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PMG 2 Chapter 222: Meng Qing Breaks Through, Two Supreme Cultivators Fall!

PMG 2 Chapter 222: Meng Qing Breaks Through, Two Supreme Cultivators Fall!

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Lin Feng frowned. He couldn’t think of any sect who supported the Spiritual Region. Was it the Dark Palace? Or the three other influential groups of the region? Anything was possible!

Oh yeah, I have a communication talisman. I can contact Hu Ba, thought Lin Feng. He took out the talisman and wrote what he wanted to tell Hu Ba on it. He released brightness strength and the talisman disappeared.

It didn’t disappear intrinsically, it just moved over to Hu Ba.

“Meng Qing, don’t worry. I’m here.”

Once Lin Feng was sure Hu Ba had received the talisman, he turned around. It was pitch-black inside. He raised his left hand ,and a light jewel appeared to illuminate the room.

Lin Feng walked into the depths of the room and noticed that the walls were made of rough stones. They hadn’t been polished, which meant the room was natural, it hadn’t been created by people.

“My dear disciple, control your consciousness, don’t let the snow vitality control you.”

“Meng Qing, don’t let it control you. Don’t. Meng Qing!”

At that moment, Lin Feng heard two women’s voices resonating anxiously in the room.

“Meng Qing, don’t worry. I’m here!” shouted Lin Feng, then started running. He had a bad premonition. Meng Qing was in danger, maybe she was losing her senses.

“Meng Qing, hurry up, come back to your senses. Don’t let the snow vitality control you!”

“Hey, hey, wake up, hurry up!”

Lin Feng finally arrived in the depths of the gigantic room. Meng Qing was wearing a white skirt and seated cross-legged. Her face was snowy white, the temperature was extremely low around her. Even Lin Feng, who was extremely strong, felt cold.

Meng Qing’s beautiful face was covered with ice. Absolutely no human Qi emerged from her body.

On Meng Qing’s left and right were two women in blue-green dresses. They seemed panic-stricken. They kept releasing pure Qi into Meng Qing’s face. Both were extremely pale.

Lin Feng glanced at them. They had half an hour left, and they’d die.

Meng Qing was in danger. If he hadn’t come, the two women would have died and then Meng Qing would have lost her senses, snow vitality would have taken control of her.

However, Lin Feng was there now, he would do his best to save the woman he loved.

“Meng Qing, don’t forget your true self. You promised you’d stay with me forever. Was it a lie?

“Meng Qing, I want you to be happy forever! I don’t really need you to fight on my side. You don’t need to feel any pressure!

“Meng Qing, you remember the first time we met? And later in Xue Yue? You used to protect me all the time.

“Back then, I was very happy, but when I surpassed you in terms of strength, weren’t you happy? No, you were happy because you loved me. As long as I was happy, you were happy.

“You must hold on, you must continue making me happy. You can’t let the snow vitality take over your body. You’re Xue Ling Long, how could you let such a thing happen? Meng Qing, wake up!” shouted Lin Feng. Brightness strength surged out from him. The ice instantly broke apart.

The two women were startled by Lin Feng’s presence. When they heard him, they understood who he was, and continued releasing pure Qi into Meng Qing’s body.

It seemed that Meng Qing had heard Lin Feng, she started resisting the snow vitality Qi. She frowned and her cheeks flushed again.

“Masters, please move and leave it to me,” said Lin Feng, sitting down cross-legged in front of Meng Qing. He cut the women’s pure Qi with his hands. The two women’s faces were extremely pale and they coughed weakly.

They were the Godly Leaders and the Leader of the Snow Region. For Meng Qing, they had just risked their lives.

Lin Feng grabbed Meng Qing’s arms. Their hearts were linked as one. When he grabbed her, she shivered, and her hair bristled.

“Meng Qing, my love, we have to keep up the good work. If you can’t resist this strength, I will die with you!” declared Lin Feng. He absorbed the snow vitality Qi and replaced it with pure strength in Meng Qing’s body. For Lin Feng, it felt as if blades were lacerating his veins.

But Lin Feng didn’t care, he just wanted Meng Qing to wake up, and if she broke through, it would definitely be worth it.

The Godly Leader and the Leader of the Snow Region looked at Lin Feng admiringly. Meng Qing had told them a lot about him, but they had never seen him. Now they understood he really was the way Meng Qing had described him. He was a real man and a great husband!

“Look, Meng Qing…” exclaimed the Leader at that moment, looking delighted as she pointed at Meng Qing. Snowy white lights had appeared around her. Her Qi was increasing.

“Good, good, good!” The Godly Leader was also delighted.

Finally, the white lights exploded, and ice and frost energy filled the air.

“Eeeh!?” Meng Qing gasped with surprise as she slowly opened her eyes. White lights flashed all around her. Lin Feng shivered. Meng Qing was a hundred times colder than before… but she was still his little Meng Qing.

“Darling, is it you?” Meng Qing’s face was a bit pale, she looked moved when she saw Lin Feng seated in front of her.

“Yes, it’s me, my love,” said Lin Feng, smiling warmly, hugging Meng Qing. She crawled forwards and snuggled up to him. It felt so good to hug her lover…

“Cough, cough!! Sigh, young people these days…”

Lin Feng and Meng Qing blushed and turned their heads. The two women standing there were embarrassed.

“Teachers.” Meng Qing stood up and walked over to the two women, before kneeling down and kowtowing respectfully.

“Eh, Little Meng Qing, come on, stand up,” said the two women, grabbing Meng Qing’s arms. They were deeply touched to have such a wonderful disciple.

“Meng Qing, you finally modified the snow vitality Qi. You are the second person who managed to do that in the history of the Snow Region. Keep up the good work. You might surpass Miss Snow, the ancestor of the Snow Region, in the future.”

“Right, Meng Qing. This time, you modified the snow vitality Qi and you became a Holy Spirit Emperor. The greatest part is that you skipped a few layers, you broke through from the Peerless Holy King layer directly to the third Holy Spirit Emperor layer! We’re happy for you, but…”

“Cough, cough, we won’t be able to see you evolve. You will need to rely on your own self in the future.”

“Hehe, little Meng Qing, go, go with Lin Feng. Make the Snow Region become stronger, for…for…”

The Leader didn’t have time to finish her sentence, her face deathly pale. Her Qi solidified and then disappeared, and she collapsed.

A supreme cultivator had fallen!

“Little Meng Qing, help the Snow Region grow stronger, go!” said the Godly Leader. She smiled and sat down cross-legged. She would never change her position. She died, seated and smiling.

Another supreme cultivator had just fallen.

Meng Qing felt extremely sad to see her two teachers die in front of her, especially since they had died to save her. She burst into tears.

“Don’t worry, teachers, the Snow Region will become glorious with me!” vowed Meng Qing, clenching her fists. The atmosphere around her became even colder.

Lin Feng was happy for her. Third Holy Spirit Emperor layer! Meng Qing’s cultivation level was one layer higher than his! She had already surpassed him…

“Let’s go out, Meng Qing.”

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    Thanks for the chapters!

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    Absolute cringe writing

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    Yet another level abuse.
    Remind me again, is this a God Realm layer? Isn’t it supposed to be quite hard to breakthrough?

    It feels like
    “oh you want to level up? Ok here you go”,
    “i am too lazy to explain more details , here take your level up, i will give you 2 levels”,
    “Take this shit my fanboi, eat this shit and make me rich”

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    She breakthrough because the godly leader and the leader sacrifice, it’s same like tang you you in PMG1, are you really fans PMG1, how you didn’t know about that.

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