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PMG 2 Chapter 214: Fighting Against Ling Tu Zi

PMG 2 Chapter 214: Fighting Against Ling Tu Zi

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“You want to die!” shouted Lin Feng, Black Dragon in hand. The two old men shuddered in fear.

“Lin Feng, you broke through to the Holy Spirit Emperor layer?” The Great Elder was panicking. Of course, he was also angry.

“What? Are you very surprised?” sneered Lin Feng, smiling wickedly. These two people had driven his three friends to commit suicide. As their Master, he had to avenge them!

Lin Feng didn’t talk much, his silhouette flickered and he disappeared from the palace. The two elders smiled coldly. “Little boy, don’t underestimate us!”

Powerful lights flashed in the elders’ hands. The Great Elder was now holding a sword, the second elder an axe.

Both were low-level godly imperial weapons. Lin Feng wasn’t impressed. He had a medium-level godly imperial weapon!

“Black Dragon, unsheathe!”

Lin Feng released an explosive brightness strength with his left hand. Black Dragon turned into a light beam. The second elder didn’t have time to see anything. By the time he noticed Black Dragon, it had pierced through his chest.

“I…” The second elder looked at his chest, blood flowing down. He couldn’t believe it, and didn’t understand how a Lin Feng could strike him so easily.

Unfortunately, he didn’t have time to think too much. He screamed as Black Dragon came out of his chest and went back into Lin Feng’s hand. Lin Feng wiped the blood off his blade with his fingers with a bloodthirsty smile.

“What? You’re surprised? Well, you’re just too weak to fight against me. You can rest in peace now,” said Lin Feng, glancing mockingly at the second elder. The second elder’s eyes were wide open, he was staring blankly ahead as he softly collapsed, dead.

The Great Elder’s face was deathly pale. His knuckles were white on his sword as he stepped back. He was already injured by the three beasts’ explosions. Otherwise, how could Lin Feng have competed with them?

Of course, he was just trying to convince himself of that. Even if they hadn’t been injured, Lin Feng would have been able to kill them. The Great Elder was panicking.

“Lin Feng, I will kill you! AAAAAARRRRGGGGHHHHHH!” shouted the Great Elder ferociously. He clenched his hands and threw himself at Lin Feng.

“Hmph! You think I’m afraid of you?!” spat Lin Feng, smiling coldly. Black Dragon arced towards the Great Elder again. At the same time, Lin Feng released space and time Dao to form a cage and imprison the Great Elder.

The Great Elder was now stuck in a cage, and his expression changed drastically. He raised his sword and attacked the cage. It was made of brightness strength and space and time Dao, and was not easy to break.

“Hmph! You will die too! For my three friends!” shouted Lin Feng, looking like a ferocious and savage beast. His Black Dragon moved towards the Great Elder’s chest extremely quickly.

The Great Elder’s face paled from terror, even as it distorted from the fear.

“Haha! Godly Leader, please help!” shouted the Great Elder, bursting into laughter all of a sudden. He took out a jade pendant and it flashed with space Dao. Lin Feng suddenly realized he might be in danger.

“Oh no, it’s Ling Tu Zi!” Lin Feng shouted furiously and his demon sword accelerated. It was about to reach the Great Elder’s chest when suddenly, blue lights flashed and a heroic-looking young man appeared in front of the Great Elder.

The lights dispersed, and Lin Feng saw the man’s face clearly.

“As expected, it’s you, Ling Tu Zi,” said Lin Feng. It was indeed the Spiritual Region’s Godly Leader!

Ling Tu Zi glanced around. The second elder’s corpse was on the ground. His expression darkened immediately. What did a Holy Spirit Emperor represent to the Spiritual Region? He was an incredible asset, obviously!

Ling Tu Zi was furious because Lin Feng had killed that Holy Spirit Emperor, of course, but he was also furious because Lin Feng was a monster, who progressed far too quickly!

“Good boy, Lin Feng. You’re a beast. You’ve already broken through to the Holy Spirit Emperor layer. I admire you!

“But I am a cultivator of the fourth Holy Spirit Emperor layer. Do you think you can fight against me?

“I will give you an opportunity now, to kneel down at my feet and call me Master. I may let you off if you do. You will live. And you will do what I tell you, otherwise…

“Otherwise, don’t blame me for being impolite. I will kill you immediately. I can’t let someone like you live. Hmph!” said Ling Tu Zi, smiling as proudly as if Lin Feng’s life was in his hands.

Lin Feng found him ridiculous. If he hadn’t broken through to Holy Spirit Emperor, he would have been scared in such circumstances. However, Ling Tu Zi was a cultivator of the fourth Holy Spirit Emperor layer, much stronger than Lin Feng.

But Lin Feng controlled brightness strength, a mixture of six terrifying kinds of extremely pure and powerful energies. It was the equivalent of six first-level Holy Spirit Emperors in one person. Could six Holy Spirit Emperors defeat a cultivator of the fourth Holy Spirit Emperor layer?

“Hmph! You don’t know how to differentiate good from bad. Since it’s that way, I will kill you. Nobody can prevent me from killing you,” swore Ling Tu Zi, when he saw that Lin Feng not saying anything and just looking indifferent. He flashed forwards as he released Qi.

“Haha! You’re doomed! Our Godly Leader will destroy you! Haha!” the Great Elder shouted at Lin Feng frantically. He was scared before Ling Tu Zi arrived, and now he was acting arrogantly again.

“Pure Spiritual Spear!” shouted Ling Tu Zi. Lin Feng raised his head and met Ling Tu Zi’s eyes.

Ling Tu Zi smiled icily. He raised his hands high up in the air and started chanting some incantations while drawing closer and closer to Lin Feng. Was he Summoning a creature? Lin Feng suddenly smelled some foul Qi.

“That’s a… medium-level godly imperial weapon?”

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  1. Lynx March 13, 2019 at 3:35 am - Reply

    Haven’t seen him cast a deployment spell in a minute.

  2. Gray June 8, 2019 at 9:10 am - Reply

    If Lin Feng use his Medium-Level Godly Emperial Weapon before, he would already kill all those stupid Elder.

    But here we are seeing him using his low-level weapon. And now he struggled fighting.
    Thats why i said he become too weak and pussy.

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