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PMG 2 Chapter 3: Arriving in the Continent of the Gods

PMG 2 Chapter 3: Arriving in the Continent of the Gods

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“Lin Feng, are you serious? There are worlds greater than the Continent of the Nine Clouds?”

Mu Chen and Jing Xiao Yue were together in the sky above Tiantai. Emperor Yu was seated on a chair and looking at Lin Feng. Her heart was beating really fast.

A hundred years had passed. Mu Chen and Jing Xiao Yue had become stronger, they were both Saint Emperors. Emperor Yu had practiced so hard that he had managed to become a low-level Saint. They were astonished when Lin Feng told them that he was a weakling compared to some people.

Everybody considered Lin Feng one of the strongest cultivators in the world, and apparently, in the Continent of the Gods, such strength wasn’t considered supreme. The cultivation world was really incredible.

“Teachers, think about it. Tomorrow morning, I’m going to the Mountain of Flowers and Fruit. Maybe we can go to the Continent of the Gods from there, but don’t tell anyone about it. Otherwise, people in the Continent of the Nine Clouds will go insane. You know how they are. After I go away, I will leave a clone here,” Lin Feng told them.

After that, he left Tiantai and went to Champion University. He told Ancestor Xuan Tian and Ancestor Shi Tian about this.

Then he went to the World Clan, and told the leader of the Clan about it. Lang Ye had now become a high-level Saint. He was qualified to go to the Continent of the Gods.

After the World Clan, Lin Feng went to the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan to see that old bastard, Yan Di.

Lastly, he returned to his own world and told Meng Qing, his sons, little brother, Xiao Ya, and his parents about it.

“Brother, are you serious?” Lin Wu Shang was a hundred years old and a low-level Saint, but he already looked like a middle-aged man. When he heard Lin Feng, he was stupefied.

Everybody was happy to know that there were stronger cultivators, and that they would be able to become stronger. They had new goals!

“Dad, will my teacher go too?” Zhe Tian asked Lin Feng.

“Yes, Mister Time will come too,” nodded Lin Fen. Lin Zhe Tian was now the King of the Snow Clan, a peerless Saint, and a peerless King. He already controlled the Snow Clan.

“Dad, I will go. I’ll come with you, wherever you go,” declared Lin Qiong Sheng with a smile.

Lin Qiong Sheng was the supreme emperor of the Dynasty those days. He even had a son. His son was the Dynasty’s ruler. Lin Qiong Sheng was now a high-level Saint. With Mister Time as a teacher, Lin Feng’s two sons had both become extremely strong.

“Your dad and I will always follow you,” said Yue Meng He smiling and looking at Lin Feng with the tenderness of a mother. No matter how old Lin Feng was, he would always be his parents’ baby. They were proud of him.

“Yes, Feng, we’re a family, we’ll always be together,” Lin Hai smiled. They were happy when they were together. How could they let Lin Feng go elsewhere alone? They were in Lin Feng’s world, so there was almost no risk there, anyway.

Therefore, all his family members decided to follow him to the Continent of the Gods, and to leave the Continent of the Nine Clouds.

In the evening, Lin Feng slept with all his wives under the same blanket. What a great pleasure, right?

Meng Qing, Tang You You, Liu Fei, Duan Xin Ye, Qiu Yue Xin, Qing Feng, … Since Lin Feng had become a god, all his wives worshiped him even more. At his cultivation level, having several women at the same time was something absolutely normal. It was the only way to satisfy him.

The whole night passed quickly that way.


On the following day, many people were standing outside of the Mountain of Flowers and Fruit. The eleven members of Tiantai, Hou Qing Lin the leader of that group, including Tian Chi, Ruo Xie, Mu Bei, and the others. Yun Fei Yang, Huang Fu Long, Xiao Ya, Jun Mo Xi, Lang Ye, and many other people from Lin Feng’s entourage were there.

After an hour, Mister Time arrived with the Godly Weapon Master, as well as the Godly Weapon Master’s three disciples.

Feng Mo also came with his daughter, Empress Xi. Empress Xi had returned to normal. She didn’t practice emotionless cultivation anymore.

Many strong cultivators gathered at the Mountain of Flowers and Fruit. They were all chanting something, a kind of incantation.

As expected, after Xue Baguio said some words, the whole Mountain of Flowers and Fruit turned into a vortex of light, and a gigantic hole appeared in the valley. The gigantic hole twinkled, golden lights flashed, and there was an incredibly thick and rich space and time Qi inside.

“It’s the entrance. When you enter, you’ll get teleported to different places. If you’re lucky, you’ll be together when you arrive.”

“Remember, if you want to gather together as soon as possible when you arrive, find a place called the Silver Sect. It’s my sect. I will wait for you there.”

“Lin Feng, you can only take three people in your cultivation world, if you take more than three people, it will break,” said Xue Baguio said to Lin Feng. He frowned, but in the end he decided to take Liu Fei and his parents, because they were the weakest and it was dangerous for them in the outside world.

They were now ready to cross the passage.

Feng Mo and Empress Xi were the first ones to enter the passage, they disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Mister Time and the others also entered the passage. After that, Yun Fei Yang, Jun Mo Xi, Lin Qiong Sheng, Lin Zhe Tian, Lin Wu Shang and the others entered too.

“Let’s go in, too,” Xue Baguio said to Lin Feng. Lin Feng nodded. Xue Baguio jumped in and disappeared.

Lin Feng was holding Meng Qing with his left hand and Tang You You with his right hand. His other wives were holding Tang You You and Meng Qing’s hands. They were firmly holding hands because they didn’t want to be separated on the other side when they jumped in.

In the end, the eleven disciples of Tiantai jumped in, too.

Lin Feng left a clone in the Holy Spirit Dynasty to look after his only grandson, Lin Qiong Sheng’s son, called Lin Tian Su.

Nobody would dare cause trouble in the Continent of the Nine Clouds if Lin Feng’s clone was there.

Lin Feng didn’t know that Feng Mo and Mister Time had also left clones in the Continent of the Nine Clouds. They didn’t want the continent to sink into chaos again.

When they jumped into the passage which led to the Continent of the Gods, there was no terrifying time vortex or anything. The energies were just different, and there was a strong wind.

“Hold my hands tight!” shouted Lin Feng, holding the women’s hands firmly.

They nodded and held on.

At that moment, the wind in the passage became different, and an illusory landscape appeared. But the wind was so strong they couldn’t see much.


Lin Feng heard a loud shout, and opened his eyes nervously. He saw Duan Xin Ye, she was being carried away by the strong wind. She wasn’t holding hands with the other women anymore. Where would she end up?

Xue Baguio had told them that there was nothing dangerous in the passage, it was just that it led people to different places. Lin Feng was worried about Duan Xin Ye, hoping she wouldn’t have to face danger on the other side.


Someone else shouted. Lin Feng heard Qing Feng and Qiu Yue Xin, they weren’t holding Tang You You’s hands anymore. They had also disappeared.

Lin Feng couldn’t do anything, he could only watch. All he could do was look for them in the Continent of the Gods after arriving.

Very quickly, the landscape changed. Lin Feng, Tang You You, and Meng Qing appeared in a village.

It was a village surrounded by nature, and looked more like a hamlet actually. There were a dozen households. There were narrow winding trails, as twisty as sheep’s intestines, on which they saw woodcutters and fishermen smiling broadly.

They were all cultivators of the Zun Qi layer. Xue Baguio had told them that in the Continent of the Gods, it was the lowest cultivation level. Such a village was extremely weak.

The three cultivators were surprised and took deep breaths. They had all needed a long time to reach the Zun Qi layer. If they had come back in the days, this place would have been dangerous.

Of course, in comparison with Lin Feng’s current cultivation level, they were extremely weak.

But if the inhabitants of this village had been in any of the small worlds of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, they would have been considered extremely strong.

The difference was incredible!!

“Are we in the Continent of the Gods? Is this place bigger than the Continent of the Nine Clouds?”

Tang You You gazed into the distance and then looked at Lin Feng.

Meng Qing also glanced around. She was curious. They were in another world, far away from the Continent of the Nine Clouds, and this place was supposedly much bigger.

“Yes, we must be in the Continent of the Gods,” said Lin Feng, dragging the women closer to him and nodding. After that, he saw a young man running off. Lin Feng started after him, still holding hands with his wives.

“Little Brother, you must have come from abroad. Welcome to Gods Village.”


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      he took out his small world in “Peerless Martial God 1”, made a passage so people could go in and out of it. The last author casually pointed it out, without going in depth.

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