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PMG 2 Chapter 209: Last Attack!

PMG 2 Chapter 209: Last Attack!

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Boom, boom, boom…

Slash, slash, slash...

Waves of Qi rolled out. A pitch-black sword appeared and fell into Feng Mo’s hand, and the whole sky turned dark. Thicker clouds of demon Qi appeared with rumbles of thunder.

All the elders’ faces turned pale when they saw that sword.

“True… True Demon Sword? Our Master has a medium-level godly imperial weapon?!?”

“It’s over. Lin Feng will lose.”

“Oh! Lin Feng that little boy is definitely going to lose…”

The three elders who had welcomed Lin Feng at the gate to the city center saw Feng Mo and Lin Feng sparring. Feng Mo’s attacks were aggressive, and his sword was powerful.

Mara-Deva smiled and looked at Lin Feng. Sometimes, apart from talent and strength, luck was important too. Feng Mo was going to win!

You You’s face was pale as she grabbed the sides of her dress. She was worried about Lin Feng. Other people couldn’t understand, they weren’t Lin Feng’s wife!

In Lin Feng’s vocabulary, the word “lose” didn’t exist. If he lost, it wouldn’t be a loss but a lesson, he’d learn from it and cultivate even harder.

However, everybody was convinced Lin Feng was going to lose, including Tang You You. Only Lin Feng was smiling.

He looked at Feng Mo’s energies and smiled broadly. Everybody was startled.

“What’s wrong with Lin Feng? Is he so scared that he’s lost his senses?”

“Eh? I can sense some true dragon Qi?”

“Wh… What’s that?”

All the elders looked puzzled. Another sword had appeared in the sky.

“Impossible, that’s…?”

When Lin Feng unsheathed his Ten Thousand Dragons Demon Sword, Mara-Deva stood up. Unbelievable!

These two people were geniuses. The Ten Thousand Dragons Demon Sword was roaring tyrannically. Feng Mo’s demon Qi dispersed quickly.

Feng Mo’s expression changed immediately. He didn’t understand what was happening, but he knew that the sword Lin Feng had unsheathed was a medium-level godly imperial weapon too!

“Lin Feng, we surrender!” said Mara-Deva, as Feng Mo was about to attack one last time. Feng Mo pulled a long face as he halted.

“That’s the Ten Thousand Dragons Demon Sword. Hehe. Your sword is not effective against it. Lin Feng, you met the old king of the Beast Region, right?” asking Mara-Deva, scratching his beard and smiling.

Lin Feng was surprised, but then he remembered that the old king of the Beast Region was a cultivator of the sixth Holy Spirit Emperor layer, like Mara-Deva. They were both in this part of the Continent of the Gods, so Lin Feng guessed they knew each other and even kept in touch.

“I can tell you after. Our battle is not over,” Lin Feng nodded. He met Feng Mo’s eyes. “You acknowledge me, Feng Mo?” asked Lin Feng.

Feng Mo shook his head and replied, “I don’t.

“Master Mara-Deva, I want to show everyone, including the people of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, that I will never submit to Lin Feng.”

Lin Feng smiled calmly. Mara-Deva thought that Lin Feng was terrifying for his level, and his temper was scary, too. But he was so extremely talented…

“Lin Feng, last attack, okay?” Feng Mo finally proposed. He was holding his True Demon Sword, which was whistling eagerly. The demon sword wanted to attack.

Feng Mo looked at his own sword. It was unhappy, whistling as it left his hands. It shot towards Lin Feng extremely quickly.

Lin Feng was also holding his Ten Thousand Dragons Demon Sword, and it left his hands. The two swords collided with crashes of metal and shrieking winds.

“Oh no, hurry up and run!”

A terrifying strength exploded out. Lin Feng was blown away and groaned with pain, as did Feng Mo. They both crashed onto the ground violently from the impact.

Mara-Deva shouted and raised his hands, releasing a scary demon Qi in every direction that formed a protective layer. The shockwave crashed into the protective layer and was stopped.

When the wave vanished, Mara-Deva opened his arms, looking relieved even as he coughed up some blood.

“Teacher!” shouted Feng Mo and Tang You You at the same time, running over to Mara-Deva. They were panic-stricken. What would happen to them if something happened to the old man? Many people would try to kill Feng Mo to replace him!

“That old bastard! He’s extremely strong,” coughed Mara-Deva, putting his hand on his chest. The Ten Thousand Dragons Demon Sword and the Pure Demon Sword were floating calmly in the air now.

“Come back!” Lin Feng also had his hand on his chest. He stretched it out and recalled the Ten Thousand Dragons Demon Sword.

The Ten Thousand Dragons Demon Sword whistled and landed almost instantly in Lin Feng’s hand, humming with power.

Medium-level imperial weapons were truly terrifying…

Feng Mo also recalled his sword. Everything returned to normal.

Many strong cultivators had watched Lin Feng and Feng Mo’s fight. They were both Holy Spirit Emperors, and their fight had been amazing.


At that moment, Hu Ba was at the top of the Beast Region’s palace, staring blankly.

“It’s grandpa’s Qi!”


In the Supranatural Region’s Holy Shrine, the Godly Leader was at the top of a mountain, gazing into the distance. He sensed a terrifying strength, probably caused by some strong cultivators’ fighting.

“Lin Feng, is it you?”


“Master Mara-Deva, you know the old beast king?”

All the elders had gone back to their duties. Feng Mo had left, too. Lin Feng, Tang You You, and Mara-Deva were alone in the main hall.

Mara-Deva was seated. Lin Feng and Tang You You were holding hands like lovers.

“Lin Feng, tell me, that old thing…” Mara-Deva didn’t reply to Lin Feng, looking nervous.

“The old beast king is dead, Master…” replied Lin Feng regretfully.

Mara-Deva smiled. Lin Feng didn’t know what that meant.

“Hehe, good, that little bastard, I’m the only one left now,” Mara-Deva smiled. Actually, it was obvious that he was sad.

“Master, you…?”

“Lin Feng, You You, the old beast king was my fellow disciple.

“But we were also kind of rivals at the same time. Lin Feng, he made the Ten Thousand Dragons Demon Sword to defeat my True Demon Sword. It was always like that. We always picked on each other.

“Haha, but now it’s over. We will never be rivals again…

“That’s sad. He’s dead, and the Beast Region has probably sunk into chaos now. Lin Feng, since you promised him to protect the Beast Region, you must do it,” said Mara-Deva, staring at Lin Feng.

“Don’t worry, Master. I will protect the Beast Region. If the Spiritual Region or other regions disturb the peace and tranquility of the Beast Region, I will not let them off,” said Lin Feng cupping his fist with the promise. He wouldn’t let anyone harm the Beast Region.

Mara-Deva nodded approvingly and remained silent.

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