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PMG 2 Chapter 211: Just Want To Teach You A Good Lesson

PMG 2 Chapter 211: Just Want To Teach You A Good Lesson

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“Hmph! Why would the Dark Palace need to explain you the purpose of their actions? I gave the Demon Region face by coming here. If we didn’t give you face, you wouldn’t even exist, you would be nothing! Hmph!” Gao Di said with freezing irony and burning satire, glaring at the Demon Region’s Great Elder. The Great Elder was furious; he clenched his fist and stepped forwards, but Feng Mo stopped him.

“I see. Young Master Gao Di, you can leave. See the guests off,” said Feng Mo, before turning around and not looking at Gao Di again.

Gao Di was enraged again, he shouted furiously, “You’re nothing and you dare talk to me that way, you want to die!”

“I think you want to die!” declared Feng Mo sternly. How could he accept being insulted by someone like Gao Di? He suddenly turned around and threw his fist at him. Gao Di also punched out, and their blows collided.

The most surprising thing was that Gao Di, who wasn’t particularly strong, managed to push Feng Mo back. Feng Mo grunted with pain and stared at Gao Di. The latter was surrounded by an incredible space and time Dao strength.

“As expected, Mister Time’s Qi!” observed Lin Feng.

“Hmph! So? You can’t even defeat me, you think you’re qualified to criticize me?” said Gao Di mockingly. Feng Mo was even angrier, and struck out again.

“You want to die!” Feng Mo’s punch shook the whole room, demon Qi washing everywhere. Gao Di’s expression swiftly changed, but he also threw out a punch again.

Two booms of impact spread out. The pieces of furniture around them flew away before the lights dispersed. Once again, Feng Mo hadn’t managed to destroy Gao Di’s space and time Dao. He looked even glummer.

Feng Mo thought that Gao Di was still a piece of trash. This idiot had only advanced to Holy Spirit Emperor and could take his attacks because he used the space and time Dao technique Mister Time had taught him.

“Haha! You overestimate yourself. You can’t hurt me! Try harder!” snickered Gao Di when he saw Feng Mo pulling a long face. Seeing Feng Mo so furious made him happy. A big mocking smile appeared on his face.

“You…” Feng Mo clenched his fists and glared at Gao Di furiously. The elders of the Dark Palace also smiled.

“It seems that the Demon Region’s leader and our Young Master don’t need to exchange views on cultivation any further. Hahahaha!” The few Dark Palace’s elders burst into laughter and made fun of Feng Mo.

Feng Mo was furious. If Gao Di didn’t use that special space and time Dao, he would have crushed this piece of trash…

Lin Feng walked over to Feng Mo, which drew the Dark Palace’s members’ attention. They realized that Lin Feng was a Holy Spirit Emperor as well. They were a bit surprised, because he looked so young.

“Brother Feng Mo, let me try,” said Lin Feng, squeezing Feng Mo’s shoulder and smiling.

When Feng Mo saw Lin Feng’s broad smile, he was puzzled, but then he understood. Lin Feng had studied space and time strength with Mister Time, and had spent a long time in Ganges Time.

“Alright, he’s yours,” said Feng Mo, nodding and stepping back.

The Great Elder of the Demon Region was excited. He knew that Lin Feng was Bodhidharma’s disciple, he was excited to see how strong this disciple was. Then he sighed… what their teacher had done back in the days wasn’t fair…

When Lin Feng came in front of Gao Di, Gao Di shouted angrily, “Who are you? I didn’t talk to you! Piss off!”

“Hehe. With a space and time protection layer around their body, even a piece of trash dares talk like that,” said Lin Feng. He wasn’t angry, and on the contrary, he just smiled mockingly.

Gao Di suddenly looked embarrassed, as he hadn’t thought someone would see that.

The elders of the Dark Palace were also surprised. They looked thoughtful.

“Hmph! Let’s talk less nonsense and battle more,” said Gao Di. He didn’t have a good premonition, yet he punched out at Lin Feng.

The space and time protection layer around his body appeared again. He was confident that Lin Feng couldn’t do much against him.

Feng Mo looked nervous. He was worried that the same thing that had happened to him would happen to Lin Feng as well. What if Lin Feng didn’t manage to break Gao Di’s space and time protection layer? Everybody was surprised though, because Lin Feng surprisingly didn’t move. He let Gao Di’s punch draw closer.

There was an explosion, and the terrifying punch crashed onto Lin Feng’s body. The elders of the Demon Region frowned. Lin Feng was too confident… even if Gao Di was a piece of trash, he was a Holy Spirit Emperor, too…

A Holy Spirit Emperor’s punch couldn’t be that weak. Even if one was strong, one had to pay attention and be ready to block the attack.

“Hmph. You overestimated yourself,” said one of the Dark Palace’s elders, sneering at Lin Feng. But the elder next to him, who was a cultivator of the fourth Holy Spirit Emperor layer, frowned.

“What…?” Suddenly, an elder gasped. When the huge fist shadow disappeared, Gao Di’s face was ghastly pale, and he was on his knees. Lin Feng smiled and chuckled. An incredible space and time Dao surrounded his body, surprising everyone.

“Impossible. Level five Space and time Dao?!” shouted the elders the Dark Palace. They looked stupefied. Initially, they were sure that Gao Di’s attack would injure Lin Feng badly. Nobody had thought the attack would end up this way.

What astonished them even more was that Lin Feng was surrounded by a space and time cage. It was even scarier than Gao Di’s protection layer, because Lin Feng’s space and time cage also contained absorbing strength, which made his pure Qi even sharper.

“You dared attack me?” shouted Gao Di furiously. He thought that he could do whatever he wished as the Dark Palace’s Young Master, and he couldn’t believe an unknown young man had dared attack him.

“I just wanted to teach you a good lesson. I wanted to show you how to use space and time Dao. Someone protected you with a space and time cage so that you could fool other people. But how could you fool me?” replied Lin Feng apathetically.

Gao Di pulled a long face. The elders of the Dark Palace ran to him and helped him stand up, staring at Lin Feng. The leader of the group of elders asked, “Little friend, are you Lin Feng?”


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