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PMG 2 Chapter 226: Yan Di’s Strength!

PMG 2 Chapter 226: Yan Di’s Strength!

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“Hehe! You still call me old buddy? You stay here for a few years, and I’ll release you. Hmph!”

Lin Feng instantly recognized Yan Di’s voice, and was moved. He hadn’t seen his old partner for a hundred years. Lin Feng was overjoyed to see him there.

Yan Di hadn’t changed. Lin Feng and Yan Di were still close friends!

“Old buddy, I don’t mind being in this place for a dozen years with Meng Qing. Drinking, eating, doing nothing, sounds awesome!” replied Lin Feng, teasing him back.

“You’re still unreasonable and rude, little boy, you haven’t changed,” sighed Yan Di. Lin Feng and Meng Qing sensed that the world around them was changing. The landscape disappeared, and in the blink of an eye, Lin Feng and Meng Qing were back in the sky of the Spiritual Region. The old man of the Evil Soul Sect was still there.

Yan Di was in front Lin Feng, smiling. He was wearing a blue-green Taoist robe, even though he wasn’t a Taoist monk.

“Hehe! Little boy, it’s been a while! But you’re not that strong. Hehe!” said Yan Di disdainfully yet humorously.

Lin Feng wasn’t angry. Apart from his wives and family members, only Yan Di was allowed to make fun of him like that.

“Pfff, old buddy, if you’re strong, then kill him, okay?” challenged Lin Feng, smiling and pointing at the old man of the Evil Soul Sect.

The old man didn’t give Yan Di time to react. He grunted in icy fury. The two were making fun of him in front of him! He was a cultivator of the sixth Holy Spirit Emperor layer, and these people were making fun of him?

“Little boy, you’re going to die now! Hmph!” shouted the old man furiously, hurtling towards Lin Feng. His target was Lin Feng, not Yan Di!

Yan Di looked grim. He smiled icily and scratched his beard, then disappeared.

The old man in the black clothes smiled cruelly as he threw out his fist. His hand was half a meter away from Lin Feng, and he was sure his target was going to die.

At that moment, Yan Di appeared in front of the old man, smiling mockingly. He raised his hand and grabbed the old man’s fist.

The old man was astonished, and quickly realized Yan Di was extremely strong.

“Hehe! You dare attack while I’m having a chat with Lin Feng? Piss off.”

There was an explosion. Lin Feng didn’t see how it happened, but the old man was blown away. Lin Feng swallowed in quiet astonishment.

When had Yan Di become so strong? He could force a cultivator of the sixth Holy Spirit Emperor layer away so easily?

“Hey, little boy, you said you wanted me to kill him, but what will I get in exchange?” asked Yan Di after the old man was thrown back. His shallow smile was back again.

If Lin Feng hadn’t known him for so long, it would have been difficult for him to imagine how strong Yan Di was.

“What do you want?” asked Lin Feng. His old buddy hadn’t changed.

Yan Di knew what Lin Feng wanted to say, and managed to look embarrassed for a few seconds.

“Little boy, I need a woman. If I kill him, you help me find a woman, okay?”

“Why do you need ME to help you find a woman?”

“Pfff… your wives are all exceptionally beautiful. We clearly have the same tastes in women.”

“Alright. I’ll help you, but…” replied Lin Feng. Yan Di stared at him.

“Little boy, speak if you have anything to say!” shouted Yan Di impatiently.

“He’s the Great Elder of the Evil Soul Sect. Even though I don’t understand the Evil Soul Sect that well, Meng Qing told me they’re terrifyingly strong. Even the Dark Palace can’t compete with them, so you…”

“Pfff… Little boy! You’re ignorant, like a frog in a well. When I kill him, I’ll tell you more about the Continent of the Gods. You were smarter and wiser when we traveled together. You’ve become stupid!” retorted Yan Di disdainfully. Lin Feng rolled his eyes.

The old man heard everything they said. Yan Di wasn’t worried at all. He didn’t fear the Evil Soul Sect, even after what Lin Feng had told him. It proved that Yan Di was strong, and it made the old man nervous.

Lin Feng had a friend who didn’t fear the Evil Soul Sect? The old man had thought that Lin Feng was, at most, backed up by the Demon Region…

He was now scared of Yan Di. The man had forced him back easily…

“Master, I am the Great Elder of the Evil Soul Sect. Our goal is to kill the goddess of the Snow Region. Since Lin Feng is your friend, we can spare his life. Please understand, we must kill the goddess. Give us face,” said the old man, cupping his fist respectfully. He even smiled at Yan Di. If Lin Feng didn’t know what kind of person the old man was, he would have almost thought he was a kind and honest gentleman.

When Yan Di heard him, he looked hesitant. He smiled at Lin Feng and said, “Lin Feng, otherwise, hand Meng Qing over to him. He’ll kill Meng Qing and not -”

“Shut up! How could I let my wife die! He’ll have to kill me first to get her! She’s my wife. I would never let anything happen to her. If you’re afraid of the Evil Soul Sect, then leave!” shouted Lin Feng, furiously interrupting Yan Di. Yan Di just smiled mischievously. Meng Qing was happy to have Lin Feng. Lin Feng loved her more than anything.

When Yan Di saw Meng Qing blush, he burst into laughter and said, “Little boy, I’m helping you. I’m giving you the opportunity to prove you’re a real man in front of your wife, you should thank me instead of insulting me,” said Yan Di disdainfully. He stroked his beard as if he were sad. The old man in black clothes could only look grim.

“Master, please consider the Evil Soul…”



The old man didn’t even have time to finish his sentence. Yan Di had already appeared in front of him and punched him. The old man’s eyes were wide open in disbelief, panic-stricken. Yan Di smiled mockingly.

He realized how strong Yan Di was, fifth Holy Spirit Emperor layer. Why was a cultivator of the fifth Holy Spirit Emperor layer able to defeat him so easily?

He didn’t have time to think too much, dying rather quickly.

People around were trembling in terror, including Ling Tu Zi. They initially thought they were safe thanks to the Evil Soul, but now the Great Elder had been killed. How could they remain calm?

“Lin Feng, kill that one,” ordered Yan Di casually, pointing at the very alarmed Ling Tu Zi.

Lin Feng nodded and turned an icy gaze on Ling Tu Zi. His eyes were filled with death.

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    I knew it, the man that was wearing blue-green a couple of chapters ago was FUCKING YAN DI????????????????

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    best bro for ever #YanDi

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