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PMG 2 Chapter 213: Three Kamikaze Beasts

PMG 2 Chapter 213: Three Kamikaze Beasts

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The two old men rolled up their sleeves and disappeared from the sky. A trail of Qi remained in the sky. Lin Feng quickly arrived in the region and arrived where the two old men had been. He felt some Qi and suddenly looked worried.

The Spiritual Region sent two Holy Spirit Emperors to give them their invitation talismans… Oh no…, he thought. He disappeared, following the Qi traces.

The two old men weren’t slow, and were already outside of the palace. There was no Holy Spirit Emperor’s Qi there. The old king’s Qi had disappeared. The two old men glanced at each other and smiled darkly.

“As expected, the old king’s dead,” said the man in charge expectantly. They were so excited, they couldn’t wait to go back and tell Ling Tu Zi.

“Great Elder, should we give them their talisman or not?” the old man asked the Great Elder.

The Great Elder glanced at the talisman and smiled sinisterly, “Why wouldn’t we give it to them? Since the Dark Palace invited the Beast Region to participate, we should give them their talisman. But…”

“But what?”

“Hehe. But let’s see how strong the new king is! Let’s go in!” shouted the Great Elder, flying towards the palace. Since the old king wasn’t there, they had nothing to fear!

“Stop. Who is trying to invade the Beast Palace?”

Three old men in cyan clothes appeared when the two old men were about to go into the palace, glaring at them angrily.

Those three people were Grey Dragon, Blue-Green Ox, and Viper. They were in charge of protecting the palace!!

“Hihi, three Peerless Holy Emperors. The Beast Region hasn’t collapsed yet. They still have some relatively strong cultivators. We’re a bit surprised,” replied the Great Elder, smiling mockingly. The three beasts looked grim.

They didn’t say anything. A few beasts appeared behind them, leaders from the clans of the Beast Region. Some of them were High-Level Holy Emperors, some of them were Low-Level Holy Emperors.

“Eh. As expected, the old king is dead. You have nobody left. How sad. We should call our Godly Leader now. He will come and conquer this territory!” said the Great Elder, smiling mockingly. Without a Holy Spirit Emperor, how could a group be considered influential? The Beast Region looked miserable like this.

“Listen to us now. We are the Great Elder and second elder of the Spiritual Region. Have your king come out and surrender your territory. Maybe we won’t kill you,” said the Great Elder, dark and mocking.

Blue-Green Ox looked grim. Viper looked at Grey Dragon. The three of them were worried. Even though they were Peerless Holy Emperors, they couldn’t compete with two Holy Spirit Emperors!

“Our king is meditating in seclusion. He will become a Holy Spirit Emperor in two months,” said Blue-Green Ox to Grey Dragon and Viper telepathically.

“We have to find a solution. Otherwise, if they go into the palace, we’re doomed. If anything happens to the palace and the king, our Master will go crazy,” replied Viper. He looked sad. When they thought of Lin Feng though, they felt more determined.

When the Great Elder of the Spiritual Region saw that the beasts weren’t saying anything, he grunted icily. He released Holy Spirit Emperor Qi and shoved the three of them far away.

Peerless Holy Emperors and Holy Spirit Emperors didn’t belong to the same world. Blue-Green Ox’s face was pale. Holy Spirit Emperors could destroy them in one strike!

“We must serve our Master as well as we can,” said Blue-Green Ox, smiling and shaking his head.

“Hmph! I’ll self-explode if I have to,” said Grey Dragon ferociously. His dragon scales appeared on his body. Blue-Green Ox looked astonished. They had lived together for so long, he could tell Grey Dragon wasn’t joking.

“Hmph! How dull and stupid. I will show you what a strong cultivator is!” shouted the Great Elder, throwing out his fist. He hurled all the surrounding beasts away. High-Level Holy Emperors and Low-Level Holy Emperors alike were all pushed haplessly away, including Blue-Green Ox and the two others.

However, Grey Dragon had a ferocious look as he turned into a hundred-meter Grey Dragon, radiating dignity and majesty. Dragon Qi whistled, and the whole Beast Region started shaking.

The Grey Dragon’s body gradually became translucent as the Qi around him grew to a terrifying intensity. The Great Elder and the second elder of the Spiritual Region suddenly looked nervous.

“Oh no, hurry up and retreat!” The elders retreated as quickly as possible.

At that moment, Lin Feng who was hurrying as quickly as he could, sensed the Grey Dragon’s jade soul talisman was cracking. It was about to break apart.

“Oh no! Damn Spiritual Region! If you kill my people, I will destroy the Spiritual Region!”

Lin Feng’s voice spread everywhere in the Beast Region. All the beasts heard his furious shout, carried on an incredible demon energy rolling in waves all over the Beast Region.

Grey Dragon had already started to self-destruct, he couldn’t stop.

The two others beasts looked sad, shaking their heads and sighing. Grey Dragon wanted to protect Hu Ba and let him meditate in peace to become a Holy Spirit Emperor, for the future of the Beast Region.

“Grey Dragon, we lived together for dozens and dozens of millennia in the Godly Grave. How could we continue leading miserable lives here without you? We’ll also self-destruct! Friends until death!”

“For the Beast Region! I am with you!”

“Master, sorry, we can’t stop now,” said Grey Dragon, smiling sadly. He sensed a terrifying Qi coming from the east of the Beast Region, and knew it was Lin Feng.

“Master, we were proud to have such a master as you! Farewell!” said Viper, cupping his fist and bowing, before turning into a hundred-meter long viper. His body became translucent and he started vibrating and emitting a terrifying Qi.

“Haha, a debt of blood must be paid with blood! Even if we don’t kill you, you should suffer severe damage!” said Blue-Green Ox, laughing heartily. He turned into a cyan light beam and threw himself at the two elders.




Three catastrophic explosions rent the air. The two elders of the Spiritual Region paled and used their full strength to protect themselves, but the explosions were too powerful. Their protection layers broke apart and they were blown away.


Lin Feng arrived, but the three beasts had already exploded. Not even blood was left of them anywhere.

Lin Feng was so furious he could hardly see, his face twitching with rage. He felt powerless, unable once again to protect his friends.

Their three talismans broke apart softly, together. Lin Feng could only watch, and stew in his guilt.

“I’m sorry, Masters, you died because of me. Hu Ba knows what you were thinking. I do, too.

“I won’t let those two scumbags off. I will make them pay for what they did.”

Lin Feng rage turned colder then ice. His eyes were as black as those of a demon. He stared after the fleeing old men, his eyes filled with murder, and unsheathed Black Dragon.

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