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PMG 2 Chapter 212: Invitation Talisman

PMG 2 Chapter 212: Invitation Talisman

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“Wh… What? You’re… Lin Feng?” When Gao Di heard the elders, his expression suddenly changed drastically. He couldn’t believe it.

Lin Feng was surprised too, but then he supposed that Mister Time might know that he was in the Demon Region already, and that was why he had sent people.

“I am Lin Feng,” said Lin Feng, nodding aloofly. Feng Mo looked nervous. Why did Lin Feng confirm it? Why didn’t he lie?

“Hehe. Little friend, we found you,” said the head of the group of elders of the Dark Palace, the one who was a fourth Holy Spirit Emperor. He was smiling broadly.

As expected, they had come here for Lin Feng.

Lin Feng just looked indifferent at their interest. “Oh? You were looking for me?” asked Lin Feng, frowning.

The old man took out a talisman. The word “Dark” was written on it. It contained some space and time energy, very pure. Lin Feng was surprised. The energy contained in the talisman definitely sufficed to help a Low-Level Holy Emperor break through to the High-Level Holy Emperor layer!

“Little friend Lin Feng, this is an invitation talisman. Please come to the Dark Palace for the Great Competition which takes place once every hundred years,” said the old man, continuing to smile. The elders of the Demon Region seemed confused, and stared at Lin Feng.

When Lin Feng saw the elders’ expressions, he remained unmoved. What kind of competition was this “Great Competition”?

When the elder of the Dark Palace saw Lin Feng’s expression, he cheerfully said, “Little friend, don’t worry. I’ll tell you more about the Great Competition.”

“Thank you, Master. I am all ears,” replied Lin Feng, not asking himself whether Mister Time was a friend or an enemy for the time being. The old man wanted to explain something to him, so listening was the best thing to do to understand the situation a little better.

“It’s actually quite simple. The Great Competition is for the gods of the east of the Continent of the Gods.

“There are twenty-four territories in the east of the Continent of the Gods. Some of them are quite famous, such as the Demon Region, the Spiritual Region, the Silver Region, the Supranatural Region, the unnamed sea region, and the Beast Region. Those places are quite famous. They will send their most outstanding members to participate in the competition.

“This time, the top three cultivators will represent the East of the Continent of the Gods. They will go to Feng Qi Mountain to participate in the Great Competition of the Continent of the Gods. In addition to those who are from the very center of the Continent of the Gods, everybody will send strong cultivators to Feng Qi Mountain.

“The top three cultivators’ mission will be to represent the region, acting as symbols of our power. You might not know about that yet, but there are tensions between the different groups of the north, south, east and west. Sometimes, big wars happen.

“After dozens of thousands of years, the strongest cultivators of the continent thought of a solution, organizing this Great Competition to see which territory is the most powerful,” explained the old man. Lin Feng and Feng Mo listened carefully.

If Feng Mo was strong enough to participate in the Great Competition, he didn’t need a talisman for that. But Lin Feng was different, because he wasn’t the leader of any region or influential group. He would need an invitation talisman.

It wasn’t easy to obtain such a talisman. Only the most dazzling geniuses could obtain one, and Lin Feng was one of them.

“Lin Feng, you should participate,” advised Feng Mo.

Lin Feng nodded and took the talisman, he cupped his fist and said, “Thank you very much for the invitation talisman, Master.”

“Hehe, no need to thank me. We just listened to the leader’s order, that’s all,” said the old man, with a casual smile.

As expected, when Lin Feng heard the old man, he was convinced that Mister Time knew Lin Feng was there. That’s why he had sent some people over and had them give him an invitation talisman. But wasn’t Mister Time supposed to be his enemy? Why was he doing this?

Lin Feng didn’t understand, but he didn’t show he was confused.

“Alright. Little friend, you have the talisman, so we’re off. Let’s go,” said the elder to Gao Di. Then, he cupped his fist and smiled one last time at Lin Feng.

Gao Di’s face was pale. He glanced at Lin Feng and then left with the elders. He didn’t look like a Young Master at that moment, but more like a footman.

“That Young Master is a puppet. He’s so unfit for that role.”

After the members of the Dark Palace left, the Great Elder of the Demon Region sighed and scratched his beard. Lin Feng heard him, but he didn’t understand what that meant.

“Lin Feng, that boy, Gao Di, he was born under an unlucky star. He’s just a shield, a pretext, but he doesn’t know it himself,” sighed the elder. Lin Feng looked puzzled, so…?

“Great Elder, who is eligible to participate in this Great Competition?” asked Lin Feng. He was curious.

The Great Elder smiled and said, “The Godly Leaders and Leaders of the different Regions, or the elders they send. For example, for the Demon Region, we, the four elders, will participate,” said the Great Elder, glancing at the old man in purple clothes behind him. The elder in purple clothes smiled kindly at Lin Feng.

“I see,” said Lin Feng. The old man in purple clothes was a cultivator of the third Holy Spirit Emperor layer, also strong enough to participate in the competition.

“By the way, Lin Feng, the invitation talisman you received must have been issued by the Supranatural Region, so I supposed they already have it.”

“Master, will the Dark Palace give talismans to everybody?” asked Lin Feng.

“No, of course not. The Dark Palace doesn’t have that much time. In the region, different groups are in charge of that. For example, the Demon Region is in charge of giving their talismans to a few regions, the Spiritual Region is in charge of giving the Beast Region theirs. Hehe,” said the Great Elder smiling indifferently.

Lin Feng’s expression changed instantly. He looked angry and startled.

“Feng Mo, tell You You I have things to sort out. I will be back. See you!” said Lin Feng, disappearing instantly.

Feng Mo was startled. What was Lin Feng doing?


“This is the Beast Region? Why is it so calm?”

At that moment, there were two old men in the sky above a forest. They were looking at the Beast Region in puzzlement.

“I’ve heard that their king was dead. But when we came on the other day, we sensed that terrifying Qi.”

“If I’m not wrong, some great changes have occurred in the Beast Region. All the beasts and elves were busy. You can still see traces of their activities.”

“Hehe, I see. The Beast Region is not worried anymore.”

“Yes, let’s go back to inform the Godly Leader. Let’s go and tell him the Beast Region’s king is dead.”

The two old men looked excited. The Beast Region was a territory the Spiritual Region really wanted to conquer, and finally, their ambitions were going to become reality.

“Let’s first go and see if we’re right before leaving.”

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