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PMG 2 Chapter 229: Snow Region’s Garbage

PMG 2 Chapter 229: Snow Region’s Garbage

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Lin Feng and Yan Di left the snowy peak and headed to the Holy Shrine. However, Lin Feng sensed some unpleasant Qi before he saw Meng Qing. She was standing outside of the palace and looking grim.

In front of Meng Qing were two men and a woman. The two middle-aged men were wearing blue clothes and their hair fell onto their shoulders. The woman looked ice-cold and was wearing a red skirt. Even though she didn’t look exceptionally beautiful, she was definitely a real beauty.

The woman was a cultivator of the fourth Holy Spirit Emperor layer. Lin Feng was surprised. When were there such strong cultivators in the Snow Region? Apart from the Godly Leader and the Leader who had died, Lin Feng hadn’t thought there would be other extremely strong cultivators here.

But Lin Feng noticed Meng Qing was pulling a long face, and even looked furious.

Lin Feng frowned and walked up to her, followed by Yan Di. When they arrived, the two men and the woman’s expressions changed. One of the men looked at Meng Qing happily and said, “Meng Qing, don’t think that you can do whatever you wish because you were the Godly Leader and the Leader’s favorite disciple. You brought in strangers, that’s a great offense.”

“Indeed, Meng Qing! You’re causing trouble. The Snow Region has gone through a great disaster. We need to bring it back to life together. Bringing in people from outside is a big issue.”

“Meng Qing, make your friends leave the Snow Region. Otherwise, don’t blame us for being impolite,” said the two men, looking at Lin Feng icily. They already didn’t like him.

Lin Feng had never seen those people, they were not enemies, why did they hate him so much?

Meng Qing frowned and released an ice-cold Qi. The two men grunted with pain and were pushed back a step, astonished.

“That’s… snow vitality Qi… the two teachers gave you that priceless kind of strength? Why?”

“You’re not even a true member of the Snow Region, why didn’t we get it?”

The two men’s expressions changed drastically when they sensed Meng Qing’s snow vitality Qi. Their expressions turned ferocious and they clenched their fists. Their eyes were suddenly filled with killing intent. They wanted to crush Meng Qing!

Lin Feng understood what was going on. These two men were trying to provoke Meng Qing, that’s why they were so disrespectful to him. They didn’t care about the destruction of the Snow Region, they cared about the snow vitality Qi!

It was going to be difficult for Meng Qing to rebuild the Snow Region in such circumstances. These two people only cared about their own interests. They were not genuinely interested in rebuilding the group.

“Meng Qing, you’re not a true member of the Snow Region, and you somehow obtained the snow vitality Qi. It seems like we have no choice.”

“Indeed, brother, let’s join hands and kill her, then we can steal the snow vitality Qi from her and rebuild the Snow Region.”

“Alright, let’s join hands,” said both men, clenching their fists. They attacked Meng Qing without the slightest hesitation.

Lin Feng was astonished at their duplicity, but at that moment, Meng Qing prevented him from moving. She smiled and said, “No need to get involved. I’ll throw the trash out of the Snow Region myself.”

“Alright, I’ll leave it to you, then,” Lin Feng said when she saw how furious Meng Qing was. He knew that she wanted to kill. Those two people only cared about her snow vitality Qi. Such people were indeed trash. It was useless to be merciful to such people.

“Today, I’m going to clean the Snow Region, which is what my two teachers would have wished,” Meng Qing declared icily. She rolled up her sleeves and released an ice-cold Qi straight towards those two.

The two men’s expressions changed drastically. Meng Qing punched out at them.

“If you want to throw the trash away, you should throw yourself away first. And you’re tarnishing our leaders’ reputation, you followed them for a few months only and you dare act so arrogantly!”

“Brother, ignore her. Just kill her and let’s take her snow vitality Qi!” shouted the other furiously. The two men threw punches at Meng Qing. Four punches were moving towards her quickly.

Meng Qing smiled scornfully. She raised her arms and ice strength whistled out from her. An incredible strength bombarded the two and flung them away easily.

Meng Qing shouted and flashed at them, throwing ice punches again. Two ice punches crashed onto the men’s chests. They seemed panic-stricken and their bones crackled from the cold. It was extremely painful.


“Brother, let’s run! We can’t fight her!”

The two men now knew they couldn’t compete with Meng Qing, so they decided to escape. Where there was life, there was hope.

However, Meng Qing couldn’t let these two pieces of trash escape. Since they didn’t do anything for the Snow Region, they would die here. Otherwise, they would probably cause trouble some other time.

Meng Qing raised her left hand, snow vitality Qi rolled around her and she punched the two men’s chests again.

Both coughed blood and were smashed away. Even though they were cultivators of the third Holy Spirit Emperor layer, they couldn’t do much against Meng Qing and her snow vitality Qi.

“You’re from the Snow Region, but don’t care about it. On the contrary, you only think of your own interests. You don’t deserve to be members of the Snow Region. Die,” said Meng Qing coldly. She landed in front of them and raised her hands.

However, at that moment, the woman in red landed between them and punched Meng Qing. Meng Qing grunted with pain and was pushed back a few steps.

Lin Feng’s expression changed quickly, and he flashed in front of Meng Qing. He had clearly seen the attacker.

It was the woman who hadn’t said anything, the cultivator of the fourth Holy Spirit Emperor layer.

“Sister, you want to save them?” Meng Qing asked indifferently.

“Indeed. They are my fellow disciples, I must save them. If they die, who’s going to help me?

“Meng Qing, I admire you. The two leaders thought highly of you. But you can’t keep the snow vitality Qi for yourself only. Give me some or I won’t be polite anymore.

“You might want to bring the Snow Region come back to life, but I don’t care. Give me some snow vitality Qi, what do you think? Will you do it, or do I have to use force to take it?” said the woman grimly. She looked proud and arrogant. If Meng Qing refused, the woman would doubtless try to kill her.

Lin Feng sighed. These people only cared about the snow vitality Qi. How ridiculous! They didn’t care about the Snow Region, they were totally ready to give up their region for the snow vitality Qi, even if their region disappeared.

“Sister, I can’t agree,” replied Meng Qing evenly, shaking her head. How could she possibly give her snow vitality Qi away?

Her teachers had given to her. How could she give it to someone else?

“Hmph! You’re dull and stupid. Since it’s that way, I will first kill you, and then I’ll take the snow vitality Qi!”

As expected, when Meng Qing refused, the woman went crazy with greed. Her cheeks were burning, and her beauty was nowhere to be found.

She instantly threw a punch at Meng Qing and pushed her back a few steps. The woman jumped towards Meng Qing without any hesitation and threw another punch at her.

“Hmph! The Snow Region surprisingly has such shameless people, and a girl on top of that. You don’t care about the safety of the Snow Region because of some damn snow vitality Qi. The Snow Region raised some assholes, it seems.”

Lin Feng finally intervened. His eyes were filled with killing intent. This woman wanted to kill Meng Qing, so Lin Feng would kill her to protect the woman he loved.

“Hmph! You’re a cultivator of the second Holy Spirit Emperor layer, and you dare talk to me that way? You’ll die today too!” spat the woman scornfully, throwing another punch.

“Men don’t like evil women. You probably don’t have a husband, hehe,” jeered Lin Feng, throwing a punch too. Their blows collided.

“You piece of trash, die!” When the woman heard Lin Feng, she was infuriated. She didn’t look like a beautiful woman anymore, she looked like a monster.

Lin Feng attacked without the least hesitation, his Qi surging forth!

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  1. Angry birdy March 15, 2019 at 8:47 pm - Reply

    Im confuse. I thought linfeng broke through to 3rd hse while fighting the great elder?

    • Bad memory Guy March 16, 2019 at 8:25 am - Reply

      True Story.. he broke through at that instant

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    The Feng’s Qi is always ominous to those close to or below his strength. Atleast till he shows his power.

  3. Ken April 29, 2019 at 3:24 am - Reply

    I really dont understand the writer sometimes.
    Last chapter, meng qing can kill the fifth holy cultivator but now she cant even injure a 4th layer?
    Also, Lin Feng is supposed to be in 3rd layer now

  4. Gray June 8, 2019 at 10:35 pm - Reply

    So, Meng Qing can withstood Lang Tu Shit attack, but cant handle this bitch punch?
    Hahaha.. Fůcking funny.

    And now Lin Feng is just Second level again? When he was level 3 in the previous chapter?
    Oh man this Author is totally shit

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