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PMG 2 Chapter 232: Sword Sect in Danger!

PMG 2 Chapter 232: Sword Sect in Danger!

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“Oh, you’re Lin Feng’s friend. Please sit down,” said Mister Savage. Regarding, Meng Qing, they had heard what had happened in the Snow Region, so they had guessed who she was already. After what had happened, they could just try and cheer her up. She had no choice, but to accept the situation.

They didn’t know that Meng Qing didn’t feel sad about the Snow Region’s situation anymore, but Mister Savage and the Godly Leader meantwell, so Meng Qing nodded to indicate she appreciated their concern.

“Lin Feng, you should come to my group. My teacher is a cultivator of the fourth Holy Spirit Emperor layer. You’re extremely talented, I’m sure he’d love to help you,” said Xing Zhan. He knew that all the other members of Tiantai would want to invite Lin Feng to their respective groups too, so he took the initiative to do it first.

Instantly, all the others proposed Lin Feng come to their groups, but Lin Feng refused to go anywhere. They were all disappointed, of course, but they were not angry at Lin Feng, they were like brothers. They couldn’t get angry because of such a minor matter.

“Lin Feng, are you sure?” asked Jun Mo Xi. Lin Feng was so strong, he could easily become a hero if he went to another group.

Lin Feng looked at Jun Mo Xi and the others and shook his head smiling, “You’re all very kind. I am touched, but now I am a member of the Supranatural Region. How could I join any other influential group?

“But I have an idea. Listen,” he went on hesitantly. When the others saw Lin Feng hesitate, they were surprised.

“Lin Feng, you can tell us anything,” said Hou Qing Lin, smiling plainly.

“Brothers, when the conditions are ripe, I hope we can reestablish Tiantai here in the Continent of the Gods, and I hope you’ll come back then,” proposed Lin Feng.

The expressions of all the Tiantai’s members changed and then everybody looked excited, “Seriously, Brother Lin Feng?”

“Seriously,” said Lin Feng, nodding solemnly. Lin Feng meant it, and it was nothing new.

“Haha! Alright, awesome. When you think the conditions are ripe, we’ll come back and join Tiantai again,” said Xing Zhan, laughing loudly and happily.

“Yes, right! When you tell us, we’ll come back to Tiantai,” agreed Mu Bei calmly. Lin Feng and the core members of Tiantai were a symbol, a legend in the Continent of the Nine Clouds. In the future, they’d become a legend in the Continent of the Gods, as well!

Lin Feng wanted Tiantai to be splendid and glorious here, and so did his fellow disciples. If Lin Feng reestablished Tiantai here, they would come back and leave their respective sects without the least hesitation. They were all like brothers, and they would never forget the two emperors who had taught them.

“Alright, I won’t forget that,” said Lin Feng, cupping his fist. He was happy. His friends hadn’t forgotten about Tiantai!

Actually, Lin Feng was worried at the beginning when all his friends had asked him to come to their sects, he had starting wondering whether they had forgotten about Tiantai. But it seemed that they hadn’t, he was just too anxious.

“Hehe, little friends, where did you all come from?” asked the Godly Leader, curious now.

“I came from the west of the Continent of the Gods, I am a Godly Son of the Blade Region’s Holy Shrine,” replied Xing Zhan smiling cheerfully and cupping his fist.

“Oh, a Godly Son of the Blade Region’s Holy Shrine? Sorry, I didn’t recognize you,” said the Godly Leader, also cupping his fist. His expression changed quickly at the introduction.

“I came from the south of the Continent of the Gods, I am a Godly Son of the Blue Region’s Holy Shrine,” said Mu Bei, also smiling and cupping his fist.

“I came from the north of the Continent of the Gods, I am a disciple in the Bamboo Shrine,” spoke up Jun Mo Xi, also cupping his fist.

Then, Tian Chi, Wu Yong and the others also told everyone where they had come from.

When the Godly Leader heard them he was astonished. They were all from powerful influential groups. Most of them were Godly Sons or Elders. Great!

“Lin Feng, you’re friends with eight influential groups now!” said the Godly Leader, smiling at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng shook his head. His friends’ groups wouldn’t necessarily be friendly to him, but Lin Feng wouldn’t take the initative to offend them.

At that moment, someone shouted out, “Reporting!”, sounding panic-stricken.

The Godly Leader and Mister Savage frowned and then Mister Savage shouted, “Hurry up and come in!”

A disciple of the Supranatural Region came in, looking nervous. He was holding a letter, with blood visible on it.

“Godly Leader, Leader, the Sword Sect is in danger and they need us to rescue them!” The disciple knelt down, looking alarmed. He didn’t dare look at the letter covered with blood.

The Godly Leader was startled. Lin Feng was extremely nervous and instantly stood up. He walked over to that disciple, took the letter, and opened it.

“Zi Jian needs the Godly Leader to help. The Evil Soul Sect has come back to life and they want to rule over the East of the Continent of the Gods. Please come and help as soon as possible.”

It was a letter written with blood, which proved Zi Jian was having a hard time, to say the least. It was especially obvious when reading the last three symbols.

“Lin Feng, what’s going on? Show me,” said the Godly Leader, standing up and walking over. He took the letter and read it. When he saw the contents, he looked grim. His hands shook and suddenly, the paper crackled.

Lin Feng was stupefied and asked, “Godly Leader, you broke through to the third Holy Spirit Emperor layer?”

“Hehe, indeed! I am now a strong cultivator of the third Holy Spirit Emperor layer. Of course, I can’t compete with a beast like you. You’ve surpassed me already, my successor!” said the Godly Leader, smiling teasingly. He was happy for Lin Feng.

Lin Feng didn’t say anything. It was normal that the Godly Leader had broken through, he had been at the same level for a long time already.

“Godly Leader, I’m going to the Sword Sect first. You catch up with me later. Please hurry. The Evil Soul Sect has come back to life, and they won’t let us off. Since they attacked the Sword Sect, it means they’ll attack the Supranatural Region at some point.”

“You’re right. Not only should we strike back, but we should also inform the other regions so that they can protect themselves,” said Mister Savage grimly.

“Masters, I’m off. See you,” said Lin Feng. He had no time to chat. He instantly disappeared and flew off towards the Sword Sect.

When the Godly Leader saw Lin Feng disappear, he smiled calmly. He knew that Lin Feng liked Patriarch Zi Jian. If he had been in Lin Feng’s shoes, he would have done the same.

“Sigh, little boy, wait for me, you need a mighty emperor on your side!” shouted Yan Di when he saw Lin Feng leave. He also disappeared instantly.

Mister Savage and the Godly Leader were shocked. “That’s a cultivator of… the fifth Holy Spirit Emperor layer?”

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