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PMG 2 Chapter 230: Cleaning!

PMG 2 Chapter 230: Cleaning!

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“Hehe. No wonder nobody likes you. Even if you offered yourself to me, I’d reject you,” sneered Lin Feng scathingly.

The woman looked even glummer. She clenched her fists and threw herself at Lin Feng again.

“You piece of trash! I will kill you! AAARRRGHHHHHHHHH!” It was a fact that nobody liked a woman like that, therefore, Lin Feng’s mockeries infuriated her even more.

The woman threw more punches at Lin Feng. She had the strength of the fourth Holy Spirit Emperor layer, and she was really strong. Lin Feng didn’t take it to heart, though, as he had the strength of the third Holy Spirit Emperor layer and brightness strength. With brightness strength, the first Holy Spirit Emperor layer corresponded to the third one. Now, with the strength of the third Holy Spirit Emperor layer and brightness strength, he could easily compete with cultivators of the fifth Holy Spirit Emperor layer.

Therefore, he didn’t really pay attention to the woman, because she didn’t pose any threat to him whatsoever. He provoked her to help Meng Qing!

“Alright, I don’t have time to play with you. Even though I’ve never killed a woman, this time, I have no choice. Evil women like you must die,” said Lin Feng grimy. His eyes were filled with death at this point.

The woman looked at him in scornful disbelief. She shouted sharply, “A piece of trash of the third layer dares talk to me like that? Haha!” She burst into laughter, her messy hair moving in all directions. She looked more and more evil as she threw herself at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng smiled icily and jumped to meet her. At the same time, he raised his left hand and his Ten Thousand Dragons Demon Sword gleamed. Lin Feng threw it at her.

“AAAAAHHHHHHHHH! You want to die!” The gigantic sword slashed the woman’s left arm, which was almost instantly cut off. She screamed in horror, looking even more evil. She grit her teeth and charged at Lin Feng. She didn’t understand why a cultivator of the third layer could injure her so easily…!

“You think you’re a genius, but actually you’re a piece of trash. I can easily kill you with the strength of the third Holy Spirit Emperor layer, and you call me a piece of trash?

“Remember, in the future, don’t call anyone a piece of trash because you’re qualified. Since you wanted to kill my wife, I will be merciless. Try and and be a good person in your next life,” Lin Feng hissed icily. He threw his Ten Thousand Dragons Demon Sword again, turning it into a swathe of light. A terrifying strength spread all around, and she screamed again.

Her red skirt was torn, her thighs appeared. Lin Feng didn’t feel like admiring her intimate parts, his sword moved back and cut her into several pieces before she disappeared.

When the two men saw that, their legs shook violently. They knelt down in front of Lin Feng and begged him, “Please, brother, spare our lives. She forced us. We didn’t really want to kill Sister Meng Qing!”

“He’s right, that woman forced us! Please forgive us!”

“Please spare our lives, we know we were wrong!” The two men suddenly started crying and sniffling. It was an incredible scene.

Lin Feng could not have cared less, however.

He glanced at them and then at Meng Qing again. “Meng Qing, they are from the Snow Region, you take care of them.”

He walked over to the big gate of the Snow Region’s Holy Shrine. Yan Di smiled at Lin Feng, “Little boy, with the strength of the third Holy Spirit Emperor layer, you can defeat cultivators of the fourth Holy Spirit Emperor layer, not bad.”

“Pfff… yet you told me I wasn’t strong enough ,earlier.”


They ignored the two men and chatted.

The two men knelt down in front of Meng Qing. They looked terrified, and begged her, “Sister Meng Qing, don’t you want to make the Snow Region come back to life? We can help you.”

“Right, Sister Meng Qing, don’t kill us. We’ll help you revive the Snow Region. You need some strong cultivators. Even though we lost against your husband, we are Holy Spirit Emperors, the Snow Region needs us, right?”


Meng Qing didn’t let them finish, she drove her hands at their chests. They both regretted, but it was useless.

They died instantly. By doing that, Meng Qing was warning everybody that those who didn’t care about the Snow Region could just die.

Lin Feng saw it all with his godly awareness. When he saw Meng Qing kill those two, he recalled Meng Qing when they had first met. Because of him, she had warmed up even though she was a cold personality. It didn’t mean that she had lost her ability to fight. Now, Meng Qing had definitely proved that she was Xue Ling Long!

Maybe Meng Qing really had the potential to surpass Miss Snow, like the two leaders had said. Lin Feng had no doubts regarding that.

The Snow Region had lost two strong men and one strong woman, but Meng Qing wasn’t sad about it.

“Don’t be worried, Meng Qing. The Snow Region will rise again, and you’ll get your revenge. Right now, the Snow Region has been almost entirely destroyed and people who just want to steal your snow vitality Qi don’t deserve to live.”

Lin Feng sighed after cheering Meng Qing up. He didn’t want Meng Qing to feel guilty or under any pressure. He wanted her to be happy, he hoping she’d become like before again.

Lin Feng was wondering whether it was a good or a bad thing that Meng Qing was becoming stronger.

“I’m alright, darling. I’m not going mad or anything,” Meng Qing said when she saw Lin Feng looked worried. She smiled, still his cute little Meng Qing.

Meng Qing put her hands on Lin Feng, she smelled good, but her body was cold.

“Darling, I won’t think about the resurrection of the Snow Region anymore,” said Meng Qing, smiling gently.

Lin Feng was astonished. “Why?”

“Because I am the future of the Snow Region, I am the Snow Region itself. And being me is enough. As long as I don’t die, the Snow Region lives,” said Meng Qing, clenching her fists. She looked totally adorable, so determined.

Lin Feng nodded. Meng Qing was right. As long as she was alive, the Snow Region existed, and she could create a new group whenever she wanted to. It was the same as Lin Feng with Tiantai.

“Uhm… I’m here. I want kisses and hugs too,” Yan Di coughed angrily. Meng Qing blushed and moved away from Lin Feng.

“Eh, we’re married, why are you blushing?” Lin Feng teased Meng Qing. They even had a child together, Zhe Tian. He was almost a hundred years old. Why was she blushing?

“Hey, old buddy, you have a problem?” Lin Feng demanded of Yan Di angrily.

“I wouldn’t bother you for nothing. Something is happening in the Supranatural Region.”

“Happening? What’s going on?” Lin Feng looked furious when he heard what Yan Di’s words.

Yan Di smiled and took out a piece of payer with a seal. Lin Feng opened it.

It had been written by Song Zhuang. Suddenly, Lin Feng looked extremely happy!

“Haha! It’s amazing, it’s great! Haha!”

“What’s the matter, darling?” asked Meng Qing, curious.

Lin Feng gave her the letter. After reading it, Meng Qing smiled too. “You must be extremely happy.”

“There’s no time to lose. Let’s go back to the Supranatural Region now,” said Lin Feng, immediately flying away.

Meng Qing smiled wryly and shook her head, then followed.

Yan Di read the letter, and smiled too. “The little boys from Tiantai. No wonder Lin Feng is so happy.”

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    “Alright, I don’t have time to play with you. Even though I’ve never killed a woman, this time, I have no choice. Evil women like you must die,” said Lin Feng grimy.

    In addition to “Wen Ao Xue” which was mentioned by vrr, there was another woman with an old man on a beast mountain who kept on plotting against Lin Feng and was finally killed at the end. The one that Lin Feng initially offered to join their group but they refused.

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