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PMG 2 Chapter 227: Spiritual Region’s Complete Destruction

PMG 2 Chapter 227: Spiritual Region’s Complete Destruction

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“Ling Tu Zi, we are going to resolve our issues now,” said Lin Feng. Ling Tu Zi was panicking. He wasn’t afraid of Lin Feng, he was afraid of Yan Di. However, he didn’t retreat. He had nowhere to escape to. No matter if Lin Feng killed him or if he killed Lin Feng, one of them had to die. And since one of them had to die, why not die together?

Thinking about that, Ling Tu Zi was ready to die with Lin Feng. No matter whether his body would stand it or not, he took out another forbidden pill and threw it in his mouth.

Lin Feng sensed Ling Tu Zi’s Qi increase again. The man’s muscles kept twitching, and his eyes were even more bloodshot. However, Lin Feng didn’t intend to be merciful.

“No matter what you take, you’re going to die today,” shouted Lin Feng, clutching the Ten Thousand Dragons Demon Sword. His gigantic sword emitted whistling sounds. It couldn’t wait to attack.

“Hmph! Today, I will die, but even if I die, you will die with me. Haha! Lin Feng, aren’t you a genius? Aren’t you the hope of the Continent of the Gods? I will kill you! I will show you that the difference between you me can be compared to the difference between Heaven and Hell! It’s insurmountable!”

“If you want to prove it, shut up and fight!” said Lin Feng icily.

“I’m not afraid of you. Take my spear!” The Pure Spiritual Spear thrust towards Lin Feng extremely quickly. A terrifying Qi ripped out and destroyed a countless number of buildings on the ground below. The Spiritual Region which had existed for tens of thousands of years was being destroyed by Ling Tu Zi’s own Qi!

However, at that moment, Ling Tu Zi didn’t care about anything anymore, he just wanted to kill Lin Feng, the rest didn’t matter anymore.

Bestial Qi emerged from his spear and streaked across the sky at an incredible speed. Lin Feng only had half a second to react, and he did. He put the Ten Thousand Dragons Demon Sword in front of him and ten thousand beasts roared out, bombarding the spear and pushing it back.

At the same time, Lin Feng flashed forwards. He cut with his gigantic sword, aiming at Ling Tu Zi’s waist, the ten thousand beasts roaring eagerly. Ling Tu Zi’s eyes were bloodshot, his muscles quivering, his veins exploding and blood splashing.

However, Lin Feng didn’t flinch at the sight of his foe’s frenzied throes. His sword continued cutting towards Ling Tu Zi and pushed him back.

Ling Tu Zi could sense that his Qi continued increasing. He shouted furiously and looked even more ferocious.

Lin Feng retreated.

There was an explosion, and blood splashed in the sky of the Spiritual Region. Ling Tu Zi screamed and his skin exploded, killing a countless number of the Spiritual Region’s strong cultivators at the same time.

Lin Feng sighed. So many strong cultivators from the Spiritual Region had just died because their Godly Leader’s skin had exploded. How pitiful.

Without skin, Ling Tu Zi was just a small figure of bleeding flesh. His muscles and veins were all visible. Lin Feng frowned at this. Ling Tu Zi had chosen his own path, he had used the Evil Soul Sect’s forbidden pills and this was what happened.

“Kill me! Hurry up and kill me!” shouted Ling Tu Zi hoarsely. He didn’t want to live like that.

Lin Feng looked at Ling Tu Zi and sighed. He turned around and recalled his Ten Thousand Dragons Demon Sword, striking Ling Tu Zi with it. Ling Tu Zi died instantly.

But two words appeared in Lin Feng’s ear, “Thank you”. Ling Tu Zi was actually thanking him.

Lin Feng didn’t feel guilty because Ling Tu Zi had thanked him. He had to die.


The Godly Leader of the Spiritual Region was dead. The news quickly spread in the eastern part of the Continent of the Gods. Everybody knew that the Spiritual Region used to be very strong. They had destroyed the Snow Region, and now they had been destroyed themselves.

In the end, people learned the whole story. The Spiritual Region had been destroyed because they had destroyed the Snow Region and because they wanted to kill Lin Feng’s wife, the goddess of the Snow Region. Lin Feng had killed him and slaughtered the members of the Spiritual Region.

Lin Feng became quite famous in the eastern Continent of the Gods after that. Almost everybody knew about him. The Godly Leaders of the dozen territories wanted to see Lin Feng. It was an opportunity, making friends with him might allow them to rise, too!

Lin Feng was with Meng Qing and Yan Di in the Snow Region at this time. Meng Qing looked around. Not all of the people had died. Some strong cultivators weren’t there during the massacre, so they had escaped death by sheer luck.

Those people set their hopes on Meng Qing, and Lin Feng supported her. He thought it would be good if she revived the Snow Region.


At that moment, Lin Feng and Yan Di were at the top of the highest mountain of the Snow Region. They hadn’t seen each other for such a long time, they had a lot of things to talk about.

“Old buddy, what have you been up during these hundred years?” asked Lin Feng teasingly.

Yan Di glanced at Lin Feng and stroked his beard, smiling snobbishly. He was trying to look mysterious, and didn’t reply for a moment. Finally he said, “Little boy, you know the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty?”


“Uhhh… Alright,” sighed Yan Di. He couldn’t blame Lin Feng, he didn’t know much.

“Old buddy, in the Continent of the Nine Clouds, you were the holy cultivator of the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan, so you must have something to do with the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty, right?” ventured Lin Feng, smiling when he saw Yan Di looked disappointed.

Yan Di nodded. He didn’t beat around the bush and went straight to the point, telling Lin Feng everything he wanted to know.

“Lin Feng, you’re right. I rely on the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty.

“In the Continent of the Nine Clouds, the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan is under the jurisdiction of the Holy Dynasty, but it was cast aside at some point. After I defied the natural order, I discovered my Holy Clan’s secret. I discovered that the Continent of the Nine Clouds wasn’t the only world and that’s how I learned that there was a bigger world, the Continent of the Gods.

“I found a teleportation device in the ruins of the Holy Clan, and found my way to the Continent of the Gods.

“You might not know, but I was here dozens of years before you arrived. I knew that you wouldn’t be willing to stay in the Continent of the Nine Clouds doing nothing and that you would want to come to the Continent of the Gods. Therefore, at the beginning, when you arrived, I gave you a hand to help you rise faster.

“Now, you can travel freely, but I can tell you one thing, you had the aid of the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty to rise that quickly. You faced many dangers, but we helped you get rid of them all,” said Yan Di, proudly patting himself on the chest.

Lin Feng’s eyes were wet, touched by their actions. He hadn’t thought his friend would do so much for him. He had come to the Continent of the Gods because he knew Lin Feng would want to come at some point!

Yan Di was a real friend, definitely Lin Feng’s best friend. Nobody could compete with Yan Di!

“Buddy, thank you,” said Lin Feng after a few minutes. Yan Di pursed his lips disdainfully. He didn’t like it when friends showed emotions like that, or at least he pretended not to.

“Alright, alright, you’ve been in the Continent of the Gods for almost a year and amazingly, you didn’t know about the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty? That’s fine, but you didn’t even know about the Evil Soul Sect! You don’t know much!”

“Since it’s that way, show me everything!”

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  1. Richard March 14, 2019 at 5:16 pm - Reply

    Haha..yan di is back. Really like this old monster.

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    Yup…definitely one of my favourite characters…
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    Thanks for the updates. Wonder what trouble YD create for LF. BTW, went back In history and found chapters 19 thru 51 are missing.

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      It is already solved.

      It was a “location” where to gates connected Nine Clouds and Continent of Gods.
      At first the location name is just a fake information, later on Lin Feng findout that “The Sky Palace, What’s the date tonight” is the Mountain of Flowers and Fruits secrets. The secret is to lead them to Continent of Gods (The “Sky Palace”)

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