon Qi.

Lin Feng smiled calmly. He knew Feng Mo didn’t want to let him be the only first Master. He didn’t mean Lin Feng any harm. He just had a competitive spirit. No matter what the result of the battle would be, they would still be friends.

“Brother Feng Mo, it took me a few dozens of years to become the Continent of the Nine Clouds’ first Master. It was no accident. No matter what the result of the battle is, I am happy to have you as an older brother.”

“Haha! Good little boy. No matter what, I am happy to have you as a little brother,” agreed Feng Mo with a grin.

All the elders took a deep breath. Those two people were really good friends. As the elders smiled and were touched by the scene, the two friends suddenly punched out and threw themselves at one another with full force.

Lin Feng released brightness strength, filling the air. Mara-Deva was surprised.

Feng Mo’s fist was filled with pure demon Qi. All the elders gasped.

“Pure demon Qi… The leader really controls pure demon Qi…”

“And will-o’-the-wisps. He’s quite scary already.”

“He will definitely win. Lin Feng is talented, but he can’t possibly defeat our leader,” whispered many elders. Lin Feng and Feng Mo could hear them too, but they didn’t pay attention to them, staying focused.

Two explosions spread in the air as their fists collided twice. They jumped towards one another again quickly. Lin Feng’s punch made the whole room shake. Feng Mo raised both arms and his pure demon Qi surged to meet him.

Lin Feng and Feng Mo jumped out of the windows, already in the air. Ordinary people and people who weren’t strong enough could only see two dots in the sky and a terrifying cloud of demon Qi being formed.

Feng Mo was stupefied by Lin Feng’s brightness strength. He raised his foot and threw a kick at Lin Feng. Lin Feng frowned, using his left foot to jump and punched at Feng Mo. They both dodged each other’s attacks though.

“Hmph! Lin Feng, I will show you what I’ve been through all these years.”

“True Demon Sword, unsheathe!”

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