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PMG 2 Chapter 215: A Painful Victory!

PMG 2 Chapter 215: A Painful Victory!

Edited by RED

A two-meter long blue spear slowly appeared in Ling Tu Zi’s hands as he approached Lin Feng. The spear flashed, the length of it crackling.

“Lin Feng, I will ask you once more: if you pledge allegiance to me, I will let you live! Why not kneel down and acknowledge allegiance to me?!” Ling Tu Zi exclaimed as the spear appeared in his hands. He looked proud and mighty, as if Lin Feng’s life was in his grasp.

Lin Feng sneered. “Hehe, you feel so powerful because of a medium-level godly imperial weapon? You think you’re the only one who has such a weapon?”

“Wh… What? You…?” Ling Tu Zi was shocked. Then ten thousand beasts roared out, and Lin Feng raised his hands.

The thunderous noise spread throughout the whole Beast Region. Ten thousand gigantic illusory beasts appeared in the sky, and then a countless number of Demon Kings as well, absorbing everything around them.

“What’s that…?”

“Ten Thousand Dragons Demon Sword.”

Ling Tu Zi couldn’t believe his eyes. Lin Feng had the old beast king’s godly imperial weapon? Long ago, he had been severely injured by it, and now Lin Feng had it!

Ling Tu Zi shouted angrily, his muscles twitching, and his Pure Spiritual Spear thrust at Lin Feng’s chest extremely quickly.

“You want to kill me? I’ll kill your servant first!” said Lin Feng, smiling fiendishly. His eyes were bloodshot as he looked at the Great Elder. The man’s face paled anew, and cold sweat started dripping down his back and forehead. He hastily turned to Ling Tu Zi, begging him, “Godly Leader, save me!”

“Die!” shouted Lin Feng grimly. The Ten Thousand Dragons Demon Sword pierced through the Great Elder’s chest, its speed was unbelievable. It was even more impressive because Lin Feng controlled it with the power of his mind. It suddenly became just that easy to kill a Great Elder!

Ling Tu Zi’s eyes bulged. Lin Feng had killed two of his elders, both Holy Spirit Emperors! He couldn’t stand it anymore.

“AAAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHH! Lin Feng, I will kill you!” shouted Ling Tu Zi. He was holding his spear so tightly that his hand bled. The strength of his spear was piercing through the veins of his hand.

“Hmph! You think you’re angry? My three servants died, they committed suicide because of your people! You think I’m not angry? People like you only think of their own personal interests. I will kill you, and the Spiritual Region must be annihilated,” promised Lin Feng ferociously. His whole body was twitching. The Ten Thousand Dragons Demon Sword continued releasing a terrifying strength rolling out in waves all across the Beast Region.

The Supranatural Region, the Silver Region, and the Demon Region all dispatched some cultivators to see what was going on there, but they were stuck far away because the waves of energies prevented them from getting closer.

“Bastard! Stop talking nonsense! I will kill you!” Ling Tu Zi screamed at him. His spear flew at Lin Feng.

Both their weapons collided.

Everything went silent, and turned all white all around them.

The sound of muscles getting ripped was audible. Someone coughed, blood sprayed wetly. Two silhouettes emerged from the whiteness.

Lin Feng was soaked with blood. The beasts of the Beast Region couldn’t even recognize him anymore.

It was the same for Ling Tu Zi. His blue clothes were torn apart, and he had wounds all over his body. His face was extremely pale.

“Little bastard! I will kill you! ARRRGHHHHH!” When Ling Tu Zi saw how injured Lin Feng was, he was confident he could kill Lin Feng easily now, so he threw his spear at him again.

Lin Feng put his hand on his chest and grit his teeth. He also looked confident.

“Come! I don’t care if we die together! I must stop you!” shouted Lin Feng, domineering as a dragon. The Ten Thousand Dragons Demon Sword and the Pure Spiritual Spear collided again. Ling Tu Zi also punched out at Lin Feng, aiming at a wound on his chest. Lin Feng jumped and kicked out. He wanted to grab Ling Tu Zi’s neck with his legs like scissors, but ended up just kicking him.

Both were pushed back a thousand meters at the same time. Lin Feng crashed into a ten-thousand-year-old tree and then fell to the ground, losing consciousness.

The same thing happened to Ling Tu Zi. He landed a thousand meters away, crashing into a stone, and was badly injured. But thanks to his higher cultivation level, he didn’t lose consciousness. He stopped up and smiled ferociously, still holding his spear. He ran back towards Lin Feng.

“Hahaha! Lin Feng, you’re still not dead!”

Lin Feng was already unconscious. He couldn’t fight anymore. Ling Tu Zi couldn’t miss this opportunity.

There was a loud impact, and Ling Tu Zi was smashed away.

Ling Tu Zi looked panic-stricken, an old man in a blue-green robe appeared in front of Lin Feng and readied his hand again.

Ling Tu Zi glared at Lin Feng angrily, but could only grind his teeth. He broke a jade pendant, and disappeared from the Beast Region.

The old man turned around and looked at Lin Feng, who was barely recognizable.

The old man sensed a terrifying strength come out of the beast palace.

“That’s…? The Beast King’s Qi?”

“The new king broke through thanks to that young man.”

“I, the most magnificent of all emperors, uh, eh… cough, cough! I mean, I, humble cultivator, still have things to sort out. I’ll leave Lin Feng to you for now!”

The old man in the blue-green robe glanced at Lin Feng again, and flashed away, disappearing quickly.

After the old man left, a teenager surrounded by holy Qi ran over to Lin Feng and grabbed him. He looked nervous and furious.

“Father, how are you?”

The man took Lin Feng in his arms. He looked extremely angry.

“Ling Tu Zi, you injured my father, I will crush you to mush!

“All beasts, listen to my orders, the Beast Region will withdraw from society for three months. In three months, my father and I will participate in the Top-Class Great Competition!”



All the beasts looked excited when they saw the young man, because their new king had broken through, and had become a Holy Spirit Emperor.

The young man in white clothes was Hu Ba. He looked almost identical to Lin Feng.


The news that the Beast Region was withdrawing from society for three months spread quickly. The dozen of regions were stupefied, especially the Spiritual Region.

The Spiritual Region announced almost at the same time as the Beast Region that they were withdrawing from society for three months as well, and that a great war would soon start again. Many people guessed that there were tensions between the Spiritual Region and the Beast Region, but they didn’t know the details.


In the Supranatural Region’s Holy Shrine…

Two people were standing on the roof a great palace: the Godly Leader and Mister Savage, the Leader of the Supranatural Region.

“Brother, Lin Feng has already reached such a level, I am afraid…” mused the Godly Leader.

Mister Savage interrupted him, “I know what you fear. A tall tree catches the wind, as they say. Of course, a person in a high position is liable to be attacked, and Lin Feng is progressing quickly, so the other influential groups will watch us more closely. But it’s been a hundred years since someone was able to go to that world.”

“Right, a hundred years. Even the Dark Palace didn’t manage to get there.”

“Therefore, Lin Feng is the hope of the Continent of the Gods, of the hundred regions. We’ll see if he becomes strong enough to go to the Country of the Gods.”

“We’ll see,” agreed Mister Savage. He looked a bit nervous. Of course, he was also happy, no matter what Lin Feng did, he admired the young man.


Author’s Note: The original author wrote that Lin Feng came from Earth. But how did he end up in the world of cultivation, even though he was supposed to die after an accident? It’s a bit confusing. We need to solve this issue. Also, what about Yan Di and the Demon Emperor? Many mysteries remained unsolved. We will solve them. His adventures will be epic. And this is possible thanks to the readers’ support.

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