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PMG 2 Chapter 216: Breaking Through!

PMG 2 Chapter 216: Breaking Through!

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“How’s it going? Has my father come out?” asked Hu Ba. He was seated on his throne as he asked the beasts in front of him.

“Your Highness, Lin Feng hasn’t come out yet. It’s been two months. Could it be that…?” answered a servant. He looked worried.

Lights flashed in Hu Ba’s eyes. None of the beasts dared say anything, afraid of Hu Ba. He wasn’t a baby anymore, he had become a real Beast King, a Holy Spirit Emperor!

“You stay here and protect the palace. I’ll go and see father in the underground palace. Nobody can come and disturb us. If anyone dares disobey, they’ll die!” warned Hu Ba, looking nervous. He left the main palace and headed down to the underground palace.


After Lin Feng was injured, Hu Ba had taken him back and let him cultivate. Two months had passed already, and the Top-Class Great Competition was just around the corner.

Hu Ba went down to where the former king’s coffin was. Hu Ba had made his servants build a few more rooms there for cultivation purposes. Lin Feng was in one of those rooms.

Hu Ba arrived outside a room anxiously. Lin Feng had been badly injured two months ago. He had probably recovered almost entirely, but so far, he hadn’t come out at all. Hu Ba was extremely worried.

Inside the room, Lin Feng had already awoken, but during those two months, he hadn’t said anything or talked to anyone.

Lin Feng realized he had to be more vigilant. He could have died. As usual, Lin Feng remembered one of his favorite phrases: In thus world, strength was the most important thing. Only those who were strong enough could afford to make fun of and bully others.

Back then, people used to make fun of him, so he cultivated even harder and surpassed those who used to make fun of him, and then he could make fun of them! Nothing had changed…

Back then, some people looked at him angrily and provoked him. Then he cultivated, became stronger, and defeated them, becoming many people’s idol. Now, he had become a god and he had still broken through to get his revenge the last few times.

There was a change. Back then, Lin Feng used to be full of vigor and vitality, and he was young. Now he was different. He had different goals, but the results were the same.

He now cared about his honor and dignity.

This time, Lin Feng had ended up badly injured, but he wasn’t dispirited or disappointed. On the contrary, Lin Feng felt even more confident. With the strength of the first Holy Spirit Emperor layer, he had been able to compete with and resist Ling Tu Zi, a cultivator of the fourth Holy Spirit Emperor layer. Lin Feng couldn’t believe it, but at the same time, he had the impression Ling Tu Zi hadn’t used his full strength. Why, though?

After two months of intensive training, my brightness strength has increased and is about to reach the second level, he thought. He was very familiar with the way his body worked. He slowly closed his eyes and put his hands on his crossed legs. A deep space and time Dao Qi emerged. If a very high-level cultivator were there, he would have been surprised to see that Lin Feng was trying to break through in such circumstances.

It was dangerous to try and advance at this moment. If he failed, he could lose his senses and his soul could disperse. However, Lin Feng started without the slightest hesitation.

He raised his left hand and brightness strength enveloped his body. His Qi started changing. Lin Feng’s eyes were already red. Demon Qi pierced through his body, then bestial Qi, forbidden strength, and then some other strengths, all of which started intertwining.

Lin Feng could sense that his brightness strength was increasing thanks to all those energies. If his brightness strength was a glass of water, it was half full before, and now it was full. His strength had increased in quantity. His ocean of strength became wider and continued to grow.

“Argh!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. His brightness strength surged all around him. The room shook violently and the air rumbled in protest.

Outside, Hu Ba’s expression changed drastically. He was astonished and worried.

But as he debated rushing into the room, the room collapsed and the door exploded, some stones falling onto the ground in front of him.

Lin Feng walked out of the room slowly. Hu Ba was stunned.

“Father, you finally came out,” said Hu Ba, rushing to meet him.

Hu Ba looked like a teenaged young man. Lin Feng was startled to see that he still looked exactly like him. His Qi was familiar, so Lin Feng knew that the handsome young man in front of him was Hu Ba.

“Hu Ba, you succeeded!” exclaimed Lin Feng, smiling proudly. He was happy for Hu Ba and the Beast Region.

Hu Ba smiled and asked, “Father, are you sad that I’m growing up?”

“How could I be? You’re growing up and that’s great, you’re the hope of many people. You’re now strong and qualified to be the leader of the Beast Region. As you grow up, fewer people will be able to bully the Beast Region,” said Lin Feng as they walked back.

“Father, you…?”

Lin Feng released Qi as soon as Hu Ba opened his mouth. His brightness strength was different. Everybody was astonished.

Lin Feng smiled casually and confirmed, “Indeed. I am now a cultivator of the second Holy Spirit Emperor layer.”

“Haha, you’re super strong, father! Those pieces of trash can’t compete with you!” Hu Ba exclaimed. The others were surprised, Hu Ba was licking Lin Feng’s boots? Nobody dared make fun of him though, as he was the king.

Hu Ba considered Lin Feng his father, and wasn’t licking his boots. Licking one’s father’s boots was useless!

Lin Feng took some things and they went back into the main room.

“Hu Ba, I’m going to the Supranatural Region,” said Lin Feng. Hu Ba sat down.

“Father, I want to come with you,” stated Hu Ba, inviting himself along. Lin Feng looked at the young man who looked exactly like him back in the days.

“Alright, let’s go now, then,” said Lin Feng, accepting Hu Ba’s invitation.

There were people he loved back in the Supranatural Region, and he had enemies there, too. However, he wanted to go back to get ready for the Top-Class Great Competition.


“Supranatural Region, I’m back!”

Two days later, Lin Feng was standing high up in the sky above the Supranatural Region. He was happy to smell the fresh air of the region. He had missed it, but not as much as his hometown, on Earth!

“Father, that’s the Supranatural Region?”

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