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PMG 2 Chapter 225: Evil Soul Sect!

PMG 2 Chapter 225: Evil Soul Sect!

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When Lin Feng heard that, he was a bit surprised, because he had never heard of the sect, but Meng Qing knew about them. Maybe the Snow Region knew about them, and others didn’t?

“Hehe! That little girl knows a lot! It seems like you have the biggest potential to surpass Miss Snow in the whole history of the Snow Region. We destroyed the whole Snow Region because we wanted to kill you! Now that you took the initiative to come here, you can’t blame us. Hehe!” exclaimed Ling Tu Zi. He was now a hundred meters away from Lin Feng and Meng Qing, approaching them as they talked.

Lin Feng was startled by Ling Tu Zi’s Qi. At this moment, his Qi had the strength of the fifth Holy Spirit Emperor layer, not far from having the strength of the sixth Holy Spirit Emperor layer. That was the power of a forbidden pill!

Of course, the disadvantage was that its effect last for half an hour only, and after that, Ling Tu Zi would be extremely weak.

The Evil Soul Sect had destroyed the Snow Region because of Meng Qing. More mysteries…

“Meng Qing, I’ll stop him, go into my spirit world,” said Lin Feng. He was worried about her safety.

However, Meng Qing smiled broadly and pointed at herself, “I should protect you now, darling.”

Meng Qing flickered and charged Ling Tu Zi. Lin Feng smiled wryly. He had almost forgotten that Meng Qing had the strength of the third Holy Spirit Emperor layer now. She was stronger than him!

She didn’t need someone to protect her now, she had become really strong!

Meng Qing and Ling Tu Zi started fighting. Ling Tu Zi’s frenzied Qi was oppressed by Meng Qing’s ice Qi. Lin Feng didn’t understand how Ling Tu Zi had the strength at the top of the fifth Holy Spirit Emperor layer and Meng Qing the third, how come he couldn’t oppress her at all?

Suddenly, a thick and intense Qi blew across the Spiritual Region. Lin Feng’s expression changed, as he had the impression something bad was going to happen. He charged at the source of that Qi and threw his fist out using his full strength.

There was an explosion, and the Qi dispersed. An old man in black clothes appeared in the sky of the Spiritual Region, emanating thick bestial Qi. When Lin Feng saw how strong the old man was, he was dumbstruck.

Sixth Holy Spirit Emperor layer!

Meng Qing and Ling Tu Zi couldn’t help but look at the old man. When Meng Qing saw him, her expression also changed.

Ling Tu Zi cupped his fist in his other hand before his chest and shouted respectfully, “Welcome, Great Elder!”

“Hehe, you’re the little boy who injured Ling Tu Zi? Not bad, you’re really young and yet so strong. You’re quite incredible,” said the old man, ignoring Ling Tu Zi and smiling facetiously at Lin Feng. Ling Tu Zi’s face twitched, but he didn’t dare say anything.

“Master, you must be the Great Elder of the Evil Soul Sect,” Lin Feng said vigilantly. He flew to Meng Qing and put her behind him. No matter how strong she was, Lin Feng had to protect her.

When the old man saw that, he burst into strange laughter. “Little boy, you think you can protect her?” asked the old man coldly. His eyes were suddenly filled with killing intent.

Lin Feng swallowed. He knew that he couldn’t do anything against a cultivator of the sixth Holy Spirit Emperor layer. The only thing he could do against the man was suicide-detonate, and he would, at most, just injure him. If the old man attacked them, he would be able to kill him and Meng Qing easily.

“Master, can you tell me why you destroyed the Snow Region, and why you want to kill Meng Qing?” asked Lin Feng.

He wanted to waste some time. He hoped someone would come to rescue them. Of course, that was unlikely. The best thing would be to wait for a moment of inattention and then hide in his spirit world.

The old man looked at Lin Feng mockingly. He knew what Lin Feng was thinking, but he replied anyway.

“We destroyed the Snow Region because of your little wife. Our goal is to kill her, because in all the history of the Snow Region, she is the one who has the biggest potential to surpass Miss Snow.”

“Who’s Miss Snow?” asked Lin Feng. It wasn’t the first time he had heard that name.

“She was a Godly Leader of the first generation in the Snow Region, one of the ten strongest cultivators in the whole Continent of the Gods. She was a cultivator of the ninth Holy Spirit Emperor layer. One more step and she would have reached that legendary cultivation level, but because she sealed a clan, she missed that opportunity,” the old man deigned to say, and his words were filled with old, bitter angry.

Lin Feng understood… Miss Snow had probably sealed the Evil Soul Sect!

“She sealed our sect, the Evil Soul Sect, for the safety of the Snow Region. Now, a hundred thousand years have passed. Haha! We finally broke the seal, so we destroyed her offspring! Hahahaha!” the old man informed him mockingly. Lin Feng looked glum.

So, the Evil Soul Sect and the Snow Region had been enemies for a hundred thousand years, and now the Evil Soul Sect wanted to take their revenge!

Actually, the fact that they wanted to kill Meng Qing wasn’t surprising after all that. Meng Qing was the only hope of the Snow Region. She would probably be able to surpass Miss Snow. If Meng Qing grew strong, the Evil Soul Sect was afraid they would be sealed again, so they had decided to act first.

“Little boy, no need to waste time. Nobody is going to come and save you. In this stupid part of the continent, apart from the Dark Palace, nobody can compete with the Evil Soul Sect.

“Therefore, just watch. It’s fate. Your little wife is doomed, and so are you, since you’re her husband. You’re too talented anyway, we can’t let you live. Otherwise, you’ll destroy the Evil Soul Sect at some point.

“Just hope you won’t be our enemies in your next lives!” shouted the old man, throwing out his hands with a deadly cry. His strength suffocated Lin Feng. He was extremely strong, and Lin Feng couldn’t do anything at all.

Meng Qing was a bit stronger than Lin Feng, but she couldn’t do anything, either. This guy was a cultivator at the top of the sixth Holy Spirit Emperor layer, after all.

“Darling, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. It’s all my fault!” shouted Meng Qing, putting her head on Lin Feng’s chest. If she had to die, she preferred dying in her husband’s arms.

“Silly girl, how could I blame you? It doesn’t matter, we’ll die together. We have nothing to regret,” replied Lin Feng, tapping Meng Qing’s back. He accepted his fate. Since he wasn’t strong enough, dying with the woman he loved the most was fine. It was better than living without her!

Reality wasn’t always a happy thing…

Lin Feng was surprised when he sensed his Qi was changing. Third Holy Spirit Emperor layer!

In only two months, he had broken through again!

But still, against the old man, it wasn’t enough…

The old man was astonished. Lin Feng had broken through just before dying?! The old man was now even more motivated to destroy Lin Feng. If this guy grew stronger, he’d definitely annihilate the Evil Soul Sect!

“Die now!” said the old man, striking at Meng Qing and Lin Feng’s chests with his hands. They were hanging on to one another, waiting for death together.

But it didn’t hurt, they didn’t see any spirits in heaven or hell…

Nothing happened. Lin Feng just felt Meng Qing’s body against his.


Lin Feng slowly opened his eyes. He was still holding Meng Qing in his arms. The world around him had completely changed. The old man of the Evil Soul Sect had disappeared, and they were standing on grass. This place looked like a hidden land of peace and prosperity.

“What’s going on? Where are we?”

Meng Qing also opened her eyes, confused. Was this where dead people went when they died?

“You’re in my precious treasure,” an old man’s voice rose at that moment. Lin Feng found himself abruptly delighted.

“Old buddy, is it you?!”

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