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PMG 2 Chapter 221: Mysterious Influential Group?

PMG 2 Chapter 221: Mysterious Influential Group?

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“Lin Feng, Meng Qing is in a secret room of the Holy Spirit Emperors. The Godly Leader and the Leader brought her there. They’re doing their best to help her become a Holy Spirit Emperor. She’s been there for two months already, and hasn’t come out yet,” replied the other man.

Lin Feng didn’t care about the man’s social status, it was none of his business. If it wasn’t for Meng Qing, he wouldn’t have cared about the Snow Region’s fate. Many people from the Snow Region were probably aware of that. But Lin Feng had saved them thanks to Meng Qing, so they felt grateful.

“Lin Feng, Meng Qing is the woman we’ve chosen to be one of our Godly Cultivators. Therefore, she is a potential candidate to become a Godly Leader someday,” explained the middle-aged man to Lin Feng.

The man wasn’t even done talking when another man in red clothes contradicted him. “Not true. She was chosen to be a potential Leader. Otherwise, why would the leader transmit everything they knew to her?”

So, was Meng Qing a potential candidate for the Leader’s position or the Godly Leader one?

Lin Feng guessed that both had cast eyes on Meng Qing to succeed them. Therefore, Meng Qing had the potential to become either the Leader or the Godly Leader in the Snow Region, a unique situation.

“Stop arguing and bring me to the room!” shouted Lin Feng firmly. The two men instantly shut up, not wanting to offend Lin Feng. They immediately led the way to the room.

At that moment, Hu Ba was coming to the Snow Region with his army. Many people in the Snow Region paled when they saw the gigantic army. They immediately went to the Holy Shrine to report it to their superiors.

The members of the Holy Shrine were worried, did the beast army intend to attack them?

“Sage, should we call Lin Feng?” asked the Sage in the Holy Shrine. He looked glum.

The man frowned and shook his head, “No, Lin Feng only cares about Meng Qing. He doesn’t really care about the Snow Region’s safety. He just wants to save Meng Qing. Otherwise…” the man didn’t finish talking, he just sighed. The others couldn’t help, but sigh too. Was the Snow Region doomed?

Everybody clenched their fists.

They weren’t happy.


“They’re here.”

A servant arrived and pointed outside of the Holy Shrine, the army of beasts was there.

“Everybody, come with me and let’s fight. Let’s protect the Snow Region as good as we can, even if we have to die,” shouted the Sage furiously, holding his weapon. He looked resolute.

However, when he saw Hu Ba, he almost shouted Lin Feng’s name, but controlled himself. He was puzzled instead.

Hu Ba was surprised too at the reaction, but he just smiled indifferently. He glided up to the man and asked, “Is my father here already?”

“Uhhh? Who’s your father?” asked the only Sage. He had guessed already, but he wanted to make sure.

“Lin Feng,” Hu Ba said calmly.

Everybody took a deep breath, sighing with relief. Some people even burst into tears. Their emotions were like rollercoasters under such pressure.

“Who are you?” asked the man. He instantly calmed down when he learned Hu Ba wasn’t an enemy.

“I am the king of the Beast Region. My father asked me to help him save the Snow Region. Anyway, where’s my father?” asked Hu Ba impatiently.

The man was happy.

“I see. Please come with me, Master,” said the man cupping his fist and smiling respectfully before heading towards the Holy Shrine. Hu Ba waved at the army to tell them to wait outside, and then followed the man.


Lin Feng was with the two Sages and they had arrived outside of Meng Qing’s secret room. The room was made of a purple and golden kind of stone, much more resistant than bluestone. Even if a Holy Spirit Emperor tried to destroy it, it wouldn’t be easy.

That room was really safe. However, Lin Feng was worried, nobody had had any news of Meng Qing for two months.

“Lin Feng, we can open the door if you want to go in,” said one of the men. Lin Feng looked puzzled.

“Really?” asked Lin Feng happily.

Both men nodded. One of them took out a purple and golden key made of the same stone as the room.

When he put the key in the lock, the door opened itself with a rumble.

Lin Feng immediately went into the room. The two men glanced at each other and smiled wickedly. Then, they turned the key in lock again.

There was a rumbling again, and the door closed itself.

“Oh no, what’s wrong with them?” Lin Feng had a very bad premonition.

“Hmph. Lin Feng, you’re normally quite smart, but because of a woman, you don’t even see danger anymore! Haha!”

“Lin Feng, you really think the Spiritual Region could destroy the Snow Region on their own? And the Beast Region? And the Supranatural Region?”

“Ling Tu Zi couldn’t do that on his own.”

“Hmph, you ruined our sect’s plans though! We’ll get rid of you, and then we’ll find a solution to get what we want!” the two men shouted mockingly outside of the room.

“So I was your ultimate target, and not the Snow Region?!” Lin Feng didn’t seem worried at all.  On the contrary, he was smiling indifferently.

“Indeed. Unfortunately for you, coming out is impossible now. Hmph!”

“And your beast army is here already. All the strongest beasts of the Beast Region are here. We’ll crush them all easily. That’s what our sect does best. Haha!”

Lin Feng heard their voices fade away. Lin Feng guessed they had gone away from the room. He recalled his godly awareness and focused.

“What kind of sect is that? And why do they support the Spiritual Region?”

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