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PMG 2 Chapter 220: Kill Them All!

PMG 2 Chapter 220: Kill Them All!

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All the members of the Snow Region stared at the sky and saw Lin Feng’s deed. He had instantly killed a cultivator of the first Holy Spirit Emperor layer, one of the six elders who had completely destroyed the borders of the city. They were awed, excited, and touched. They gasped in amazement.

“That man is helping us!”

“He’s so strong! That’s incredible! I wish I were as strong. Please, Young Master, kill those people! Bring peace back to the Snow Region!”

“Our Godly Leader and Leader are meditating in seclusion! They’re training one of our disciples who’s the biggest hope of the Snow Region! Please help us!”

Many people started shouting and begging Lin Feng for help

Lin Feng frowned. Biggest hope of the Snow Region? Could it be Meng Qing?

Lin Feng flew towards the Holy Shrine, but the five elders blocked the way. They all looked ferocious, their eyes red with rage, and the intent to crush Lin Feng.

“Who the hell are you? You dare offend the Spiritual Region?” shouted the third disciple.

Lin Feng jeeredd, “Hehe! I killed your Great Elder and your second elder, I am Lin Feng!”

“How… How’s that possible?”

The five elders, including the third one, looked astonished and stepped back. They couldn’t believe their eyes.

“You’re Lin Feng? Why do you consider the Spiritual Region a sworn enemy?” asked the third elder, trying to look calm while remaining vigilant.

The elders weren’t the only ones who were astonished to learn that young man was Lin Feng, all the members of the Snow Region heard him and were astonished as well.

“It’s Lin Feng! It’s really him. We’re saved! Haha!”

The members of the Snow Region all smiled happily. The five elders were astonished, as was Lin Feng.

“Master Lin Feng, you’re Meng Qing’s husband? She’s cultivating with the Godly Leader and the Leader! They’re helping her become a Holy Spirit Emperor. They can’t come out, no matter what! Please help us and save the Snow Region!”

“Yes, right! Please save us, Master Lin Feng.”

“Master Lin Feng!”

Many people of all ages knelt down in the Snow Region and looked at Lin Feng, some of them crying with joy.

Lin Feng was completely dumbstruck. He didn’t understand why those people mentioned him and why they were reacting like that.

“Don’t worry. I love Meng Qing. Even if I have to die here, I will not let anyone harm her. No need to beg me, because I must protect my wife. I don’t need anyone to beg me to protect my wife,” said Lin Feng. He turned an icy gaze on the elders.

At that moment, the five elders looked quite grim. They realized Lin Feng was stronger than they thought, he already killed one of them. He was truly frightening…

“Let’s retreat for the time being. Let’s wait for the Godly Leader’s orders,” said the third elder. He didn’t want to make a decision alone, so he decided to retreat with the other elders first.

However, Lin Feng wouldn’t give them the opportunity. They had completely destroyed the borders of the Snow Region and wanted to destroy the Holy Shrine where Meng Qing was cultivating. Disturbing her at such a moment could have been fatal, so Lin Feng couldn’t let them go.

Therefore, Lin Feng didn’t say anything and decided to attack.

The five elders didn’t think that Lin Feng was going to chase them. His Qi was horrifyingly strong, and his eyes promised only death. The five elders were panicking!

“Lin Feng, you’re going to far! If we join hands and fight against you, you think you can defeat us?” the third elder finally challenged him. He felt humiliated. Lin Feng didn’t even let them escape, he was too overbearing.

Lin Feng replied mockingly. “You can join hands, I don’t give a shit. The result will be the same, you’re going to die!”

He disappeared. The five elders were panicked again, running in every direction. They didn’t feel like cooperating to face the danger, they just thought of their own miserable lives.


A gigantic hole appeared in the fourth elder’s chest and demon Qi exploded. He was dead and collapsed instantly, turning into a skeleton.

Lin Feng took out his Black Dragon and disappeared again. The third elder’s expression fell to ghostly white. He shouted out in desperate fury and dread.

“Don’t kill me! Don’t kill me!” shouted the terrified third elder. He hoped Lin Feng would spare his life. He flashed down to the ground.

As soon as he landed on the ground, his head rolled away from his body. Lin Feng beheaded him at the precise moment he landed on the ground.

With Lin Feng’s talent, cultivation level, and brightness strength, he could easily kill a fellow cultivator of the second Holy Spirit Emperor layer.

“So, only the three of you are left?” asked Lin Feng, recalling Black Dragon. He kicked the third elder’s body and looked at the remaining elders.

The three remaining elders were the weakest ones. Even though they were Holy Spirit Emperors, they had used forbidden medicines to break through. Those pills allowed them to exchange some of their lifespan to advance. Lin Feng could crush them easily. They couldn’t withstand a single attack from him…

Half a minute later, the three elders were all dead before Black Dragon’s blade, only a pool of blood remained on the ground. Lin Feng looked at the Holy Shrine and shouted, “The six scumbags are dead! Do whatever you wish with the bodies!”

“No. Chop them into pieces and share the loot!”

“No, hang them or crucify them at the entrance of the Snow Region to show everyone what happens when you bully the Snow Region!”

“Take out their souls and make them burn eternally. Make them suffer for eternity!” shouted a middle-aged man furiously. Lin Feng smiled at that one, it was good idea…

“What’s your name?” asked Lin Feng, smiling sternly.

“My name is Shou Meng. I’m one of the three Sages of the Holy Shrine,” replied the man, cupping his fist, admiring Lin Feng’s deeds.

Lin Feng was so strong! Even their Godly Leader and Leader were probably only just as strong as Lin Feng.

“Shou Meng, I’ll leave it to you then,” said Lin Feng. Shou Meng looked happy and nodded agreement hastily. He grabbed the six bodies and left with some servants.

Everybody knew that the six elders would suffer, eternally burning in flames!

“Do you know where my wife is?” Lin Feng asked the crowd.

At the question, a strange silence came over the area.

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  1. Charles Williams March 12, 2019 at 7:37 pm - Reply

    Thank you for the chapter… but why does it sound that a Godly spirit emperor is so weak… they have lived for so long have gone through so many death experience to become gods.. how come they just die so easily without a proper fight… I want our hero to win.. but what the hell i hit and a godly spirit emperor dead… dammit

  2. Very confused April 2, 2019 at 12:56 am - Reply

    And what the fudge!!!! The MC never, ever EVR interacts with “the crowd”. They folloe him where ever he goes. Awe and gasp, appear like cockroaches at night whenever there is a fight, and even mock, riddicule or sometimes praises him. But Lyn Feng never addresses “The Crowd”.

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