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PMG 2 Chapter 217: Back in the Supranatural Region!

PMG 2 Chapter 217: Back in the Supranatural Region!

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“Indeed. That’s my first home here in the Continent of the Gods,” said Lin Feng, smiling easily as he pointed at the mountain ranges and the beautiful buildings. He continued, “Look, that’s the Godly Mountain of the Gods Sect.”

“Father, the Supranatural Region is a nice place. but I think the Beast Region is better,” Hu Ba laughed. Even though he had changed physically after becoming a Holy Spirit Emperor, he still had the heart of a child.

Lin Feng looked at Hu Ba’s smile and felt happy.

His two sons were also in the Continent of the Gods, but Lin Feng didn’t know where they were. He hadn’t raised his children, so he considered Hu Ba his own.

“Let’s go down. I sense the Godly Leader and the Leader’s Qi. They must have seen us,” said Lin Feng, and they headed down.

Hu Ba was now a Holy Spirit Emperor, so he had obviously noticed the two different threads of Qi as well.

“Let’s go,” said Lin Feng, flashing towards the Holy Shrine. Hu Ba followed him closely.

The Godly Leader and Mister Savage also came out of the palace and saw Lin Feng. They smiled broadly in greeting.

“Haha! Little friend Lin Feng, you became a Holy Spirit Emperor. Good! Congratulations!” said Mister Savage, smiling and cupping his fist to bow to Lin Feng in greeting.

Lin Feng had saved him from the Savage Desert and freed him, so he felt close to Lin Feng.

It was the first time he had admired a younger man. Mister Savage used to be arrogant and solitary. If the other Godly Leaders and Leaders knew how much he admired Lin Feng, how would they react?

“Master, I trust you have been doing well since we last met,” said Lin Feng, returning the bow and smiling back.

“Haha! Nothing much happened. However, you, my little friend, have become much stronger. You surprisingly managed to severely injure Ling Tu Zi,” said Mister Savage, his smile not quite reaching eyes filled with hatred.

“Eh, I also got severely injured though. I just recovered,” said Lin Feng humbly, yet also not quite smiling to match him.

Mister Savage and Lin Feng both knew what kind of person Ling Tu Zi was. They both laughed in satisfaction.

“Welcome, King of the Beast Region. Be my guest,” said the Godly Leader, bowing in greeting and smiling politely.

Lin Feng smiled indifferently. The Godly Leader hadn’t changed. He still cared about formalities. Hu Ba represented the Beast Region, after all. He was the kind. If the Godly Leader and the Beast Region could form an alliance, that would be great.

Hu Ba knew that and instantly looked at Lin Feng. He was used to letting Lin Feng decide, but Lin Feng turned his head away. He didn’t want to get involved in the Beast Region’s affairs. He wanted Hu Ba to decide for himself and no matter what he’d decide, Lin Feng would support him.

The Godly Leader noticed that subtle look, and was startled. He considered Lin Feng and smiled to himself. This little boy had influence…

“The Supranatural Region and the Beast Region aren’t enemies, but we’re not close friends either, therefore…” began Hu Ba. The Godly Leader and Mister Savage looked nervous.

The Beast Region and the Supranatural Region could easily cooperate. The Leader and the Godly Leader hoped Hu Ba would accept forming an alliance with them. The Spiritual Region was gaining more and more power. Therefore, forming an alliance would be very beneficial.

Hu Ba saw that the two looked nervous, so he smiled in a friendly manner and said, “Since we’ve never been enemies, we should become allies, there’s no reason why it wouldn’t work.”

“Haha, good! We’re happy to hear that. We’d love to,” said Mister Savage as soon as Hu Ba started talking. He smiled wholeheartedly while scratching his beard. Being able to form an alliance with the Beast Region was a great thing, and all possible thanks to Lin Feng.

Hu Ba wouldn’t have been willing to form an alliance with a region if Lin Feng didn’t exist. The two men would have never seen Hu Ba if Lin Feng didn’t exist. The Beast Region had withdrawn from society for tens of thousands of years. They basically didn’t need allies to live.

However, they knew that the old king had died, and the Beast Region couldn’t live on their own anymore, they needed allies. Lin Feng had brought them a perfect opportunity.

“Alright, since you want to form an alliance. You can go and chat about that. I’m going to the Holy Shrine to see some people,” said Lin Feng, smiling distractedly. His silhouette flickered and he disappeared. Mister Savage and the Godly Leader were surprised. They were strong cultivators and could sense some space and time Qi, but they didn’t know in which direction Lin Feng had left.

“That Qi has the strength of the… second Holy Spirit Emperor layer?” The Godly Leader frowned, then sighed. He looked confused. That young man was already quite strong. He was quickly surpassing them!

He was now able to compete with Ling Tu Zi and injure him. It truly proved how strong he was.

“Sigh, he’s a beast,” said Mister Savage, sighing and shaking his head. He was astonished by Lin Feng’s progress. When Lin Feng had saved him, he was only a Peerless Holy Emperor, now he was a cultivator of the second Holy Spirit Emperor layer, that was astonishing.

Hu Ba and the two of them went to a meeting room to discuss the details of their alliance.


In a courtyard of the Holy Shrine…

Two beautiful and graceful women wearing white skirts were frowning at that moment.

“Sister Xin Ye, how is our husband doing?”

“He fought against Ling Tu Zi and was badly injured. I’m so worried…” Duan Xin Ye said to Qiu Yue Xin.

“Haha, which mansion house are you from, girls? You should come and have some fun with me, I’m a Young Master, don’t look so sad!” someone called out at that moment. The two women’s expressions changed drastically. They stood up and looked furious.

“How shameless! Who dares humiliate us?!” shouted Qiu Yue Xin, releasing an ice-cold Qi.

However, when she turned around, she saw Lin Feng, smiling at his joke. Qiu Yue Xin’s heart twitched in delight.

Duan Xin Ye turned around and looked happy too.

“Darling, it’s you!”

As Qiu Yue Xin was astonished and motionless, Duan Xin Ye ran to Lin Feng and jumped in his arms.

“Hey, Xin Ye, Yue Xin, it’s me, your lover. I am safe and sound.”

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