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PMG 2 Chapter 223: Chaos!

PMG 2 Chapter 223: Chaos!

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“Meng Qing, I need to tell you something first. Then, you can assess the situation yourself,” Lin Feng said to Meng Qing as they walked to the door of the room. He stopped, looking serious.

Meng Qing looked at him gently. She smiled and asked, “Yes, I’m listening?”

“Meng Qing, the Godly Leader and the Leader gave you the Snow Region. You’re now in control of the Snow Region. However, before that, I must tell you that the four Sages of the Snow Region are probably dead.”

He looked glum as he said that. The two “Sages” who had brought him to the room came from a mysterious influential group. Therefore, Lin Feng guessed that the real Sages of the Snow Region had died.

Lin Feng told Meng Qing everything he knew.

Meng Qing’s expression changed drastically. Her Qi became even colder, but only for a few seconds.

“Darling, let’s go out,” said Meng Qing, smiling grimly at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng nodded. Meng Qing was in charge of the Snow Region now, not him. Of course, no matter what she decided, he’d support her.

“How do we get out?” asked Lin Feng. The fake Sages had opened the door for him, and had then locked him in.

Meng Qing smiled thinly and raised her hand. Ice-cold lights flashed and a key appeared. Lin Feng was surprised, because it was exactly the same as the one the fake Sages had used.

“Meng Qing, why did the two fakes Sages have the key? Why didn’t they come into the room?”

Lin Feng didn’t understand. Since that mysterious sect had the key to the room and they wanted to destroy the Snow Region, why hadn’t they come into the room and attacked Meng Qing by surprise while she was cultivating?

Of course, Lin Feng was happy it hadn’t happened. He just didn’t understand. If that had happened though, he would have gone insane, he would have gone to the Spiritual Region to destroy them and then he would have looked for the mysterious sect and slaughtered them as well.

When Meng Qing heard Lin Feng, she just smiled. She didn’t seem surprised.

“Darling, they couldn’t come into the room. If they had been real gods, possibly? Even though they had the strength of gods, they were just souls, how could they come in? The Snow Region’s secret rooms isolate souls and bodies, that’s why they couldn’t come in.”

“I see. Do you know which sect they belong to, my love?” asked Lin Feng, nodding.

Meng Qing looked at Lin Feng and smiled broadly. She looked like Xuan Nu, the Celestial Fairy, pure and holy in her white skirt, her ice-cold Qi giving her a natural nobility. Lin Feng was amazed by her beauty. Sometimes, he couldn’t believe he had such an incredible wife.

Meng Qing put the key in the lock. The door opened itself with a rumble, and then Meng Qing pulled Lin Feng out of the room before closing it.

Meng Qing looked at the door, her eyes sad. Her two teachers had just died inside, after all. From this moment on, she was in charge of the Snow Region.

As Meng Qing looked pensive, they heard distant explosions. Lin Feng’s expression changed drastically.

“Oh no! Something happened!” He grabbed Meng Qing’s arm and flew away.

The main part of the Holy Shrine wasn’t far from the secret rooms. In a minute, Lin Feng and Meng Qing arrived. In the main hall, there were corpses in pools of blood everywhere. It smelled horrible.

Lin Feng looked out of the window. His eyes went red. There were at least a few thousand dead beasts and elves scattered across the grass.

“Ling Tu Zi, you fucking asshole! You will regret it!” Lin Feng’s face twitched as he clenched his fists. He was shaking with anger. Those were all heroes Hu Ba had brought along. They had suffered a crushing defeat. How would Lin Feng cheer Hu Ba up?

Lin Feng flashed away and flew towards the Spiritual Region. Meng Qing followed him. Her eyes were filled with killing intent as well. It was the first time Meng Qing was this angry since she had arrived in the Continent of the Gods.

Lin Feng and Meng Qing, two Holy Spirit Emperors, flew towards the Spiritual Region together.

At that moment, in the Spiritual Region, some people were dancing and singing. Ling Tu Zi looked happy on his throne. He was holding a bottle of alcohol and he had beautiful women in his arms. He kept giggling and laughing.

Many people there were not from the Spiritual Region. Lin Feng had killed the eight elders of the Spiritual Region. It was a huge loss for them. However, Ling Tu Zi didn’t seem to mind, because he was backed up by a powerful influential group.

That influential group had helped them destroy the Snow Region and kill half of the beast army of the Beast Region.

If Lin Feng dared come, he’d see what strength was! Each time Ling Tu Zi thought of how Lin Feng had injured him, he flew into a flaming rage from the humiliation.

Ling Tu Zi downed his glass of alcohol, getting drunk made him feel a little bit better. He felt excited to have a little party. It made him forget.

Now the Continent of the Gods had sunk into chaos. The Top-Class Great Competition hadn’t started yet, but the few territories of the east of the Continent of the Gods had sunk into chaos. The Snow Region had been destroyed, the Beast Region had suffered severe losses, and the Spiritual Region was backed up by a mysterious influential group.

Smaller and weaker regions were in danger, so they started forming alliances. The Supranatural Region and the Silver Region were getting ready, they wanted to form an alliance with the Demon Region.

The Demon Region was the strongest region in the east of the Continent of the Gods. The Dark Palace was probably the only group which could pose a threat to the Demon Region in this part of the continent. The Hundred Demon Army of the Demon Region was mostly composed of Holy Spirit Emperors. It was difficult to compete with such a powerful group!

And most importantly, the reason why the Demon Region was so successful was Mara-Deva. Mara-Deva was a cultivator of the sixth Holy Spirit Emperor layer. Few people could compete with him!


“The continent has sunk into chaos! Hahahaha! Awesome!”

Mara-Deva burst into laughter in the main hall. He looked at Feng Mo and laughed, not worried at all. No matter how bad the situation looked outside, the Demon Region was safe.

“Teacher, do you know which influential group supports the Spiritual Region?” asked Feng Mo.

Mara-Deva looked at Feng Mo and smiled in amusement. “You shouldn’t worry about that. Or do you want to help Lin Feng, that stinky little boy? Hehe! You don’t need to help him. His background is more complex than you can imagine.”

“His background?” Feng Mo had known Lin Feng for over a hundred years and he had never heard that Lin Feng had an incredible background.

Mara-Deva wasn’t surprised by his disciple’s reaction. If Lin Feng hadn’t fought against Ling Tu Zi the other day, he wouldn’t have understood, either.

“My boy, I can only tell you that among Lin Feng’s old friends, some of them are terrifying. Truly terrifying. That’s Lin Feng’s background.”

“How terrifying?”

“200% more terrifying than the Demon Region, and 100% more terrifying than the Dark Palace.”


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