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PMG 2 Chapter 219: Danger in the Snow Region!

PMG 2 Chapter 219: Danger in the Snow Region!

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When the Godly Leader saw how furious Lin Feng looked, he squeezed his shoulder to cheer him up.

“Lin Feng, listen to me. It’s not as bad as you think.” When Lin Feng heard the Godly Leader, he tried to calm down and raised his head.

“How is the Snow Region doing?” asked Lin Feng, frowning.

“The Spiritual Region did attack the Snow Region, but only the periphery. They’re not in danger for the time being, and the most important people are in the internal part of the Snow Region. but…”

“But what?” asked Lin Feng, frowning further. The Godly Leader was speaking a bit too slow and Lin Feng was running out of patience.

The Godly Leader grimaced when he saw Lin Feng wasn’t in a good mood and continued, “But the people of the Snow Region are encircled by the strong cultivators of the Spiritual Region, so they can’t escape.”

“Is that so?” said Lin Feng. Then he looked at Hu Ba. Hu Ba knew what he was thinking.

“Father, I’m going back to the Beast Region immediately. I’ll gather beasts to form an army and I’ll save the Snow Region,” said Hu Ba. He promptly left the Supranatural Region’s Holy Shrine.

The Godly Leader and Mister Savage smiled wryly. They knew that Lin Feng couldn’t abandon the Snow Region, because the woman he loved the most was there. If anything happened to Meng Qing, Lin Feng would go and destroy the Spiritual Region’s Holy Shrine!

“Godly Leader, I beg you, please send some strong cultivators to the Snow Region to help them,” said Lin Feng to the Godly Leader, bowing to him.

The Godly Leader frowned, but Mister Savage just smiled casually. “Alright, I have four Sages, four Dhammapalas. You can use them.”

“Thank you very much, Godly Leader. I will be eternally grateful,” said Lin Feng happily cupping his fist. The Godly Leader just nodded to accept it. He couldn’t imagine how important the decision he had just made was. Lin Feng would really be eternally grateful.

“We don’t have time. I’m going to the Demon Region to ask for backup, too. See you,” said Lin Feng, promptly disappearing. The two strong cultivators watched Lin Feng leave and couldn’t see his Qi anymore.

“Lin Feng has surpassed us. Incredible,” observed Mister Savage.

The Godly Leader nodded. A few months before, Lin Feng couldn’t compete with them. Now he had surpassed them!


Lin Feng traveled as quickly as he could to the Demon Region. Everybody knew Lin Feng there now, so nobody tried to stop him.

Lin Feng arrived in the main hall of Feng Mo’s building. He knew he was there.

Lin Feng entered the main hall. Feng Mo looked focused on a map he was holding. Lin Feng ran over to him and saw the map, he was stunned.


“The Spiritual Region’s people sent this map. It’s of the Snow Region. The Spiritual Region promised us they’d give us half of the Snow Region’s territory. I just don’t know which area is the best,” said Feng Mo, as if he didn’t care about Meng Qing at all.

Lin Feng didn’t understand and asked, “Are you sure you want to take a part of the Snow Region’s territory?”

“Yes, it’d be a great asset for the Demon Region. I am the leader of the Demon Region. I have to take it,” said Feng Mo, nodding even though Lin Feng looked grim.

Lin Feng nodded and forced himself to smile. “I understand. I respect your decision. But I hope we won’t need to fight. Otherwise, I can’t promise you nothing will happen to the people of the Demon Region,” Lin Feng said icily. He flashed away, on his way out of the Demon Region that quickly.


At that moment, Hu Ba was already traveling to the Snow Region with a big army.

Feng Mo watched Lin Feng leave. He looked embarrassed, and sighed loudly. “Teacher, why do we need to do that? It’s not good for Lin Feng!” he shouted.

“Because we must. It’s the only way to unlock Lin Feng’s potential,” replied the old man. Feng Mo nodded to show he understood.


The Snow Region wasn’t far from the Demon Region, as such things went. Lin Feng was so fast that he arrived within hours. Outside of the Snow Region, it smelled like blood. Many buildings were destroyed. A great battle had occurred there.

“Spiritual Region, who told you to do this?” shouted Lin Feng, furiously clenching his fists. He continued on towards the Snow Region’s Holy Shrine.

At that moment, the members of the Spiritual Region had surrounded the Snow Region. The Snow Region had already suffered great losses. Many ordinary people had died. The Spiritual Region had attacked the Snow Region because the Godly Leader and the Leader were meditating in seclusion and helping some of their most talented disciples break through. They had been meditating in seclusion for over two months already.

Seeing the opportunity, the Spiritual Region had decided to attack by surprise. The periphery of the region had already been wrecked.

Six of the Spiritual Region’s elders had completely destroyed the borders of the Snow Region and were guarding the area. They were all Holy Spirit Emperors.

Who would dare offend six Holy Spirit Emperors? Even if the Snow Region and the Silver Region had joined hands, they wouldn’t have been able to withstand such an attack. It was why the Spiritual Region was right after the Demon Region in the rankings of power.

“Third elder, you just have to give us the order and we’ll go in,” said an old man in black clothes smiling grimly and cupping his fist respectfully.

They knew that their second elder and the Great Elder had been killed, and that their Godly Leader had been injured. Therefore, the six elders remained vigilant.

They had decided to come and destroy the Snow Region anyway though, mainly because Lin Feng’s wife was here. Everybody was aware of it.

They didn’t know what their Godly Leader intended and why he had sent them there. But they couldn’t question his orders, all they had to do was obey, not think.

“Yes, go in. The Snow Region doesn’t need to exist any longer,” said the third elder. The five elders got ready to completely destroy the Snow Region.

“Meng Qing, as long as I am alive, those scumbags will never hurt you.” The six elders heard a terrifying voice… because everybody in the Snow Region heard it. Everybody raised their heads. They saw a handsome man in black clothes in the sky. The six elders retreated when they sensed his Qi.

“Who are you? How dare you intervene in the Spiritual Region’s affairs? You want to die?!” shouted the six elders, staring at him with lethal intentions.

The third elder looked furious and pointed at Lin Feng. They were all proud elders of the Spiritual Region. Usually, people feared them!

However, when Lin Feng heard the elders, he smiled cruelly before disappearing smoothly. The six elders were stupefied. Where was he?


There was a horrible scream that shook people’s souls. Lin Feng had appeared behind an elder of the Spiritual Region and punched him. His bones instantly shattered. Lin Feng kicked him away, and the elder was hurled thousands of meters away, crashing to the ground violently, dead!

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